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It’s like FRIED RICE and Chinese chicken, all made in a pot! You’ll love the salty taste of rice, and how Asian chicken marinade adds great flavor with just a quick 10-minute marinade.

Plus, there’s plenty of vegetables mixed in, so this One Pot Chinese Chicken and Rice is a complete meal


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Raise your hand to everyone who would make fried rice more often, but never seem like you have cooked rice for a day when the craving comes?

If you have your hand raised high, then this one is for YOU! The rice in this recipe tastes like fried rice, but it’s made from scratch with raw rice. With the added bonus of a tasty Asian marinated chicken AND vegetables to make a full dinner in a pot!

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This One Pot Chinese Chicken and Rice starts with a simple Asian chicken marinade that doubles as a rice flavor sauce.

The marinade sauce is made only with soy sauce, Chinese cuisine wine (see recipe for subs), oyster sauce and pepper. In my world, this is the minimum I would put in a Chinese sauce or marinade, whether it’s a sautéed sauce, noodles, or a pouring sauce.

Anything less and the taste will taste flat. Both oyster sauce and Chinese cuisine wine are what add complexity to this sauce.

If you can’t get

or can’t consume oyster sauce, the best substitute in this recipe is Hoisin sauce. You’ll get a slight Five Spice flavor from Hoisin and it’s fantastic!

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The marinade sauce is used as a quick 10-minute marinade for the chicken before being poured into the pot to flavor the rice. You could marinate overnight if you want, but you’ll get enough flavor on the plate with just 10 minutes.

How to make Chinese One Pot chicken and rice


This is a

simple recipe, but there are a few things I make specifically to achieve the tastiest result with the least effort: after all, this is a quick and easy meal, but that’s no reason to skimp on quality!

A) SEPARATE THE STEMS FROM THE LEAFY PARTS of Asian vegetables. The purpose of this is that we can add the stems to cook with the rice, then simply wither the leafy part using residual heat while the rice is at rest.

Apply this rule to any vegetables you use in this recipe. Cook things like carrots, peas, peppers/peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and corn with the rice, and wilt delicate things like baby spinach while the rice is resting.

B) SEAR marinated chicken to brown the outside, but keep it raw inside, will finish cooking with the rice. Not only does caramelization add flavor to the chicken, but the browning left in the pot is part of the rice’s flavor base.

C) Place the CHICKEN ON top of the rice to finish cooking while the rice is cooking. In this way, the juices drip into the rice and we can preserve the caramelized surface in the chicken that would sweat if completely immersed in the liquid.

D) REST RICE and FERING Green leafy vegetables. Letting the rice rest for 10+ minutes is a key step with any rice dish. This is how you make sure your rice comes out fluffy instead of sticky.

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In this particular recipe, I use the residual heat trapped in the pot while the rice rests to wither the leafy part of the Asian vegetables.

Then, once the rice

is rested and ready to fluff, the leafy greens wither and can be thrown through the rice.

How to make Chinese chicken and rice from a pot


Like many recipes on my site, this recipe lends itself to all sorts of variations. You can take more vegetables, it can be made with ground beef (ground beef) instead of chicken pieces, just cook it with the sauce and then proceed with the recipe as written.

You could even make it with fish and/or prawns/shrimp, but I would first cook them separately and only return them to the pot while the rice is resting just to heat them.


often get messages about recipes where readers hesitantly say “I hope it’s okay that I played with your recipe…” And I always answer, “YES, OF COURSE!!!” I love that you can make my recipes yours and adapt them to your liking.

So if you play with this recipe, tell me what you do! I want to know! – Nagi x

A pot of Chinese chicken and rice in a white pot, fresh from the stove ready to be served



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