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No cook strawberry jam recipe

Frozen Strawberry Jam: Sweet summer red strawberries can be enjoyed year-round when preserved with this delicious uncooked freezer jam recipe. Keep it in the freezer for over a year and be easy enough to prepare for those who don’t have canning skills!

Strawberry Jam is pretty amazing at just about everything! Use as a vanilla ice cream dressing, in pan pan pancakes, or in homemade Danish cheese. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with homemade bread and strawberry jam will blow your mind!

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several jars of homemade frozen strawberry jam with fresh berries

Why You’ll Love This

Frozen Strawberry Jam Recipe

The best way to take advantage of classic summer strawberries is to make strawberry jam to enjoy in any season. Infinitely easier than canning in a water bath, freezer jam is beautifully prepared with MCP pectin. It will keep that fresh strawberry flavor for more than a year. With this fantastic and delicious frozen strawberry jam recipe, you can’t go wrong!

  • Four simple ingredients
  • No cooking necessary for this
  • frozen strawberry jam recipe Freezer jam

  • retains the color of the fresh berries it started with.
  • You can control sweetness when you use pectin MCP
  • Strawberry jam for freezing is vegan (gelatin-free
  • ) Make enough freezer jam

  • to share (lucky people
  • )

  • Strawberry jam lasts in the freezer for 1 to 2 years (only if you don’t share)
  • Maybe it should have started with, is it delicious?

an open jar of uncooked strawberry jam with a spoon

What is the difference between

regular jam and frozen jam? The short answer is: regular jam is

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cooked and freezer jam is not. The

least short answer: the preservation of strawberries with sugar is done by canning them in a hot water bath or freezing them. Freezer jams usually require little to no cooking, like this frozen strawberry jam recipe. Yay!

Ingredients for an easy frozen strawberry jam

What you need to make this recipe for freezer strawberry jam

  • Strawberries: select ripe red fruit, remove the calyx (green part), wash and drain in a strainer.
  • Lemon juice – Surprise, fresh is not the best! Bottled lemon juice has a uniform acidity regulated by the USDA. A constant acidity level is essential to make jams gel properly. The acidity of fresh lemons is affected by growing and storage conditions and can vary greatly.
  • MCP Pectin – a thickener used with fruits containing high levels of natural pectin and freezer jams.
  • Sugar: Use a granulated cane or beet sugar for freezer jam. Sugar is the “magnet” that attracts water and pectin to form a gel.

No-cook Strawberry Freezer Jam spread on an English muffin with a cup of coffee

The difference between pectin pectin and MCP?

Pectin is a soluble fiber and long-chain indigestible sugar; MCP pectin is modified citrus pectin where chains are divided into smaller pieces. These two types of pectin are generally not interchangeable in jam recipes due to the inherent properties of fruit sugar.

Pectins are natural gelling/thickening agents of plant cell walls, usually apples and citrus fruits. When canning fruits, natural pectin requires a high level of sugar to function as a binder.

MCP, the modified citrus pectin, will reliably establish frozen jam recipes and low-sugar jam recipes. Sometimes MCP pectin can be difficult to find, in this case, I will use Sure-Jall pectin.

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How to make a Strawberry Freezer Jam photo collage

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How to make strawberry jam in the freezer Ok,

you’ve prepared the fruit, made room in the freezer (super important step!), and you’re ready to go


Take These Ingredients to Make This

Strawberry Jam Recipe for Freezing

Gather the equipment: fruit wash, strainer, large bowls, measuring cups, potato crusher, rubber spatula, canning funnel/jar and jars* for frozen strawberry jam. Thoroughly wash and

dry jam containers from the freezer, including lids.

I recommend using one-cup (8 oz) or two-cup (16-oz) jars with airtight sealing caps.

One batch will make seven 1/2

pint jars, or the size of a pint will make 3 1/2 pints.

* You can use almost any appropriate container for the freezer, as long as it has an airtight sealing lid. Strawberry jam is easier to give away in a cute mason jar!

an open jar of frozen strawberry jam with fresh berries

Simple step-by-step instructions for strawberry jam

ONE: Crush the clean, halved strawberries in a large bowl, do it with the potato crusher until the berries are crushed but still thick. Measure exactly 3 1/4 cups of the crushed berries and add lemon juice to another bowl; Stir to combine.

TWO: Add pectin to the fruit gradually, mixing well, then let it sit for 30 minutes. Stir every five minutes, so that the pectin dissolves.

THREE: Stir the sugar with a rubber spatula until dissolved, about five minutes. Test to make sure no sugar crystals are left and continue stirring until everyone is gone.

FOUR: Pour frozen strawberry jam into prepared jars, leaving 1/2″ on top to accommodate expansion during freezing. Wipe the edges of the jars with a clean, lint-free cloth and seal tightly.

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FIVE: Wait 24 hours for the strawberry jam to set at room temperature.

fact! Put the containers in the refrigerator and/or freezer and enjoy!

Uncooked strawberry jam spread in a buttery croissant

Storage and use of freezer strawberry jam

Freezer strawberry jam

can be stored in the freezer for 1 to 2 years. Once thawed in the fridge, it can remain refrigerated for 3-4 weeks once opened.

Notes for Defrosting and Refrigerating

Freezer Jam

Recipes Wait up to four hours for strawberry jam to thaw in the refrigerator for the best consistency. Always keep thawed freezer jam refrigerated.

Strawberry jam recipes for the freezer generally retain the highest quality* for up to four weeks in the fridge. Some cooks swear they have no problem refreezing their frozen jams. Things will continue to taste great, regardless.

*Please note that freezing jams may begin to “cry” once thawed due to syneresis when the gel separates from liquids. (I say just stir well because it will be better than anything bought in the store!)

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