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Oven cooked mushrooms recipe

Here’s a quick and easy mushroom recipe: mushrooms roasted in garlic butter, finished with an optional drizzle of lemon and a pinch of thyme leaves that pairs beautifully with golden mushrooms baked in the oven.

Do this with mushrooms or large mushrooms! A great quick side dish that pairs with everything from steaks to roast chicken, or making a meal like me!

Close-up of garlic butter roasted mushrooms Roasted mushrooms

with garlic butter Mushrooms

are one of my favorite vegetables of all time. I love the salty taste, how versatile they are and how they are a little meaty. From mushroom rice to mushrooms on toast, in cakes, pasta and this amazing creamy mushroom sauce, I’m pretty sure it’s the most used vegetable on my website! Well, maybe only surpassed by the onion. 🙂

In fact, if I had to choose one vegetable to live on forever, I’m pretty sure it would be mushrooms. GREAT STATEMENT I stand by you!! I’m

also pretty sure that this recipe I share today is the way I cook mushrooms most often: roasted in garlic butter. Quick and easy to prepare, totally under maintenance for cooking.

Overhead photo of roasted mushrooms with garlic butter What you need for oven-roasted mushrooms

Here’s everything you need to make them:

<img src="" alt="Ingredients in roasted mushrooms with garlic

butter” />

mushrooms –

  • white button (pictured), or Swiss brown / Cremini Or any large mushrooms (flat mushrooms, portobello, “BBQ mushrooms“, etc.)

  • butter AND oil – butter for flavor, oil

  • because it is a better conductor of heat and will prevent butter from smoking in the oven (the smoke point of butter is lower than oil, and we want to roast them hard and fast to get a lovely color while keeping the interior juicy);

  • garlic-flavor . Full stop, end of story;

  • And lemon and thyme

  • (optional): A splash of fresh juice and a pinch of fresh thyme is a truly wonderful way to finish buttery mushrooms. Lemon adds a touch of freshness and thyme adds extra flavor. But it’s optional, because even roasted mushrooms are SO GOOD!

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How to roast mushrooms in the oven And

here’s how to roast mushrooms in the

oven: just add butter, oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Spread on baking sheet and bake for 25 minutes at 220°C/450°F (hot oven = better color!). No spinning or spinning: you get better color by leaving the oven closed all the time!

How to make roasted mushrooms with garlic butter

Fork picking roasted mushrooms with garlic butter

Large roasted mushrooms = juices to drizzle!

This roasted mushroom recipe works equally well for large or small mushrooms, although the instructions are slightly different, so I’ve included both on the recipe card.

But with large mushrooms, you’ll get a lot more mushroom juices that you can essentially use as buttery mushroom sauce when serving. Juices accumulate on the lid of mushrooms (small mushrooms don’t have the same shape, so juices don’t accumulate in the same way) and in the pan as well.

Here is a photo of large roasted mushrooms. I really like to use large mushrooms to serve as a main course, as shown below served in polenta.

<img src="" alt="Simple perfection: Roasted mushrooms with

garlic butter.” />
Large roasted mushrooms end up with more juices than small mushrooms.
<img src="" alt="Simple
perfection: Roasted mushrooms with garlic butter.” />
Large roasted mushrooms served as a main meal.

What to serve these with Roasted Mushrooms These mushrooms

are ideal to serve as a side dish OR as a main dish. As a main course, I love placing them in creamy mashed potatoes, cauliflower puree (for a low-carb, low-calorie option), with a side of curry rice or polenta (pictured). Large mushrooms are shown above with one side of spinach sautéed with garlic.

As one side, they literally go with anything. From something as simple as juicy baked chicken breasts* to crispy pan-fried fish fillets, a great juicy steak, garlic prawns or some pork chops. (* Bake these on the high shelf and these mushrooms on the low shelf.)

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Whatever you serve them with, they’re going to be a success. These babies are juicy, buttery, with garlic and you will love them. 🍄🍄🍄 – Nagi xx

Roasted mushrooms with garlic butter

See how to do it Video of the recipe for roasted mushrooms with garlic butter! Originally published June 2018. Revamped with

a new improved video, step photos and ingredient photos, and added addresses for small vs large mushrooms


Mushroom lovers, unite! 🍄 🍄

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Life of mushroom bulldozer

, toy donut – same … 😂


Y Life of Dozer from the original time this was published:


get all those half-jokingly complaints back about Dozer not shooting when I’m out because he’s having fun with his friends at the Golden Retriever Boarder’s place. She told me that every time she saw a person with short dark hair, she would run to check if it was me! 😂

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