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Interested in cooking opossum?

Interested in eating opossums? This page is serious. Royal opossum recipe. Many tips and tricks for catching and cooking opossums!

I’m not sure why, but there’s something fun about opossums for northerners. Would everyone laugh at a clay pot beef recipe? or a thermidor lobster recipe? But when it comes to great meals like Crock-pot Possum or an opossum stew, some people find something fun about it.

Well, I don’t know what you think about opossums, but we hillbillies take them seriously. However, the stereotype of hillbillies eating opossums is exaggerated. The truth is that in most hillbilly houses you would be lucky to see opossums on the table two or three times a week. We never have opossums more than three days a week in my house.

Is it true that “you” eat opossums?

I was once in Brooklyn and a guy from Staten Island asked me if it was true that “you” eat opossums. He was very serious, I guess he learned all about hillbillies watching TV, he had never left New York.

With a very serious face I said yes, of course we eat opossums but not every day. I told her that I went two or three days straight without eating opossums and now that I was working in New York I couldn’t seem to find her in any of the restaurants.

I never told him anything different.

Somewhere in Staten Island there’s an old guy who tells his grandchildren, “They eat possums all the time in Kentucky. I met a real hillbilly alive once…”

Where do you get your opossum?

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Some of the wealthiest (and laziest) hillbillies buy their opossums. You can get your opossum for the cost of a few shotgun shells. Oppossums are particularly fond of garbage dumps, so a trip to the landfill, late at night with beer, flashlights and shotguns can be a lot of fun.

Think about it, you’re working to put dinner on the table, but having fun at the same time! If you’re a northerner living in a city, you probably have possums in your trash cans. If you can’t fire a gun where you live, take your child, or some friends, to trash night with some baseball bats.

And watch those alleys close for a run over opossum! Get up early before your neighbors find them!

Roadkill Possum Delight

Much of the new generation relies more on opossums killed on the road (if you’re going this route, make sure the creature is too mature). With all the roads being built through the hills, killer opossums have become increasingly common.

Every day fewer people hit garbage dumps and hillsides with shotguns and flashlights and resort to easy death on the road. As a result, the most common opossum food now is sausage.

We often hear about how technology has made people lazier and here’s another sad case.

Is technology making hillbillies lazy?

Today, more hillbillies are ready to grab that easy meal for free on the road instead of chasing and shooting it themselves. The sad thing is the loss of culture and tradition. How much longer will he be with us on the happy day when a man takes his son out to shoot his first opossum? Will future hillbilly boys be denied this rite of passage?

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Skin and clean your opossum?

How to cook opossums

Once you take your opossum home, you will need to clean it. Yes, fur, blood and guts.

Most elegant city lovers, like the one in the image on the right, are surprised when they find out they have to skin the opossum.

If you need lessons on how to skin an opossum or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, then you should probably go to Wallymart or somewhere and buy some possum treat, that way all you have to do is open a can and you’re eating opossum.

Real country recipe for opossum


Once you have skinned and cleaned your opossum, you will need: <img src = "" alt = "" /

> >>

8 large taters>> 2 large tablespoons of butter>> 1 large tablespoon of sugar>> a pinch or two of salt >> thyme, Marjoram or pepper to taste> > 1 cooking

pot with a good airtight lid Put the opossum in

the pot with enough water to prevent burning, cover it with a good airtight lid

. Oppossums take longer to cook than opossums, so wait until your opossum

has stewed for about an hour before adding the opossums

to the pot.

Place the taters along the sides of the opossum and mix the sugar, salt and your choice of thyme, marjoram or pepper to taste.

Every 15 minutes or so, Remove the lid and spray the opossum with the juices.

By now, the opossums’ own fat will have given up and the water will now make a delicious opossum sauce.

When the opossum

is tender and the meat falls off, mix some flour, if necessary, with the opossum and tater water/fat mixture.

Alternative method of cooking opossums

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Prick your opossum with a large, sharp stick and hold it over the campfire or charcoal stove until crispy


Here are a couple of videos that might be of interest to some of the fancier readers of this page.

Chef Folse is cooking some possom and sweet potatoes in southern Louisiana!

How I cook opossum – Wallace Knifeworks & Homestead

Does opossum meat taste good? | Field & Stream

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