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Bailey Mae is well-liked and well-fed. The latter is due, in part, to this simple Instant Pot dog food recipe


We hadn’t realized how well fed she was until one day she turned around for someone to stroke her belly and was coughing and continuing.

She had gained weight, and since we want her to be around as long as possible, we started cutting back on her food.

It’s frustrating trying to determine if experts favor a grain-free diet or if it’s not good for your dog’s food.

Perhaps your dog needs to follow a grain-free diet due to weight or food allergies, add more diced sweet potato, pumpkin or pumpkin (not pumpkin stuffed cake) to this recipe, and skip the rice.

There is a variable in which even some experts claim that kibble is dangerous.

Where were those experts when the kibble was first introduced?

Then there’s trying to keep up with the constant withdrawals.

I mean it’s crazy to try to figure out what’s safe for our dogs to eat.

Introduce and reintroduce new kibble into your diet.

Kibble was no longer enough for her.

She pleaded.

She showed her big brown eyes towards us, making them dramatically sad from the effect, hoping she might have just a small piece of table.

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instant dog food on the counter in pressure cooker jars

My Instant Pot dog food



This is when I started making Bailey Mae and Jeb Instant Pot dog food


It’s very easy, it takes 30 minutes, and dogs love it.

It may be the best dog food


I love that he controls what they’re eating.

Add more or add less of a particular ingredient as you choose.

It reminds me to think about how much I hate feeding my humans processed foods.

I KNOW that’s not good for them.

Did you know that processed dog food is like that?

Think about that.

We love our furry babies and yet, for the sake of “cheaper” or lack of knowledge, we choose to feed them processed dog food.

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Learn how to check your dog’s food.

We spoke to Bailey’s vet and were told that dogs need plenty of protein, but also fat-soluble fats and vitamins, as well as healthy carbs (by the way, a totally raw diet lacks these carbs).

Keep in mind that there are foods you shouldn’t feed your dogs (learn more at Today’s Best Recipe).

Bailey Mae and Jeb love it.

They *think* it’s human food. the very things we’re eating.

And really?

There’s no reason why, with a few spices added, it wouldn’t work like a human’s food.

How to serve:

They will eat it cold, but hey, we still spoil them and serve it


I simply add some hot water to the jar, put the lid back on and give it a smoothie or two


I want to be clear; We still feed our dogs kibble, just more of this instant pot homemade dog food and less of the kibble.

Then pour it on your serving plate and watch them lick their chompers as I prepare them to eat.

If this seems like too much work, you can buy a similar healthy dog food formulated by a veterinarian called Pet Plate.

It is healthy and free from all the bad parts.

Instant Pot Dog Food Collage

Within three weeks, after switching to this dog food made in the instant pot, Bailey Mae trimmed herself so she can take longer walks, turn around for love, and she’s nowhere near being the beggar she once was thanks to this dog food recipe


It’s not just to help dogs lose weight, it’s a great choice for everyday food.

instant dog food recipe

I put half of the

mixture in gallon-sized ziplock bags and stored them in

the refrigerator.

The other half I place in half-pint jars and store in

the refrigerator.

Jeb and Bailey Mae each eat one full jar a day, in addition to their kibble

. I give them half the jar at

lunch and half the jar at dinner.

I recommend checking with your veterinarian how much your dog should eat at each meal.

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Remember that dogs need meat as the first ingredient.

Before making vegan dog food, discuss it with a veterinarian to make sure your dog’s health is front and center and not put at risk.

In fact, whether you’re switching brands or switching from commercial dog food to homemade dog food, your first priority should always be for your dog to get all the necessary nutrients.

Please first consult with your veterinarian before going completely homemade.

This recipe is healthy, safe, and nutritious for dogs, but it’s not meant to be a complete diet for your dog.

This recipe is meant to be a delicious and healthy supplement to your dog’s regular diet, not a complete meal replacement.

Your dog will like this delicious treat; Sometimes I add 1 cup of blueberries for antioxidants, vitamins, and an extra boost of low-glycemic carbs to this homemade dog food recipe.

Dogs need fruits and vegetables.

Some great fruits to try are


  • blueberries
  • diced apple (but not
  • the seeds)

  • banana
  • fresh pineapple (without all the thorns and skin
  • ) mango (without the hole)

  • watermelon (peel and seeds removed
  • )

  • peaches (pitted)
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • You

  • can also reduce daily food waste by adding these:
  • carrot tops Beet
  • greens beans
  • Brussels sprout tops Cabbage cores diced overripe bruised bananas
  • or soft fruit (check to make sure it’s dog safe

) I

keep these items in a gallon bag in my refrigerator until I’m ready to make a batch of homemade dog food


This recipe also adds

coconut oil. Coconut oil is

one of those foods that are just as beneficial for dogs as they are for humans!

The saturated fat in coconut oil is amazing for your dog’s energy levels and the glow in their fur coats


Add a tablespoon of coconut oil for your furry baby to reap the rewards.

In older dogs, Coconut oil helps keep your metabolism strong.

And while this is Instant Pot Homemade Dog Food with Chicken, you can substitute chicken for pork, beef, turkey, etc.

Lamb and rice dog food can help those dogs that have allergic reactions to other types of ingredients.

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While I encourage you to experiment to give your dog a variety as you implement this homemade Instant Pot dog food in your diets,

DO NOT add these foods to homemade dog food


  • raisins
  • cherries
  • avocado anything with chocolate or cocoa

  • onions or leeks
  • anything with xylitol
  • macadamia nuts
  • garlic (unless directed by your veterinarian) and other allums
  • Brewer’s yeast raw bread dough

NOTE: Xylitol is an all-natural alcohol sweetener

that may be present in all-natural peanut butter.

ALWAYS read their ingredients and familiarize yourself with them, especially if you plan to use them in your dog’s recipes


Xylitol can be deadly for

your dog.

Never give any ingredients containing xylitol to your dog.

Just because it says “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe!

Read the peanut butter label to make sure there is NO xylitol.

Be kind and make the


Your dog’s digestion system is sensitive, so you’ll want to switch to

homemade food gradually.

Start by mixing one part

homemade food with four parts of your pet’s current food.

Over the course of up to 2 weeks, gradually increase the amount of homemade food, while gradually decreasing the amount of commercial food


Consult your veterinarian before making any homemade dog food.

Instant Pot

Dog Food Ingredients

: 1 whole chicken 3 cups



(without onion as an ingredient) or bone broth


sweet potatoes, peeled and diced

2 cups

baby spinach 1

tablespoon coconut oil

2 cups rice

How to make dog food

Instant Pot:

Add everything to the instant pot

<img src="×499.jpg" alt="Homemade dog food ingredients in pressure cooking."


Press manual for 30 minutes

Quick release when beeping

Remove the chicken from the bones and crumble

. Instant dog food after cooking

Store in airtight containers


<img src


alt=”instant dog food in jars” />


done this so many times, and sometimes I’ve added leftover vegetables.

instant pot dog food

It’s a great basic recipe to add (do your research and don’t include anything that’s harmful to a dog).

instant pot dog food recipe

Keep your dog



to raisin varieties

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