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The best pizza sauce recipe is also the easiest! The best part is that it’s also an authentic Italian (Neapolitan) recipe, so what are you waiting for? Next time you make pizza, this is your recipe!

<img src="" alt="the best pizza sauce recipe"

/>I’m surprised how many pizza sauce recipes I’ve

found that are so complicated, include a long list of ingredients (including sugar), and are nothing like a pizza sauce I’ve seen in Italy!

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Some recipes take a long time because you have to cook the sauce before putting it on the pizza, but pizza sauce should never be cooked! Some of the photos I’ve seen have marked me for life: red paste? Please let me help you. (Updated: Just read some of the reviews below. This recipe changes life!) 😀

pizza in Rome
Typical Roman pizza in Rome


Why is this the best homemade pizza sauce recipe?


That’s why, in a nutshell. So who am I to tell you what the best recipe is? I’m by no means an expert at making pizza. However, my mother was born in Italy (just north of Naples, where pizza was born), and she and her family (6 sisters who are amazing cooks) know how to make an authentic Italian pizza sauce, trust me!

pizza sorbillo
Pizza in Naples


I’ve also been traveling to Italy and eating incredibly delicious pizza there since I was born. If you’re not looking for a truly authentic, traditional and classic Neapolitan Italian pizza sauce, this isn’t for you.

<img src="" alt="Gianfranco and I making pizza in Italy

” />
My cousin Gianfranco and I making pizza in Italy in our nonni wood-fired oven (circa 1985).

For example, there are some ingredients that you will never find in an authentic Italian pizza sauce recipe and delicious.

How to select the ingredients for your

pizza sauce

Doesn’t this pizza sauce look more attractive than a dark red spackle sauce? It is light, fresh and delicious, like so many other authentic Italian creations! If you don’t like tomato pieces or seeds, just use a puree or passata that is smooth. (You can also puree whole or thick tomatoes to make them soft.)


src=”” alt=”pizza sauce on a spoon” />

Looking for a real (easy) Italian spaghetti


spaghetti sauce with spaghettiWhat

ingredients are used in the best sauce recipe?

Pizza’s original home is Naples, so why not use the best pizza sauce recipe there to make your pizza at home? Since most of us don’t live in Naples, I’ll share tips on how you can make the best pizza sauce in your home without stressing about following the “rules” perfectly

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Did you know that the term Neapolitan means originally from Naples?

According to the

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the best pizza sauce recipe includes, but is not limited to, the following


  • TOMATOES: you can use fresh tomatoes, however, to ensure quality and taste, try to get your hands on “pomodoro pelato S.Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese-Nocerino D.O.P.” Don’t be afraid of that long name, you’ll recognize them as San Marzano tomatoes (but they’re the real deal with the PDO). These are simply the “cream of the harvest” of the best tomatoes in Europe (GTFE). <img src="×607.jpeg" alt="San Marzano PDO can
    and pizza donuts” />
    You won’t find this can in stores, it is simply the logo to inform consumers about the authentic Pomodoro San Marzano dell’Agro Sarnese-Nocerino PDO. (Just remember to look up the PDO and the two stamps.)

    Of course, you can use any good quality canned tomato for great results, including pomodorini (cherry tomatoes) like the can photo below. Be careful about what you consider “quality,” so read this post that outlines some of the brands you can look for.

Canned Italian tomatoes
Do you see that label at the bottom of Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana? That’s a very good thing.
  • ).

  • CHEESE: Grated hard cheese, like authentic Italian Parmigiano Reggiano (sprinkled over pizza not added to sauce).
  • OREGANO: Dried oregano is fine. Fresh herbs are not critical, except for basil.
  • BASIL: Fresh basil is best.
  • SALT: use a good quality sea salt.

Note: if you want to add hot pepper flakes to the sauce, you can, but in Italy, the spicy pizza is called pizza alla diavola, and it’s topped with a spicy dry cured sausage, more like salami. It’s actually one of my favorite pizzas!

add oil to pizza sauce

Ingredient selection: what to avoid

Let’s cover the ingredients you should NOT use if you want to get the best results


  1. Substandard tomatoes, i.e. tasteless, acidic and/or acidic tomatoes, whether fresh or canned; your pizza will be ruined. If you want to read in more detail about the difference in canned tomatoes, click here. Most importantly, note the cans with the words “San Marzano” that are not PDO or from the special region of Naples (or even Italy for that matter)!
  2. Tomato paste. You should simply never come across pizza dough in any form. Most people do not use tomato paste properly or as it was intended to be used by Italians.
  3. sugar. Any type of sweetener is simply unnecessary when using high-quality, non-acidic, great-tasting canned or fresh tomatoes.
  4. “Italian seasoning”. This is a non-Italian creation. It simply does not exist in Italy, therefore it does not belong to any authentic Italian dish, including pizza.
  5. Garlic powder or garlic salt. Just no. (No onion or other powders, for that matter.)
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Tips for making this recipe and

FAQpizza al fresco
Ristorante Il Calesse in Castellabate, ItalyHow

is pizza sauce different from pasta sauce?

