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Pork belly slices slow cooker recipe

Pork belly is one thing I’ve never managed to cook properly and yet it’s one of my favorite things to eat and a first choice when dining at restaurants that have it on the menu. In my quest to hone my pork cooking skills, I’ve been searching the internet for the best pork recipes with bacon in a slow cooker.

How is pork cooked with bacon?

Pork with bacon is one thing that really needs to be cooked slowly, whether it’s in the oven or in the slow cooker, although I’ve heard of people cooking it on the barbecue before! There’s a real skill in making sure you create a lovely and incredibly tender pork belly that cooks long enough. But, it is possible to overcook pork belly, so you need to make sure you get the right balance. Slow cooking of pork with bacon is a true art.

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Slow-cooked pork belly is such a delicious main course for any occasion. The flesh almost melts in the mouth and just crumbles. There really is no other way to cook pork bellows than to cook it slowly, either in a clay pot or in the oven. So here are our favorite pork belly recipes

from around the internet: Slow Cooking Pork Belly Recipes Slow Cook

Pork Belly

– This recipe offers you slow cooking pork belly slices that are full of flavor and delicious, ready to serve with any side you want. With garlic cloves, root ginger, onion and soy sauce, serving this slow cooker of pork and potatoes would make a perfect family meal.

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Slow Cook Pork Belly with Apples and Cabbage: This delicious dish of slow-cooker braised pork belly consists of leaving the flavors marinated up to 24 hours before cooking. It gives a wonderful taste to the finished dish and burning the sides after cooking also gives it a crispy and lovely skin.

Slow Cooker Pork Belly with

Balsamic Honey Frosting: This slow-cooking pork belly is incredibly tender and infused with a sticky acid icing. Cooking in the slow cooker helps block flavors, and the end result is a delicious, moist pork belly that just falls apart.

Chinese Pork Belly Slow Cooker – This pork belly slow cooker recipe

comes with a honey and soy sauce icing that gives it a charming, oriental flavor that complements pork flavors beautifully. Slow Cooker Recipe of Braised Pork Belly

with Apple Cider Cider

– This Japanese-inspired pork belly recipe is full of rich cider flavors. The meat is left beautifully tender and has a sweetness that works very well with pork.

Slow cooker stewed pork belly: This Chinese slow cooker pork belly recipe is delicious and great for bulk cooking and freezing. With star anise, dark soy sauce and sherry for cooking, it really is full of flavor.

Slow Cook Pork Panbelly Casserole – This slow cooking pork stew is the perfect comfort food. It is abundant and satisfying, with chorizo, beans and that important pork belly.

Slow Cooker Pork Belly BBQ Sauce –

Using this recipe but with a store-bought or even homemade barbecue sauce, you can create a slow but delicious pot belly pork dish, perfect for summer and barbecue season

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. Slow Cook Chinese Pork Belly

– This slow cooking honey soy pork belly with Asian vegetables is a wonderful oriental meal that has all those typical Chinese flavors. Asian vegetables perfectly complement the flavors of pork belly.

Kakuni Japanese Bestofado Pork Belly Slow Cooker Recipe – This wonderful recipe can be cooked in the slow cooker or in the oven if preferred. Kakuni is flavored with ginger creating a sticky and delicious pork belly dish that is a firm favorite of Japanese restaurants.

Taiwanese Slow Cooker Recipe of Braised Pork Belly – This is a really delicious comfort food from Taiwan. It has a real depth of flavor and is served alongside hard-boiled eggs, it’s a really lovely pot dish.

Slow cooking pork belly tacos – If you like to have a family style meal, where everything is served in the center of the table and everyone serves themselves, then this dish would be perfect.

I hope that has given you some inspiration the next time you’re looking to cook a delicious family meal. I’m also looking forward to trying the slow-cooking pork belly in the air fryer at some point, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Slow pork with bacon recipes

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