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Oregano cooking recipes

Lemon oregano pesto is a great way to use the fresh oregano you have growing. I love this in fish or chicken or even Italian subs! Easy to make this pesto beats basil any day!

I’m ready for some joy and hope this pesto does the trick. Oros ganos, a Greek word meaning mountain joy, defines Greece’s mountain slopes where oregano and marjoram flourish.

The sweet and spicy aroma was created by Aphrodite as a symbol of happiness.

Oregano grows in my herb garden and is just beginning to bloom, which means harvesting now, or forgetting about it. I could and will dry it, but this year I thought I’d try a pesto with my favorite herb.

As an herb, oregano was used in Egypt to preserve, heal and disinfect. In Europe, oregano was used in nosegays because of its sweet aroma.

It was also used in polishing furniture to make the air more fragrant. I can attest to the fact that bees love my oregano. Now, if I could find that hive!

Oregano plant

Ways to use pesto:

Oregano is one of my favorite herbs. I love the flavor it gives to pizza and tomato sauce. I love in subs as part of an Italian dressing and I love in grilled fish.

It has a salty taste in fresh tomatoes and gives a definite heat to eggs and cheese. Butter or olive oil, lemon and oregano brushed over fish or shrimp is heaven in my book.

I love pesto of all kinds. With a little extra oil, or vinegar, pesto easily turns into salad dressings. Stir this sauce into rice or any grain dish and one creates a new favorite dish. Of course, pesto always works with pasta.

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Try some mixed on your favorite vegetable. I can tell you that I plan to try this oregano sauce over grilled corn.

Pesto is great with goat cheese as an extension on crackers or a baguette. About tomatoes, no questions asked. Scrambled in mayonnaise, it is a wide variety of flavors for any sandwich.

The plan for tonight’s dinner is this one spread over grilled fish. I can’t wait. A tablespoon of pesto in soup gives a lot of flavor. You get the idea. It’s a workhorse in the kitchen.

Lemon and oregano pesto

Freeze your pesto!

One of the best things about pesto is that it can be frozen. That’s great news for your summer’s abundance of herbs, because that means you can try summer, all winter long. How good is that?

Pesto can be frozen in small containers or ice cube trays. If you want some flavor, all you have to do is pull one out. A bucket can really flavor the soup pot!

Oregano leaves can also be frozen stacked and flat in a freezer container. Take them out and use them as you would fresh oregano.

So enough oregano. Tonight I’m drizzling some dried oregano and salt and pepper on my fish. Then, as soon as it’s roasted, I’ll top it with a tablespoon of pesto and serve it on a pasta bed with some fresh, juicy red tomatoes.

I’d better get started. Just writing this is making me drool!

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More ways to use Oregano:

Grilled Greek chicken with lemon


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=”” alt=”grilled chicken with lemon peppers” />

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Chicken Vesuvio

<img src="" alt="

Chicken Vesuvio

” /> Chimichurri Sauce with Quinoa

Chimichurri Sauce with Quinoa


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