Pressure Cooker Hot Wings with Easy Homemade Sauce

Pressure cooker hot wing recipe

Video Pressure cooker hot wing recipe

Amazing buffalo chicken wings made in half the time like other methods. These Hot Wings in the Instant Pot are so easy to make! With a simple homemade sauce that will leave you speechless, you will make them for every occasion, from a weekday dinner, to an easy appetizer for a party.

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Hot wings in the instant pot

I love chicken wings. I remember in college one of my favorite foods was chicken wings in one of two places. When I could afford it, the local Tav on the Ave had amazing wings. When it was cheap (so most of the time) I loved going to Buffalo Wild Wings, plus it was right in the middle of the small town center, next to all the bars, so it was a win-win.

Now that I’m older and can no longer eat or drink like a 20-year-old, I enjoy making my own wings at home from time to time. I have tried many different methods, such as steaming them in the oven and slowly cooking them on the grill, these methods work very well, but there is a problem, they are a bit labor-intensive and time-consuming.

The pressure cooker changed all that. Chicken wings in the pressure cooker are game-changers.

I honestly figured it out by accident. I had chicken wings on the menu for dinner and got stuck doing back-end work on the website for the blog when I noticed the time… So with a little quick thinking, I thought they were worth trying in the instant pot. Worked!

And just like my pressure cooker baked potato method, I thought I would crunch them in the oven. It worked like a charm.

So now that I have the method, let me share with you this sauce.

The sauce isn’t too complicated, but just a few additions to a classic buffalo or hot sauce will blow you away.

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This sauce is a slight adaptation of how my mother used to make her hot chicken wings. Now, in the recipe, you’ll see that I use buffalo sauce because it’s my all-time favorite, but you can also use other hot sauces, growing up, my mother used the classic Louisiana hot sauce.

So you have the wings and the sauce, let’s see how easy the hot wings of the

pressure cooker are.


This is a pressure cooker recipe, so

of course you’ll need…

a pressure cooker,

  • this Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 programmable pressure cooker is the one I have and use a Trivet to get into the pressure cooker
  • ,

  • what I like about the Mealthy Multipot is that it comes with a trivet, but if you don’t already have one, they are easy to find and affordable on Amazon
  • Sheet Pan, For easy cleaning, you’ll want to cover a
  • large bowl to pull the wings
  • with aluminum foil. to make
  • the

  • typical sauce Kitchen accessories such as a whisk, measuring cups/spoons


Chicken wings

  • With separate wing and drums Also known as “party wings” At the grocery store, you can also get full wings and separate them yourself
  • Butter – for the sauce, butter will help give that sauce the silky softness you’d find
  • in a restaurant

  • Italian seasoning: trust me in this one, amplify the flavor, you can use
  • buffalo sauce or store-bought or homemade hot sauce, so

  • without trying to complicate it too much, buffalo sauce is a form of hot sauce, But not allhot sauces are buffalo sauces. Buffalo sauce generally has a higher fat content that makes them richer than a typical hot sauce, beyond that most of the ingredients are the same. So, in this recipe, buffalo or your favorite type of hot sauce will work
  • .

  • Lemon juice – a small pinch at the end
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For a complete detailed list of ingredients, continue to the bottom of the page

. Pressure cooker instructions



You’ll start by putting the wings in the pressure cooker and then make the sauce while the wings are cooking


Add a trivet and 1 cup of water to your electric pressure cooker. Carefully stack the chicken wings on the trivet, making sure none fall into the water.

Seal the lid, turn the steam vent to seal, and select manual/pressure cooking. Put on high pressure for 5 minutes. Each pressure cooker will vary in the time it takes to reach the pressure, but for me it was about 12 minutes.

While the wings are coming to pressure and cooking make the sauce and prepare the oven. Preheat the oven, turn it on on the grill, you will want the oven rack in the middle position. For easy cleaning, cover a tray with foil.

Now to make the sauce, melt the butter in a small skillet over medium heat. Once the butter melts, add the Italian seasoning to the butter, stir and cook for about 30 seconds to make the seasoning fragrant. Now add the buffalo/hot sauce. Beat until completely combined. Bring to a simmer and let simmer for 1 minute, remove heat. Add the lemon juice. Set aside until you’re ready to throw your wings.

When the timer is turned off in the pressure cooker, it quickly releases the steam. Once the float has dropped carefully, open the lid.

Using tweezers, transfer the chicken wings to a large bowl. Add the sauce over the wings. Mix very well to combine, make sure the wings are really covered. Transfer the coated chicken wings to your leaf tray, if desired, brush the extra sauce on top of the wings.

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Transfer the chicken wings to the oven. Roast 5-6 minutes until the outside seems to brown, the time will vary in different ovens. Remove from the oven and the wings will be ready to serve.

If you still have sauce left, feel free to cover more after they are roasted, to get extra sauced chicken wings.

Tips, tricks and questions

Can I use any type of sauce using this method?

Absolutely! I have used barbecue sauce many times in exactly the same way.


you have

young kids like me who give a big no to spicy foods, maybe you just have a sensitive family member or friend. You can do this to make a meal that everyone can enjoy.

Use two sheets of aluminum foil on a single-sheet tray, using the sides of the

pieces of aluminum foil in the center of the sheet to make a short wall that separates two separate sides.

When the wings

finish cooking, separate the wings into two separate bowls (as many or as few as you want in each). Add your hot sauce to a bowl and mix, add to the side of the pan. Use a mild sauce for your other side (or even no sauce), I will usually barbecue or a teriyaki for my kids. Add the soft wings to the other side of the pan. Continue grilling as directed!

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