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Video Pizza cooker recipes

You’re probably thinking, ‘… wait… Don’t all pizza recipes involve ovens?’ Not really. You could make pizza in a microwave. Or a frying pan. And, of course, the ovens differ.

You have clay ovens, mini metal or large commercial scale. Not forgetting that there are tons of other things you can make pizza ovens, not just pizza! Let’s explore some of the best pizza oven recipes.

1. Wood-fired bread

Regular ovens can reach up to 450°F, but with a pizza oven you can get up to 800°F. Especially if it is a wood oven for pizza. So it’s perfect for baking bread. And this video shows you how to load and light the brick kiln. The recipe is yeast bread and while the heat of the wood-fired oven makes it crispy and dry, that thick, smoky flavor elevates every slice.

2. Quickie One-Hour Pizza


Wood-burning stoves are great, but gas ovens also have their place. You can control heat more easily for greater cooking flexibility. Try baking this pizza in your gas oven – the dough takes less than an hour to make. (The mass takes 2 to 3 hours on average, so this is ‘flash mass’.) This hand-stretched dough has grits and olive oil. Use ingredients of your choice.

3. Bhavna’s Homemade


Pizza was born as Italian street food. But if you like your spicy food, you can’t go wrong with their Mexican or South Asian interpretations. In this video, Bhavna talks to you through the entire process, from homemade dough to simmering sauce. His colorful creation has sweet pepper and jalapeños in a dough infused with garlic powder (optional) and Italian herbs.

4. Sardines barbecues


fish! Yes, you can bake or roast fish in a pizza oven. And once you’ve tasted these smoked treats, you’ll never look at canned sardines again. Soak the wood from your pizza oven overnight to get the right aroma from your smoke. And the wood must be untreated to avoid unwanted flavors. Use food-grade baking nails to stake sardines into wood. Roast for 6 minutes.

5. BBQ chicken (with skin)

Building a pizza oven in the backyard is easier than you think. And you can order firewood from a weekly supplier, some will also deliver it and stack it for you. Once the oven is on and burning, pun intended, try this chicken recipe. It cooks over lower heat, so you want bright embers instead of roaring flames. The barbecue sauce recipe is also easy.

6. Gourmet hot dogs


Who says sausages should always be boiled? Venture out with these gourmet hot dog pizza oven recipes. And you can also bake the hot dog rolls in the pizza oven! It is a lengthy process that involves caramelizing onions and pickling watercress and mustard seeds. When baking hot dog rolls, brush them in milk. Roast the sausages separately before loading the rolls.

7. Roasted potatoes with garlic

We all agree that baked potatoes are healthier than fries. And they can taste just as satisfying. This batch is served with eggs, with the sunny side facing up. Cut and roast the potatoes with their skin, but boil for 10 minutes in water with salt and baking soda. Use larger chunks and “rough” in the pan so they are crispy and crispy on the outside, but soft and soft on the inside.

8. Beer Can Chicken


Do you know those old cartoons where someone saw a bird walking down the street and daydreamed about walking roasted? This standing chicken looks a lot like that. It is roasted upright in an open beer can (with beer still in it). Wood ovens for pizza are best for this recipe. You need a whole chicken. Rub it with brown sugar and spices. Roast for 40 minutes.

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9. Neapolitan


We have to sneak into some pizza recipes here for sure. And this Neapolitan is baked in an Ooni metal wood-fired oven, but any pizza oven will do. You can turn it on with lighter cubes and monitor its heat levels. The simple sauce is canned San Marzano tomatoes and salt. The pizza is baked with a mixture of charcoal and pieces of wood for added flavor. [30 Best Neapolitan Pizza Recipes]

10. Grilled bananas


Bananas are the potatoes of the fruit world. Because they are very versatile. In this pizza oven recipe, bananas are grilled and then served with homemade salted caramel and homemade vanilla ice cream. The recipe has instructions for all three. Mix the honey with butter and melt them in the oven. That will take about 20 minutes. Brush the bananas with this and roast.

