46+ Ninja Foodi Chicken Recipes – Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Chicken

Ninja pressure cooker chicken breast recipes

Video Ninja pressure cooker chicken breast recipes

Ninja Foodi chicken recipes are here! From frozen to fresh, using its pressure cooker or air fryer function, there are plenty of dinner ideas to choose from.

Ninja Foodi Chicken Quick Recipes

Of course, we have made many more pressure cooker and air fryer recipes than these. We’ve even narrowed things down and now you can find healthier recipes from Ninja Foodi here.

Sometimes you want to narrow things down to just chicken! From chicken thighs to chicken breasts and wings for air frying, we have it all. Not only do we cook fresh, we also have tips on how to reheat chicken offerings in the air fryer.

Here are some resources to get you started:

This is the

  • Ninja Cooking system we have
    • that will allow you to fry everything in the air
  • and more

  • It is the first model, the newest ones are smaller
  • Some ask for the price, but it varies due to shipping and taxes and whether it ships to Hawaii or Alaska territories.

Check here for the current price, International addresses are subject to additional fees.

Join my Ninja Foodi EASY Recipes Facebook group to get recipes and exclusive deals. Then you’ll see things like how to make chicken with popcorn for frying air and much more every day. Everyone is welcome to share your creation so you can get tons of ideas from people around the world and share what you’ve done as well.

That’s where I came up with the idea of making a kind of French onion chicken in Ninja Foodi’s meal. I always use onions for all things as they are very cheap but have a touch of flavor. Adding slices of cheese at the end gave it creaminess but it’s still a great source of protein. Kids even love this one.

  • You can get a recipe book here.
    • Pick up MY cookbook too!
  • Here you will also find more recipes for Ninja Foodi air fryers.

You can also do some of these at a Ninja Foodi Grill. If you have that one, it comes with two functions. It can be grilled and fried in the air. That reduces the meals you can make, as you can’t pressure cook, but it’s a good choice for “barbecue” when it’s cold and raining outside.

Ninja Foodi chicken breast recipes

We will show you how to cook these kebabs that you see below also on the printable recipe card. Those can have all the different types of vegetables on the stick, use what’s in season and your favorites.

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Chicken Breast Ninja Foodi Recipes

If you’re looking for healthy electric pressure cooker and air fryer meals recipes or leftover pressure cooker chicken recipes, we’ve got them! This is a great start, right?

Start with our

  • easy BBQ Ninja Foodi chicken breast recipe, or add some sauce and just use crispy air with BBQ chicken from the air fryer
  • .

  • The best food in a pot is our Ninja Foodi chicken and vegetable dish
  • .

  • You can then move on to some pressure cooker apricot chicken which is sweet and perfect in rice.
  • If you’re forgetful (like me) you might need instructions for Ninja Foodi’s frozen chicken feet at some point.
    • Already thawed? Then you can make chicken legs to fry in the air with flour so that they are really crispy like KFC.
  • Ninja Foodi chicken chops are lightly breaded and can be made in strips for the little fingers.

I love spicy things??!! Prepare a pot of crumbled Ninja Foodi buffalo chicken. Throw it to the sliders for a fun snack or dinner idea.

buffalo chicken

Ninja Foodi Healthy chicken recipes

If you need a gluten-free chicken option, we have it too. Use our fried chicken instructions in the flourless air fryer for that.

  • First we created a list of easy pressure cooker chicken recipes, now we are talking specifically about Ninja Foodi recipes.
    • This recipe for chicken feet with buttermilk in air fryer is the best.
    • For a full meal with vegetables, try our ancient cabbage soup

If you want something quick, you can throw bagged/frozen orange chicken into the air fryer and it’s amazing!

Panda Express has one of our favorites, so we thought we’d figure out how to make Ninja Foodi chicken with black pepper at home. It turned out great, so we shared it here on our site.

These will include dinners and side dishes cooked with stir-fry, pressure cooker and crispy air functions. Honestly, I don’t use anything but those 3.

Let me start by saying that you can use all my 101+ Instant Pot recipes at the Foodi.

They work the same using their pressure cooker function. The only difference is that you now have a crispy lid so everything is crispy and delicious!

Let’s start with some classic Ninja Foodi chicken recipes that your kids will praise!

