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Oxtail recipe for pressure cooker

Video Oxtail recipe for pressure cooker

How to cook the oxtail Instant Pot to tender is here. This is the way to cook oxtails that are well seasoned for dinner or make a meat soup with vegetables when ready.

Ninja Foodi Bull tail

I will say it again and again, no matter what brand of pressure cooker you have. As long as it is an electric version with stir-fry and high pressure, this will work very well. I have them all, a Mealthy, Crockpot Express, IP and Ninja Foodi. The only plus to the last one is that you can crunch at the end.

You may have had these in a restaurant and thought they would be very difficult to make at home, not true. We started this journey with slow cooker oxtail and they were so cool and versatile that we moved on from there.

Can you put oxtails in a pressure cooker

? Yes, and it’s probably the best (and fastest) way to cook them. You can cook oxtail on the stove what we’ve done before, but you can’t just set it up and forget it like that. It gets pretty cute that way, but it takes quite a while. The oxtail in the oven requires a little less attention using a Dutch oven.

No matter which method you decide to use, you need to add herbs and seasonings to the outside, otherwise it is a strong meat flavor. Not that that’s bad, but you’ll usually want to make up for it with at least a little salt and pepper.

  • 4 – 6 oxtails frozen or thawed, time doesn’t really change
  • Bulltail seasonings
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon

  • garlic powder and dried thyme 1/4 teaspoon
  • optional dry sriracha
  • , for heating

  • Olive oil
  • Meat broth
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You could use water for the liquid, but as I said, the more flavor, better.

Ninja Foodi Rabo de Toro

How long does it take to cook oxtails in a ninja pressure cooker


No matter what brand you use to do this, the time is the same when you use the high pressure function. 4-6 is typically all that will be able to fit in a single layer. If you overlay them, I’d say you’d want to increase that cooking time. You want the meat to separate from the bone so you can pull it out.

  • You will start by mixing your seasonings. Rub out on all sides of your bull tails to season well.
    • Pour the olive oil into Instant Pot and sauté
    • .

    • Place the oxtail in an instant pot
    • and brown on all sides.

    • Cancel when you’re done and scrape the bottom to deglaze Instant Pot and remove all those brown chunks. That way, you can prevent a burn notice from appearing.
  • Remove the pieces and place a metal rivet at the bottom of the pot. Place pcs. On top of that trivet. Pour broth or water into the bottom of the pot so they can vaporize.
  • Locking cap and steam valve, adjusted to high pressure for 45 minutes. Do a quick release when you’re done.
  • Carefully remove the

  • metal trivet and transfer the cooked pieces to a plate to remove the meat from the bones, the meat should fall off the bone or be torn off very easily.
  • If you want to make Instant Pot oxtail soup, simply remove the trivet, drain the liquid, add ingredients for the rest of the dish, and cook for a few more minutes.
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If you wanted to use it in our Korean oxtail soup or oxtail stew, you could dip it all when it simmers, or just add the meat.

Can you put oxtails in a pressure cooker?

How to cook frozen oxtails

Surprisingly, it doesn’t really make any difference whether they’re straight from the freezer or fresh or thawed. The same goes for whether you’re cooking them slowly or on your IP. Any of the oxtail recipes have enough time to steam so that they thaw quickly and then start cooking to make them tender.

It doesn’t matter what you should try to get each piece to be of similar sizes. That way they will cook at the same pace and will not have a little cooked while others are a little above.

If this is your first time working with beef glues, I suggest you pressure cook them. Not only are they great in a broth when they’re ready. You can put on a plate with some soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce. Serve with small forks (as with crab) so that each bit and piece can be picked up.


pressure cooker

How long does it take to cook oxtails in a ninja pressure cooker?

The only method we haven’t tried is in our air fryer. This is because I don’t think it’s a good method for these, as it needs a lot of very hot steam and moisture.

How is oxtail used?

If you were to serve these as they are on a plate to enjoy the tender proteins from the fork inside, I think a bed of Ninja Foodi rice is always a winner with everyone. It takes about 20 minutes for you to be able to time it near the end if you have both machines to use.

  • Added to some bone broth with vegetables and bay leaves to simmer until the radishes and green onions are tender is a light meal to try
  • .

  • It is used inside a pressure cooker stew as the protein works very well. You can add everything after following these instructions or just the meat.
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How long do oxtails cooked in the fridge last


You can save what has not been eaten and they reheat quite well. Make sure they cool to room temperature and then transfer them to freezer bags or wrapped in foil. Keep in the fridge for up to 5 days, ideally heat them within 48 hours after initial cooking.

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in instant pot” />

How to reheat oxtails

Ideally you’ll want some steam again. You can use this same machine but keep the lid closed. Simply add some broth or water into the pot with the same trivet inside. Place on top and place the pot to sauté. Allow hot steam to surround PCs. and heat to your liking. The meat will be taken out easier this way.

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