11. Ratatouille brick

oven You

don’t get many pizza oven recipes that show you how to build the real oven. This one does. And it’s pretty easy. And it also shows you how to turn on the wood oven. So if you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, try this building and baking project. This simple ratatouille recipe uses sliced spirals of tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and eggplants in marinara.

12. S’mores


Yes, these are typically roasted over a campfire. Or maybe a bedroom candle. But if you roast them in a pizza oven… Especially while your pizza (or something else) is baking, you can get a rich mix of smoky flavors. You could prick them or an extra-long stick and reach for the flames. Or you can place them on a tray and bake for 2 or 3 minutes.

13. Homemade Oven Pizza

When we talk about pizza oven recipes, you can assume that we are referring to commercial metal ovens. Or maybe igloo-shaped ovens. But you can also bake pizza in a normal domestic oven, without the need for stones. This pizza is made directly on electric pizza racks. And because the oven is huge, you can make the pizza oval instead of round. Pizza cooks much faster on a rack.

14. Toasted pineapple with basil cream

Toasted pineapple cream with basil

This recipe was prepared in an open Kamino Walrus. It is shaped like a cognac bottle that is open at the front. But any pizza oven can achieve this dessert dish. Cut the pineapples into segments and cook them on a preheated oven grill for 2 to 3 minutes per side. For the basil cream, grind the basil leaves with melting sugar, lemon zest and mascarpone cream cheese.

15. Multi-course pizza oven


Fancy a full meal? This pizza oven recipe has it all: deliciously greasy pork, sizzling starch, fresh toasted vegetables, and a selection of desserts. The menu includes roast pork loin, homemade baguettes, green peas, potatoes, peach shoemaker and blueberry shoemaker. But pork and potatoes first, while the oven is hotter. Make desserts last with shiny charcoal.

16. Plum Tarte Tatin


If you speak French, you probably know that it is pronounced ‘ta-ta-ta’ (or something similar). And this pizza oven recipe will flood your kitchen with an irresistible aroma of syrupy. But making this dessert is easier than it seems. Melt the sugar in a pan and add anise and butter until bubbling. Pour this over your plums and cover it with puff pastry. Bake for 15 minutes.

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17. Jamie Oliver’s Wood-Fired Pizza

Do TV chefs make pizza the same way we do? Let’s listen to Jamie. He recommends pushing their burning logs to the side of the frequency so that the flames lick the roof of the pizza and create a grilling effect. (We say ‘grill’ instead of ‘grill’ on this side of the pond, so don’t get too baffled!) He prefers the spoonfuls of cheese and waves of bacon to the shreds and crumbles of our house.

18. Chicken barbecue with pretzel crust Pizza


This recipe has cream, beer, chicken, cheese and pretzels. What more could you ask for? Let the dough sit overnight if you can, you need at least 8 hours of testing. Stir butter, cheese, mustard, cream and beer in a pan, then cool and place in the fridge for at least two hours. Brush your baking soda solution along the edges of the pizza dough to form a pretzel crust.

19. DIY Back Yard Pizza Oven

We have seen a DIY pizza oven made of stacked bricks and metal sheets. Now take a look at this fact of reused oil barrels. It needs much more skill than the brick we saw earlier. And you can use a blowtorch! Luckily, the pizza process is less complex than the oven, just make and bake! In this video, they settled on a colorful square pizza with olives.

20. Shredded pork

Shredded pork The secret of shredded pork

is to cook it low and slow with a lot of smoke. Marinate the pork in brine, leaving it overnight in the fridge. Your spiced brine can have anything you want: brown sugar, molasses, even beer! The next day, pat the pork dry and rub it with a mixture of coffee, orange zest, brown sugar and spices. Bake the pork in the pizza oven for 8 hours.