  • Our first is Campbells chicken and rice dish, but cooked with the pressure cooker function.
    • We also have this creamy chicken and rice casserole with pressure cooker and chicken and Ninja Foodi Mexican rice as well. Want to
    • add noodles instead? Try the Ninja Foodi chicken pasta instead.
  • Chicken spaghetti with pressure cooker cheese is always a hit. Just throw it all away, turn the knob to seal the position and quick release when you’re done.
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Then make a batch of homemade air fryer chicken without breading! If you need low-carb but want tons of flavor, these will satisfy you both. We have instructions for frozen air fryer chicken strips here, as well as homemade Ninja Foodi chicken nuggets as well.

Ninja Foodi

Air Fryer


recipes If you have children, these Ninja Foodi chicken legs are sure to be a success. Use barbecue sauce or teriyaki marinade for a delicious and healthy meal.

  • These frozen chicken nuggets for air fryer are a fast food that you can serve with Mexican rice in a pressure cooker
  • .

  • Using wings, I would try this spicy firecracker chicken recipe from the air fryer.

For a healthier idea, try our air fryer chicken leg quarters with BBQ sauce or chicken tahini with sauce.

  • Want homemade Ninja Foodi chicken deals? We’ve made them too wrapped in bacon!
  • For an Asian twist, try our air fryer chicken katsu recipe
  • .

  • Try our chicken pressure cooker with lemon too which is delicious with your thighs.

Then add this Ninja Foodi chicken recipe where you can make a whole chicken air fryer using only crispy air, or cook under pressure and then crisp. Want to do the same with game hens? Follow our Cornish chicken recipe Ninja Foodi.

Ninja Foodi Boneless Chicken Recipes Do

you hate wasting all the things that come with your bird? Boil and bread the things in that bag and make chicken gizzards to air fry with them! Seriously, they’re really good this way. Not feeling well? Try this feel-good soup or pressure cooker chicken noodle soup to feel better.

Do you want a more filling meal?

  • Make our pressure cooker chicken noodle casserole too! A family favorite.
  • Have they only been frozen? No problem, give him our frozen chicken and noodle pressure cooker recipe.
  • Want something totally different but surprisingly delicious? Try the Ninja Foodi peanut butter chicken!
  • The Cornish hen in air fryer is a healthy meal full of protein.
  • Then try the Ninja Foodi chicken taco bowls that everyone will love.
    • If you want more vegetables our corn air fryer is so simple to combine with any dish.

One of our favorites has to be this teriyaki chicken air fryer. OH MI this and our chicken with air fryer sesame is good with some brown rice in bowls for dinner.

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air fryer teriyaki chicken
  • Below is shredded chicken. It can be used for a variety of meals including tacos, bowls, burritos or sliders!

How do you cook frozen chicken in the Ninja Foodi using the pressure cooker function?

  • Or frozen chicken breast in air fryer… We have instructions for both.

It’s really quite simple! Addresses in the link above.

  • Tip: Defrosting and cooking frozen chicken breasts in a pressure cooker is great for making shredded chicken, but it’s not fantastic for eating whole in my opinion.

They will get tender and perfect to mix with a tasty sauce and make soft crumbled chicken tacos but whole have an interesting texture.

Do you love pressure cooker casseroles? Most of ours take less than 15 minutes to cook. Now that’s a QUICK cooking time!

Just set to high and when you’re done, quickly release your pressure release valve and add a layer of melting cheese on top if desired.

I’m totally obsessed with this machine, I tell you!

Do you like Chinese food? Try our Asian chicken Ninja Foodi some night for sure.

Instant Pot Asian Chicken

Adding all the meat, noodles or rice and vegetables makes a complete meal from a pot we love


  • Some have substituted the diced roast chicken in our pressure cooker tuna casserole and loved it
  • .

  • Add precooked or fresh chicken to this Ninja Foodi pad thai one night.
  • Pressure cooker chicken enchiladas have been popular, as well as chicken with pineapple.
  • Our Dorito pressure cooker casserole is fun with kids.

This crack chicken casserole below has been a huge hit, or the Ninja Foodi crack chicken without the noodles.

Looking for the best Ninja Foodi wings? This one uses a dry massage and is so good that it does NOT need sauce to get an extra flavor.

They are a much healthier way to cook chicken wings, but they become as crispy as if you fried them.

  • That said, we have many more air fryer dinner recipes that you can also use on your Foodi this week.
    • Like our recipe for chicken thighs for air fryer or chicken marinated in air fryer.
  • This Parmesan chicken casserole is ideal using the pasta pressure cooking function. Or use the other carbohydrate to make chicken with cheese and Ninja Foodi rice instead.
  • And the Parmesan chicken from the air fryer is great.

We also have many pressure chicken soup recipes to try.

Chicken skewers for air fryer

chicken ninja foodi

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