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Pressure cooker pork stew recipe

Video Pressure cooker pork stew recipe

Instant Pot-style pork stew creates the most tender meat and vegetables cooked in a thick, flavorful sauce. A full meal from a pot that you can make on a Crockpot Express or Ninja Foodi too.

Pork stew

Ninja Foodi

If you need Ninja Foodi recipes, you can use that pot instead. It doesn’t really matter what brand you may have on your counter. You will only need the high pressure function to do it and you can load this with all your favorite vegetables in the mix.

Use any cuts of pork you may actually have. Just cut it into bite-sized chunks and you’re done. One of our favorite recipes for safe Instant Pot stew meat. When I can get to a meal from a pot where everything is cooked together, it’s a game changer. It makes it easier for us to eat together as a family.


you’re new to this type of cuisine, or have never made this particular food before, you may be wondering a few things. Here are some questions you may have before you get started with this:

What cut is pork stew meat


You can use pork shoulder, Boston butt or a pork roast. Ideally, you want tasty cuts that take a long time to cook and tender. Even pork loin works well if you want a shorter cooking time.

How do you make pork soft and tender?

It depends on the cut you are referring to. To get the best pork chops, you need to make sure that you don’t overcook them or they will dry out. Larger pieces should be cooked slowly and slowly, so they are great as a Crockpot recipe.

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These are the ingredients we use. Of course you can really pack it with vegetables. Use any kind of potatoes you prefer, you can go ahead and use. The russets are found, Yukon are a little softer and break down a little more than I would like. If I find a good batch of red potatoes in the store, I will usually use them.

instant pot of pork stew

The cooking time is pretty fast compared to if you were in a slow cooker. Yes, you need to add about 25 minutes to the cooking time so that it is pressurized and allows the steam to be released at the end. So count on about an hour from start to finish.

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How long to cook pork stew in pressure cooker

Some quick step-by-step instructions are here, but you can also print the recipe below. To begin with, you want to add olive oil to the pot and set the stir-fry function. Brown the meat until they are no longer pink on the outside.

  • Then add the onion, carrots and potatoes. Stir. Turn off the pot. Pour a can of whole or diced tomatoes, garlic, seasonings and stir. Then add the broth.
  • Lock the cap and steam valve and adjust them to high pressure for 35 minutes. Allow a natural release for 10 minutes, then allow the remaining pressure to be released quickly.
  • Stir when ready and let cool slightly before serving topped with Parmesan cheese. The dinner rolls are great next door.

As it settles and cools, the sauce will continue to thicken, so don’t worry about that. It also saves quite well if you have leftovers. Just let it cool, transfer it to a sealed container and refrigerator. Reheat within 3-4 days in the microwave for about 2 minutes stirring in between.

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You can also use a pot on your stove if you prefer. Put on medium and hot heat, stirring several times for about 6 minutes or so until heated all over the plate. The vegetables will have decomposed a bit more since you’ve been sitting in the cold, but as long as you get to it in a few days, it’s a good second meal.

instant pot pork stew

Instant pot stew with Pork

And there you have it. Since there are already most food groups right there in your pot, you don’t need much else when serving. Looking for more recipes for cool soups and stews from Instant Pot? We have a lot here on The Typical Mom blog for sure. However, some favorites that are similar to this are:

  • Here’s how to cook an Instant Pot frozen pork loin or Instant Pot pork tacos. If you like your meat to melt in your mouth shredded in texture, I suggest you try one of these below.
  • You can make shredded pork in a pressure cooker and if you have leftovers you can use it in an Instant Pot casserole.
  • We’ve also made Ninja Foodi stew with meat before, but you can change any type of meat you want to use. You will use the pressure cooking function only in this pot.

Or make a pan of casserole stew cooked in the oven. This one is great with ground or diced beef like the one we use here. With noodles mixed into it, baked in the oven and topped with crispy fried onions, it’s always a hit.

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If you wanted to do this more often and wanted to prepare it in advance, you could cut it into pieces and distribute it into freezer bags. Take one out and you could even make this like frozen pork stew. Simply run under cold water to separate the pieces and add 5 more minutes to the cooking time to do so starting from a hard rock at first.

pork stew recipe

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