21. Baked sandwiches

Italy gave us square pizza (they eat theirs with knives and forks!) and fried pizza (you see le mandazi aka African donuts, but with pizza fillings). And now… The joy of sandwiches baked in a pizza oven! This pizza dough bread cooked on a fire is called Puccia and originated in Apulia. Bake the bread in the oven over high heat and fill with your favorite fillings.

22. Herby Flatbread


Portions of homemade dough is a bit like cooking pasta. In the sense that some people just “get it” and the rest of us think it’s rocket science. So, if you’ve baked your pizza and have leftover dough, cut it into strips, brush it with seasoned butter, and bake it on flatbread. Beyond garlic, you can spice up your butter with thyme, parsley, and other herbs you enjoy.

23. Homemade New York style


This recipe helps you adjust your homemade pizza to achieve pizzeria-level results. How? More sugar and oil in the dough to brown it at low temperatures (since home ovens do not heat up as much as commercial ones). Check if your yeast is still viable. Use bread flour, it is higher in protein. Use cold, low-moisture mozzarella and cold dough. Do not precook the sauce.


. Caveman Steak


You can cook this aptly named slab of meat directly on the floor of your pizza oven. As long as your pizza oven is clean, that’s it. Or put the meat directly on the shiny coal. It is still helpful to use some sort of container for food liquids. Alternatively, use a rack that allows juices to drip onto your coals. This releases flavored smoke that is infused back into your cut of meat.

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25. Chicago-Style Home Pizza

New York style pizza has a wide base and a thin crust. Chicago-style pizza has a thick base and is baked on deeper plates (rather than pizza stones or pizza steels). And the marinara sauce goes on top of the cheese, instead of sitting at the base. The thick, chewy dough has all-purpose cornmeal plus tartar. Top with sliced cheese and bake in a cast iron skillet.


. Christmas Turkey


A lot of seasonal comedy is based on Christmas turkey fiascos. Someone forgot to thaw it. Or he dropped it frozen in hot oil. Or I ordered a turkey too big for the oven. Try making your bird in a pizza oven instead. More space, less fuss, and you’ll soon find yourself looking for turkey outside of the holidays. Why? Because it tastes so good and is cooked so simply in pizza ovens!

27. Homemade deep dish


Here is another thick crust pizza oven recipe. It is baked in the stuffed Chicago style. Which means that the entire base is filled, not just the edge. Make your dough and then place the cheese slices directly into the base. Go heavy – at least two layers. Put raw sausage meat on top of the cheese and then top with marinara sauce. A gentle pinch of Parmesan ends it all.

28. Traditional Flammkuchen


Italians (and the rest of us) eat pizza. The Franco-Germans have Flammkuchen. It looks a lot like pizza, with its round, crispy base and grated bacon toppings. A significant difference – no cheese. Instead, use crème fraiche, a kind of sour double-cooking cream. This llama cake, also known as tarte flambee, was always cooked in high-heat wood-burning ovens.

29. Chicken Spatchcock

Usually, when you’re baking or roasting a whole chicken, stuff it and cook it without breaking. With the chicken spatchcock, you still use the whole chicken, but you remove the spine so you can lull it. This gives you more uniform results. This version is basic: rub the chicken with thyme, salt and pepper, then make a sauce with your juices, vegetables and white wine or vermouth.

30. Potatoes au gratin


This dish uses thinly sliced potatoes baked in butter, cream and broth. Clay baking dishes work best. Place your potato slices in layers, batter between the potato leaves. Put the cream and broth at the end, then sprinkle cheese on top. Cover the plate and bake for an hour. Remove the lid (or foil cover) and bake for 10 more minutes to brown.


. Pizza Baked Lamb Chops

The last pizza oven recipe on our list will have you looking askance at fried lamb chops. You’ll never want your lamb any other way! And it’s pretty easy to have been filmed in one take by someone who admits they’ve “never tried it before.” Rub the lamb with spices and place it on a bed of vegetables. Deep pans work best. Leave the lamb in the oven for at least six hours.

What is your favorite pizza recipe and what do you like about it? Let us know in the comments!

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