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Pressure cooker chicken wings recipes

Video Pressure cooker chicken wings recipes

Pressure cooker chicken wings are tender, tasty and ready in just 30 minutes. Made with a delicious soy and honey marinade that’s perfect for dipping, this easy dish will become your new favorite recipe of game day.

A hand raising one of the wings of the marinade

I love chicken wings! One of the things I love about this recipe is that the wings cook quickly and after roasting for a few minutes, they come out crispy and the taste of the marinade is out of this world.

I’ve received emails from my readers asking if they could make instant chicken wings instead of using a pressure cooker. Here’s what I’ve explained: the instant cooker is a brand of the pressure cooker.

I also had to explain that the slow cooker

was the slow cooker of the original brand. So, if you have a slow cooker, you can make any recipe that is labeled slow cooker or slow cooker.

So whether you have a pressure cooker or an instant cooker, this recipe is for you!

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  • on how full the kitchen is, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to reach the full cooking pressure. (Similar to preheating your oven, you’ll need to factor this into your preparation time.)
  • You can wait for the pressure to release naturally or you can make a quick release. Here’s how: put on a furnace glove and carefully push the vent valve into the ventilation position.
  • When it’s time to crunch the skin, you can add the chicken to a large baking dish and pour the marinade with the wings. Or you can also line a large gelatin mold with aluminum foil before adding the wings and marinade to it.
  • If you want a different marinade or sauce, you can use buffalo chicken sauce or your favorite barbecue sauce.
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to Make Pressure Cooker

Chicken Wings

Step One

Gather the ingredients

: chicken wings, chicken broth, and the ingredients for the marinated sauce. (A)

Step Two

Press the stir-fry button and let it heat for a few minutes. Add 3 tablespoons of broth and chicken wings.

Sauté for 3 minutes. Stir and cook for another 3 minutes.

Make the marinade while cooking the chicken. See recipe sheet.

Step three

Press the off button, remove the wings from the pressure cooker and place them on a plate. (C) You can also see the marinade in the background.

Step Four


3/4 cup of broth in the pressure cooker and place a steam rack insert inside the container


Add the partially cooked chicken wings into the insert. (D)

Step five

Seal the lid, making sure

the vent valve is in the locking position. Press the manual button

(or snap cook button), make sure the mode is set to normal and high pressure, and set the timer to 10 minutes.

The wings on the insertion steamer on the left and the chicken wings made on a tray with marinade in the background

Step six

Take out a large baking dish and put the chicken wings in it. Pour the marinade and mix the wings to cover.

Turn on the grill of your oven high.

Step seven

Place the baking dish directly under the grill and set the timer for 3


Take out the chicken wings and turn them over and place them back under the grill for 2 minutes. I do it once again to make them nice and crispy.

Fill the crispy chicken wings and pour the marinade into a small bowl.

See how crispy the wingettes got?

The wing outside the spit and on a blue tray with dip sauce at the bottom

I grab a wing and dip it in the delicious marinade. I lift that delicious wing

to chew it.

The taste is glorious!

A hand holding one of the wings with a bite taken out of it

I love this pressure cooker chicken wing recipe because they are deliciously crispy and because they are prepared so easily and quickly for your hungry hordes.

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What is your favorite dish to cook in the pressure cooker? Leave me a comment as I would love to know.

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