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Instant roast duck. How to cook a whole roast duck using the instant cooker pressure cooker. A super simple instant pot Sunday roast recipe that is full of flavor and will become a must-have instant pot recipe.

This instant pot whole duck recipe

includes a fantastic broth that can be made into a duck sauce and you’ll love how crunchy the duck skin is and how tasty instant duck can be, if cooked well.

instant pot roast duck at recipethis.comInstant Pot
Roast Duck

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Instant Pot Duck

I have traveled a lot in continental Europe. I have visited countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and I have been lucky enough to spend 12 years living in Portugal.

One food that is often served and enjoyed throughout Europe is roast duck.

I’ve found memories of having him sitting outside in cafes in France, Spain and Portugal and it always made me want to eat roast duck more often.

Every time I

mention this to Dominic, I always get the same answer every time.

You don’t get much meat in a duck and chicken is cheaper.

Which, of course, is true.

But the roast duck is a

fantastic delight and once you try the instant roast duck you will be surprised how good it is

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Can You Cook A Whole Duck In The Instant Pot?

Yes, you can. Just like a roast chicken, roast duck is fantastic in the instant cooker, or any other brand of electric pressure cooker.

You can also make a duck sauce or make potatoes at the same time if that’s your thing.

But choose the size of your duck wisely, because some whole ducks we’ve bought have been too big for the instant pot. And when you look at the photos below of today’s recipe, you’ll see how big ours is and how it fits.

What to expect with Instant Pot Whole Duck?

When you cook whole duck in

the instant pot, it gets a little different compared to cooking a whole duck in the oven or our air fryer roast

duck. I like that it can have the

broth under the duck, and this can turn into a rich creamy sauce like you would have served in France.

Best of all, it’s the cutest duck you’ll ever taste thanks to the shape. in that the instantaneous pressure of the pot cooks your meat.

Then it will look incredibly anemic once it is cooked. Check out our sad-looking pale duck we had just cooked:

instant pot whole duck just cooked


once you try it, you’ll be surprised how good it is and how well it bonds


Then, of course, if you want your crispy duck, you can simply use an air fryer lid or transfer it to the air fryer.

We chose to move our roast duck to the air fryer

so that we could get an even layer on our duck and after air frying it looked like this:

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<img src="" alt

=”air fryer roast duck”/>

As you can see after a quick explosion in the air fryer, it was like a normal roast duck with crispy skin, but more tender thanks to the instant pot. Instant pot duck broth

The way I make my broth and sauce is the same regardless of roast chicken, roast duck, roast beef or roast pork


I load vegetables into the bottom of the pot inside the instant pot, add liquid and this is cooked under the meat.

Then you can add a trivet like the one you see here

: <img src="" alt="instant pot duck

gravy example

” />Then the

roast duck sits on the trivet like this:

duck roasted in the instant pot

And then when you’re done, you can mix the veggies and you’ll have a thick creamy sauce. Even better, some of the duck always falls off the wings and this will add up to an even better tasty.

<img src="×683.jpg" alt="

101 instant pot recipes bundle

” />How to cook duck in an instant pot?

instant pot roast duck step by step

That’s how simple it is to cook the roast duck in the instant pot:

  1. Prepare the vegetables and sauté in the Instant Pot
  2. .

  3. Deglaze and add broth
  4. . Add

  5. trivet
  6. .

  7. Add whole duck
  8. .

  9. Pressure
  10. cook. Air

  11. fry for crispy skin
  12. .

  13. serve.

You can probably see now why I’m so obsessed with cooking dinner in the instant pot.

How long to cook a duck pressure cooker?

You’ll love how fast it is to make this instant pot duck recipe. In fact, it took us just 35 minutes of cooking under pressure to produce a tender, perfectly cooked roast duck.

Our instant duck weighed 2.5 kilos, which is 5.5 pounds and the general rule is that you do 6 minutes for every pound.

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So, if you have a 6-pound duck, you would cook it for 36 minutes, or a 5-pound duck for 30 minutes.

Because ours was in the middle, we went with 35 minutes.

Also note that if a whole chicken is cooked, the same 6-minute rule would also apply.

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instant roast duck recipe

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