The main difference is that the pizza sauce is

raw, while the pasta sauce is cooked. In the region where my mother is from, oregano is for pizza sauce, not pasta sauce. Also, don’t think for a minute that one should be “thick” or “heavy.” If you end up with a thick pizza sauce, you’re not doing anything remotely Italian.

THIS PHOTO IS NOT PIZZA SAUCE, I’m just sharing my authentic (quick) Italian tomato sauce for pasta. Someone mistakenly thought this was a picture of me cooking pizza sauce, so I’m explaining it in more detail.

homemade authentic Italian tomato sauce quick and easy

How do you make Italian pizza sauce from scratch?

It’s very easy: get the best ingredients and follow my recipe below! Here’s my pizza dough recipe, but a more authentic and improved recipe is coming soon


<img src="" alt="cooked

pizza, raw pizza and pizza sauce” />

Can I make pizza sauce ahead of time?

Yes, only keep it refrigerated if you don’t plan to use it right away. It will keep in the fridge for two to three days until it’s ready for pizza night!

pizza with a view
Pizza in Santa Maria di Castellabate (not far from Naples) 2019.

Can I substitute tomato pasta for

pizza sauce?

Absolutely 100% NOT! This is the devil’s pizza sauce if you do this! Tomato paste has no place anywhere on a pizza or in a pizza sauce. I just don’t understand how Italian cuisine has become so misunderstood and disparate in the United States and the United Kingdom (mostly). Tomato paste is used as a thickener when you have really liquid tomatoes, or to add a little tomato flavor to a soup, but it’s never used as a pizza sauce base, or even in a pizza sauce. Taste and consistency are the main reasons for not using pasta. Do a taste test if you don’t believe me.

Pizza with Christina and Denisa
Pizza in Ponte Melfa, Lazio.

Can I freeze pizza sauce?

Yes! If you plan to keep it for more than two or three days, place the pizza sauce in a freeze-proof container and freeze it. It should last about a month in the freezer, but try to use it before that.

best pizza sauce recipe

Bake a delicious pizza using this recipe

So this is the part we have the least control over to make a really good Italian pizza: the oven. We can always buy a pizza stone, which helps, but the fact that we can’t get an oven temperature of more than 500 degrees F is the biggest problem. Pizza needs a super hot oven at over 700 degrees F.

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Without buying a professional pizza oven, the best I’ve found is a budget counter pizza maker. I love mine and it reaches over 600 degrees F! The Petite Pizzeria I have has been discontinued, but this Chef di Cucina Pizza Maker looks almost exactly the same and gets rave reviews.

My mom and family’s pizza sauce is actually what’s called a Marinara pizza. Somehow, the Americans/British mixed with what marinara sauce is. A Marinara pizza sauce includes garlic and oregano, however, for a Margherita pizza, these are omitted.

pizza fritta
Other type of pizza in Naples: pizza fritta (fried pizza).

How to Make This Authentic Italian Pizza Sauce Recipe

by Christina Conte Enough Pizza Sauce 4, 10″

COMPLETE PRINTABLE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW (including recommendations for the best products)

What you’ll need

A medium bowl, kitchen scissors or blender, and a spoon.


quality tomatoes

  • , fresh or canned ingredients good quality
  • extra

  • virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • Italian basil
  • oregano
  • (optional)fresh garlic

  • (optional)
  1. Pour the can of tomatoes into a bowl. If it is pomodorini or whole tomatoes, crush them with your hands or you can cut them sharply with kitchen scissors. If your tomatoes have a lot of liquid, if you mix them all, it shouldn’t be too watery. However, if you don’t use a whole can, simply leave more liquid with the tomatoes you don’t use.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Taste the salt and add if necessary. That’s it, the sauce is ready to use!


src=”” alt=”mix pizza sauce” />

  • (Don’t add too much sauce to pizza dough; you don’t want to choke it.)

Favorite homemade pizza dough

Although this is a post of “the best pizza sauce recipe”, I want to briefly discuss the ingredients. Since the pizza sauce is so tasty on this pizza, you don’t need a ton of topping. You can keep it simple, which is my mother’s favorite pizza. Just be easy with what you add: some fresh mozzarella, some sautéed mushrooms, anchovies, roasted red pepper or pepperoni. You can really add whatever you want, but don’t tell me if you add Hawaiian p——-e!

Pizza photo, Rome
Pizza in Rome

At this point, you can believe me this is the easiest pizza sauce recipe ever, but you’ll have to try it to believe it’s the best. If you try, leave a comment (see the star rating on the printable recipe card or the WRITE A REVIEW at the bottom next to the comments tab).


pizza la taglio frente a Monte Cassino
Pizza in Cassino, Italy.

I hope this changes your pizza game! Let me know if it does. Ciao!

<img src="" alt="Christina

in Rome, Christina

” />

pizza with mozzarella
My pizza


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