Start Everyday with Quaker Oats (Here are 4 Recipes for You)!

Quaker quick cooking oats recipes

Video Quaker quick cooking oats recipes

Do you usually start your day with overnight oatmeal or cooked oatmeal? We all know that oats are natural ingredients that offer a range of long-term health benefits. So, having a nutritious bowl of healthy oatmeal is definitely an amazing idea. It’s no wonder that many swear by this simple yet versatile health food that’s packed with protein and a host of vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, and phosphorus that boost immunity. Oatmeal is also great for gut health, as it’s a good source of fiber. In addition, research has shown that oats are effective in lowering total blood cholesterol, which may reduce the risk of heart disease. It’s safe to say that oatmeal is great for your overall well-being!

Now, if you’re a big fan of oatmeal, you would definitely have tried Quaker oatmeal. Quaker has 3 types of oatmeal: instant oatmeal, quick cooking, rolled oatmeal, and they can all be made into delicious treats, aside from your basic overnight oatmeal or cooked oatmeal. Now, are you excited about all the great things you can do with Quaker oatmeal? Well, sure you do.


Perfectly baked

granola is a crispy, healthy topping that can be sprinkled on salads or baked on muffins and breads. It’s a delicious breakfast staple with a bowl of fresh milk or yogurt, and it’s even great with simple fruits. You can also top your oatmeal pancakes with granola for a good crunch. It’s easy to make and store, and certainly makes for a hassle-free, convenient, and enjoyable breakfast item.

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Visually appealing, and an absolute breeze to prepare, these oatmeal pancakes aren’t just another indulgent brunch item. It’s loaded with oatmeal, and that means your pancakes are now healthy pancakes! Who says brunch food can’t be pretty, delicious, and amazing to your health all at the same time?

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No Bake Granola Bar

Why buy store-bought granola, or prepackaged, when you can easily produce this in the comfort of your home? The best? You can add your favorite ingredients and customize your own granola bar, to your liking. This easy and simple recipe will definitely come in handy if you plan to prepare a healthy snack for your afternoon tea break, or a quick morning breakfast solution for your morning commute.


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Instant Strawberry Oatmeal Adding oatmeal to a regular smoothie was something we had never thought about until we decided to create interesting recipes with Quaker oats. Who knew it would be such a brilliant idea? Oatmeal adds a lovely texture to your smoothie and fills you up. Great fruity option for a stuffed brekkie, we think! Plus, you can put your own spin on this with your favorite fruity combination. Blueberry oatmeal, banana or even peanut butter smoothie! The possibilities are limitless!

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Did you know there were so many ways to enjoy oatmeal? Healthy food can taste good too, so add Quaker oatmeal to your breakfast routine today! You can buy Quaker oatmeal at major supermarkets and order it from major online grocery stores. For more recipes, visit

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