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Pampered chef pasta cooker recipe

Video Pampered chef pasta cooker recipe
Quick cooking spaghetti

from the pampered chef – you can have an Italian night any night of the week with this classic spaghetti bolognese recipe in the fast cooker!

I’m always looking for a quick new recipe for weekday dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

So when Pampered Chef approached her new Pampered Chef fast cooker, she was very excited to try it.

The recent rise in popularity of electric pressure cookers has really helped put dinner on the table with much less effort on our part!

This recipe for spaghetti bolognese in the fast kitchen Pampered Chef, only takes about 15 minutes of work.

Plus, everything is cooked in the quick cooker, which makes cleaning a breeze too!

Spaghetti taken from a fast cooker with tweezers.

This Spaghetti Bolognese is perfectly seasoned and with classic flavor, making the whole family happy


If your kids don’t like the meat in their spaghetti, you can skip it and the recipe will turn out just as great.

To maintain the best possible flavor, you’ll want to make sure you choose a good jar of spaghetti sauce.

I always look for one that has zero added sugar and doesn’t have

basil as a flavor on the front.

Many times spaghetti sauces labeled with basil will be too sweet in taste.

<img src="" alt="Pampered Chef Quick Cooker

on counter” /> The Pampered Chef Quick Cooker

& Accessories Set is an amazing compact electric pressure cooker that has all the tools you need to pressure cook amazing meals and desserts in less time than you ever imagined.

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It even comes with a set of accessories including a spring tray, ceramic pot, and wire base. I can’t wait to try making a cheesecake!

It was very easy for me to open, set up, and start trying out some of the recipes that came in the cookbook with the quickcooker


It’s a wonderful tool for those “set it and forget it” nightly meals that all busy moms love.

You can start dinner and then go help the kids with homework or do laundry. You don’t have to take care of dinner while you do 100 other things. #MomWin

Pampered Chef Fast Cooking Spaghetti

Pampered Chef was founded on the belief that quick tips and powerful tools can fuel a faster, hassle-free cooking experiment, and this fast cooker proves it 100%!

For this spaghetti bolognese recipe, you have about 15 minutes of work before putting the pot on and walking away until everything is finished cooking.

We start by sautéing our onion for a few minutes until it begins to become translucent and soften.

Then add

our fresh garlic, seasonings and ground beef (optional!) and cook until nice and golden brown


Then we simply add everything else, including dried spaghetti, to the quickcooker and light it. It’s that easy!

A great fork of spaghetti bolognese.

This Spaghetti Bolognese made in Pampered Chef fast cooking couldn’t be more delicious or EASY.

If you’re looking for a great electric pressure cooker to make dinner easier, you absolutely need the

Pampered Chef quick cooker!

You can find more weekday dinner recipes for your Quick Cooker here!

This post is sponsored by Pampered Chef. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!

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