Perfect Pressure Cooker Wild Grain Blend Rice

Pressure cooker wild rice recipe

For years, rice was something I simply hated. Mom only did the white things that were always, ALWAYS chewable or rubbery and SOUP. So I hated it. Yes, I tried adding salt, pepper, and even butter to his, but that was just one thing I just couldn’t master, a bit like me with a real New York cheesecake. I can make absolutely beautiful, but the taste, no, it’s not right. Even when I use Mama Fantabulous’ recipe for herself, who is heavenly (and she’s also from New York), I just fail at it every time. Anyway, about 15 years ago or so I made brown rice and my God, it was amazing. I mean so tasty and just perfect. Now the trick to making rice with amazing flavor I will share a little, but after that day I decided to explore more with various types of rice. Anyway, I always made my rice on the stove, but I found that when I started getting into wild grains and such, it took me more than an hour to do it. I don’t have time for that! The box says ‘minute’, so it should take a few minutes… Not an hour. LOL But then came my dear friend, the pressure cooker!!! I mean, why not, right?

pressure cooker wild grain rice6

My pressure cooker came out and the first batch came in… then the second…

and the third. It was like I was having my own little boy story when it came to this rice. First it was too difficult. Secondly, it was like porridge, overcooked. Third time. Hit the nail on the head!

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pressure cooker wild grain rice1

Look the first time I did it I just put it on for 12 minutes. I mean it’s rice and it’s in a pressure cooker. It should cook faster, right? Yes, even the pressure cooker can’t cook wild grain rice so quickly. So the second time I made a batch I put it on for 40 minutes. Micrometer.. No! Don’t do this. Well, okay as it is usable but not like rice.

But the third time… HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! The rice was tender but not soft, soft and wavy. Now with total transparency, here will be liquid in the pressure cooker. Remember that pressure cookers need liquid. You’ll never want to run it without liquid. It’s not much. All I did was drain and I was fine. Actually, that leftover liquid was perfect to use with chicken and make a great sauce.

<img src="×800.jpg" alt=

“wild grain rice collage pressure cooker” />

As you can see, this rice turned out very well and the fact that it was cooked under pressure, the taste of the broth was much richer and more intense. Butter is totally optional but I like that almost silky texture it adds to the rice. But please use broth, not water or even broth. The broth is richer in flavor. This is one of those recipes that I make weekly and a double batch that way we can have rice all week either as a side dish, as a filling or in stews.

Now you remember that I told you about those first two batches I made: the rock-hard version and the soft version. Well, I didn’t introduce them. Hell, no! I’m not rich with Oprah and I can’t afford to waste food. Instead, I took the rock-hard rice, threw it in a casserole with some chicken, vegetables, and broth, and cooked it in a killer casserole.

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And that soft

rice? That’s PERFECT in dumplings, vegetarian patties, or even arancini-like bites! It’s so soft and tender that it almost adds creaminess to the dish without all that extra fat or calories!

pressure cooker wild grain rice5

This is a must-have recipe that should be included in your recipe rounds. Experiment when you do too! Add spices and seasonings, Mexican rice perhaps? Curry? Sweet rice? Come on, yes!

pressure cooker wild grain rice3

10-5-17 – UPDATE

Everything will remain liquid in the pressure cooker. In my pressure cooker (see photos) you need the 3 cups of liquid. Yes, I had to drain the liquid into the pot when the rice was ready. That’s mentioned in the recipe. You can try in your pressure cooker 2 1/2 cups of liquid (if you have a different model than the one I used here. I didn’t use the Instant Pot for this recipe.)


And yes, I know I’m repeating myself here, but if you’re looking for the BEST gas pressure cooker out there, I highly recommend the fully coated PC8! It’s amazing!!!


src=”” alt=”pc8b” /> If you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker,

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pressure cooker

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