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It’s not every day when you have the luxury of having time on hand to make elaborate cuisine and at that moment all you want is a quick recipe, but you don’t want to eat that million calories of pizza from a takeaway, nor do you want to survive on a sandwich. Here comes this handy “garlic prawns with honey”, which offers the goodness of prawns and is ready in less than 20 minutes. Serve with steamed rice or bread of your choice.

What is

garlic shrimp honey and shrimp

cooking along with honey, and garlic as main ingredients, gives garlic shrimp honey. Soy sauce is added to add flavor.

Recipe for prawns with honey and garlic | Your gastronomic fantasy

This recipe is as simple as it can be. Here I have used precooked prawns, which you can easily get in any supermarket, however, you can also use raw prawns, the only thing is that the cooking time increases by a few minutes and sometimes cleaning these prawns can take some effort and time. Raw prawns are grayish in color and if you use raw prawns, you should clean them thoroughly and remove any shells. When sautéing raw prawns, keep spinning until they turn pink while using low-medium heat.

Professional tips for garlic and honey


  • Do not cook prawns over high heat. This will make the prawns chewy and dry.
  • Do not overcook the prawns, otherwise the prawns will not be tender.
  • The amount of honey and garlic used here is what suits my guests best. Remember that adding more honey can make prawns sweet. Similarly, use soy sauce with caution.
  • Add lemon to get the acidity of the lemon when everything is cooked. Although it will depend on personal taste.
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Prawn recipe with honey and garlic |

The unique combination of honey and garlic along with some soy sauce topped with soft and tender prawns is appetizing for any shrimp lover. I myself am a vegetarian, but I keep learning about all these non-vegetarian delights from my partner who loves his non-vegetarian food to the core.


In a skillet, add butter and

  • once the butter melts, add soy sauce, honey, garlic, pepper and salt. Keep mixing this over low heat for two minutes so that the garlic is well done (or it will smell like raw garlic).
  • Pour this liquid mixture from step 1 aside and in the same pan add the prawns and cook them gently for one minute (precooked prawns), and complete with the puree from step 1.
  • Let the prawns and puree mix well over low heat for a minute and extinguish the flame.
Prawns Honey and Garlic | Easy shrimp recipes |

In this recipe, I have only used soy sauce, honey, garlic and black pepper. You can also add ginger if you like the ginger taste. In short, these garlic prawns with honey do not require a large list of ingredients. These prawns can be easily cooked with minimal ingredients from the kitchen cupboard.

This recipe for prawns with honey and garlic

  • requires minimal ingredients and all ingredients are easily available in any kitchen cupboard
  • . It

  • takes only 15 minutes
  • . It

  • is gluten-free if you use gluten-free soy sauce
  • . It

  • tastes delicious
  • .

  • It acts as a starter. Or as main courses with rice or bread.
Prawns Honey and Garlic | Prawn recipes |

Service Suggestion

Serve these prawns with cilantro garnish with boiled rice or bread of your choice. You can also sprinkle a touch of lemon on these prawns if you like that lemon zest.

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Prawn lover?

There are a few other shrimp recipes I’ve shared that you’d like to try if you’re a shrimp lover. Some of these are prawn skewers, Capsicum prawn curry, garlic prawn curry, fried shrimp rice.

Find below the detailed step-by-step recipe for prawns with honey and garlic.

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