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Here is a selection of pressure cooker recipes that can feed a large and very hungry family, while packing the vegetables.

Why your pressure cooker is your best ally for a healthy year

Pressure cookers are the best kept secret of the kitchen. Using a buildup of steam inside the sealed saucepan, meals that usually take hours cook 70% faster. These time savers are ideal for creating batches of dishes that the family can eat throughout the week. With the food already inside, you won’t be tempted to order takeaway!

Simmered flavor in minutes

Recreate a brilliant takeaway made with fresh ingredients by trying this Massaman Beef Curry pressure cooker. This nutritious dish takes just half an hour to assemble and produces eight servings of tender meat that melts.

Try this lamb and

apricot curry, which creates a fragrant, fruity lamb curry that’s creamy, indulgent yet healthy! Change the lamb for chicken thighs if you want to make this curry a little cheaper.

Plan ahead and prepare sauces ahead for quick, healthy dinners in the week

A brilliant way to make use of your pressure cooker is to create large batches of healthy sauces that you can quickly pair with some pasta or some meat and vegetables for a quick family dinner when everyone is in a hurry.

Divide your sauce to freeze it to provide a base for many dinners of “what’s in the fridge tonight?”

This tomato and carrot marinara sauce has a lot of “hidden vegetables” for kids, and it only takes ten minutes to cook them in the pressure cooker.

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Another useful sauce to make in your pressure cooker is

this sticky barbecue sauce, which uses prunes and honey to get its deep sweetness

. Keep health

locked up with nutritious


Pressure cookers are perfect for healthy recipes, as any nutritional value of vegetables and other treats is “enclosed” in any meal cooked inside a pressure cooker


Make the most of the health benefits of pressure cooking by preparing this delicious spinach dal, which doubles as a light lunch or as an accompaniment to a curry dish.

This vegetarian chili provides a kick while replacing ground beef with healthy, filling beans. Add more vegetables like mushrooms and zucchini to further augment this classic recipe.


cookers are designed to make large batches of food, so use this in January and try some “classic” recipes that can be divided into portions and frozen. These batch recipes are brilliant for your wallet and help you stick to portions during the colder months.

This delicious ham and pea soup is a warm and hearty winter dinner and makes 16 servings that can be easily frozen to make future meal times a breeze.

This creamy meat stroganoff manages to melt in the mouth in a creamy mushroom sauce within half an hour of stewing in its reliable pressure cooker.


cookers are incredibly versatile and can be used to cook delicious and nutritious desserts at double speed


These baked apples are cooked with red wine and brown sugar for a deep flavor and cooked slowly within a small cooking time of ten minutes.

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Did you know that you can bake a cheesecake in a pressure cooker? Try this super light and creamy ricotta and lemon cheesecake. Prepared in a cake can and placed in a pressure cooker surrounded by water, this low-carb dessert is ready in thirty minutes.

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