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No cook fudge recipe

Easy No-Cook Fudge is a quick Christmas recipe made with just 5 simple ingredients (+ any blend) beaten and cooled before serving.

I’m so excited for the holiday season! We are decorating the house and I am preparing a lot of goodies.

This is a very fun time of year, but also very busy. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to simplify our favorite things so we can enjoy them, even when the schedule gets too crowded. That’s where this super easy uncooked fudge recipe comes in!

I’m excited to partner with Reynolds Wrap® for this post.

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For as long as I can remember, my mother and I made fudge during the holidays. She would have so many requests from friends and family because they KNEW she made LITERALLY THE BEST FUDGE EVER! So needless to say, he created a bunch of fudge recipes and we made them all every season.

Almost every year I try to share at least one of his recipes here with all of you. I’ve spent years searching for this particular one, going through all the boxes I inherited. This summer, when we moved, I finally found it and I’m so excited to share it with all of you here.

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we first started with Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty

Foil because if we’re looking to keep things simple and fast, this is the way to do it. We use Reynolds Wrap®

® Heavy Duty Foil for almost everything we do because it makes cleaning so quick and easy


Fudge comes along with 5 ingredients at room temperature that you probably already have on hand. Then you mix everything and press it into a pan. You can cool it for a little like 20-30 minutes, but we cool it overnight before cutting and serving.

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This is literally the easiest fudge recipe and is absolutely flawless. It’s also my favorite fudge recipe because it’s so simple and the foil makes cleaning a breeze.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

Why choose Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil?

I can’t say enough good things about why we love using Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil in our daily recipe preparation, but here are a few reasons: Easy preparation

: just

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Uncooked fudge

with powdered sugar

What is the difference between Dutch process

cocoa powder and regular cocoa powder?

Therefore, Dutch processed cocoa powder is also known as alkalized cocoa. This powder starts with cocoa beans that have been washed in an alkaline solution of potassium carbonate, also used in the production of soap and glass.

By doing this, you neutralize the acidity of the beans, making the beans neutral. This is important because when they are neutral, they do not react with baking soda. Instead, it is often combined with baking powder.

So, simply put, using regular cocoa powder versus Dutch process cocoa powder will produce a completely different boost and texture than any recipe you’re making. While we’re not baking the cocoa powder in this recipe, the difference in acidity between the two will change the texture of the fudge.

Therefore, I recommend paying close attention to the type of cocoa powder required in each recipe and sticking to it for that reason.

Can you freeze homemade fudge?

Yes, you can freeze homemade fudge. However, before doing so, be sure to wrap it tightly with Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil to protect it from frostbite.


Fudge Ingredients for Uncooked

  • Confectioner’s Sugar
  • Butter Fudge – Ambient Temperature Cream Cheese – Room

  • Temperature Cocoa
  • Powder –

  • Non-Dutch Processed
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Chopped walnuts or candy mixes – variety

of soft


recipes of choice How to Make a Line of


  1. Fudge an 8×8″ baking pan or dish with Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil. -Reserve.
  2. Combine pastry chef’s sugar, butter, cream cheese, cocoa powder, and vanilla in a mixing bowl.
  3. Stir on low speed until dry ingredients begin to mix with butter and cream cheese.
  4. Increase the speed and beat for about 30-60 seconds at high speed to make sure all the ingredients mix well.
  5. Incorporate your choice of mixes if you use them.
  6. Spread it out in the prepared pan.
  7. Cover and refrigerate until firm, about 25-30 minutes.
  8. Remove from the pan by lifting it by the aluminum foil and cut into 1″ squares with a sharp knife.
  9. Transfer to a serving tray before the fudge heats up and softens or cover with Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil for storage.
  10. Keep refrigerated when not enjoying.
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Can you do this without a blender? Yes, if its ingredients are soft enough, fudge can be mixed

without a blender

. I’ve found this to actually be easier if you work it together with your hands as dough instead of drying it to muscle it with a spoon or rubber spatula.

However, if you

have at least one hand mixer, I recommend using it if you can. The end result will be creamier.

Fudge customization ideas

There are many ways to get creative with this fudge. Here are some of the ways my mom and I would trade it for different friends and family that we would do it for.

  • Sea salt: sprinkled on top
  • Swap vanilla extract

  • with peppermint extract
  • Try using Irish cream or rum instead of vanilla
  • Add some marshmallows
  • .

  • Add the crushed cookies
  • .

  • Try a variety of nuts
  • .

  • Add your favorite candies
  • .

  • Add 1/4 cup of coconut before spreading it in the pan
  • .

  • Sprinkle the holidays.

Easy Fudge

Be sure to pick up Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil with your next Walmart order to make all your recipes quick and easy.

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