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Pressure cooker carrots recipe

Video Pressure cooker carrots recipe

Pressure cooker carrots can be made salty or sweet! They come out perfectly tender every time in your Instant Pot, Crock Pot Express or Ninja Foodi. Make them simple or like carrots and Instant Pots together.

Steam carrots Instant Pot

It doesn’t matter what brand you have. We have also made them in our Ninja Foodi! If you have a Crockpot Express or Mealthy, these will also work very well. 😉 You can make them tasty or add some brown sugar sweetness on top for great balance.

Just a little liquid at the bottom, a basket of vegetables and their vegetables are really necessary. Condiments are up to you. Much faster than making them on the stove and healthier than boiling them too.

Carrots Ninja Foodi

Look for more things to cook in your pot than just main dishes and meat. There are many more that you can enjoy in this multiple kitchen that I tell you. If you only have boiled vegetables, you need to stop. You’re sucking all the nutrients out of them that way.

Not only does this save time, but it creates very tender vegetables that even your children won’t normally put anything grown inside their mouths. Choose sweet or savory, whatever you want. Lemme shows you how to make them!

Carrots and instant

onions You can add sliced white or yellow onions to the mixture if you also like them together. Here’s what you need to make carrots in Instant Pot. Simple is better when it comes to this vegetable, similar to how we cook carrots in the microwave.

  1. Carrots
  2. Water
  3. Butter
  4. Fresh Parsley
    1. dries best if that’s all you have
  5. Lime
  6. Peeler
  7. Steamer basket
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This is for salted carrots. If you want to add sweetness, simply sprinkle brown sugar on top when they’re ready. OH MI either way, these Instant Pot carrots are fantastic.

Instant Pot Savory Carrots

You start by removing the outside of your vegetables with a peeler. This is a given, but let’s go step by step so that nothing is forgotten.

  • Cut your carrots in half so you have shorter pieces
  • .

  • Cut them in half lengthwise. Then, in half, so you have sticks like the ones you see here. You can use
    • sliced carrots or baby carrots.
  • Pour your cup of water into the pot and put your carrots in a steam basket.
  • Set at high pressure for 3 minutes followed by a quick release.
  • Add your butter and parsley, let it melt.

Squeeze with lime if you like and enjoy! Some like a sweeter touch with a light splash of honey or even real maple syrup with a little butter. That way you get the salty element at the same time with a pinch of salt. Add whatever you like after the steamed carrots are ready.

Instant Pot Carrots Honey

You could also add a splash of honey there. A little goes a long way, so add just 2 tablespoons or so and then if you want more, add it at the end when served. Carrots in the instant pot have a much faster cooking time than the stove method.

Glazed carrots can also be made using this same cooking method. Simply sprinkle 1/4 – 1/2 cup brown sugar. Add it before the butter so that everything melts. It’s a super quick and easy way to cook carrots perfectly.

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Looking for more carrot recipes?

  1. Of course, carrot cake cupcakes are so good
  2. .

  3. Minestrone Instant Pot soup can be packaged with carrots
  4. .

  5. Here’s how to make roasted carrots with honey in the oven.

You can even cook this a little more and make Instant Pot baby food with some carrots.

Carrots Ninja


Now you’re looking for other easy Ninja Foodi recipes? We have over 100 meals under 30 minutes on The Typical Mom blog!

Instant Pot

  • cauliflower and Instant Pot corn are great too
  • .

  • We like Instant Pot fish for dinner
  • .

  • Chicken noodle soup in pressure cooker can be packed with carrots. Take your electric pressure cooker
  • and

make these pot carrots Pressure and Pumpkin Instant Pot this week! We’ve also made air fryer carrots if you also have that little appliance.

air fryer carrots

How long to pressure cook carrots and


You can also add pieces of celery if you want. Just add them all to your basket at the same time. A healthy side dish can still taste fantastic, it’s on our June Instant Pot recipe list because carrots are in season! Here are some questions you may have before you start asking these;

You can make broccoli and Instant Pot carrots together too if you want.

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