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Rabbit stew recipe slow cooker

Slow-Cooker Maltese Rabbit Stew, or Stuffat Tal-Fenek, is a crockpot version of the national dish t6he from the Mediterranean country of Malta.

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By Sue Lau | Appetizing pastime

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Slow cook Maltese rabbit stew is my recipe of the day with Eat the World. ETW is a monthly blog group where we share recipes from global cultures for everyone to enjoy.

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These recipes are prepared as best we can with the ingredients and methods available to us. And they are done with due respect and without intent of appropriation.

Slow-Cooker Maltese Rabbit Stew

My recipe is the national dish of Malta, a Mediterranean nation with roots in Maghreb cuisine. I recently shared a Libyan chicken and vegetable stew recipe that shares cooking traits of this region. It is an interesting mix of African and Italian cuisine with a few others.

The rabbit is a more unusual option in the United States and one that is unfamiliar to most Americans. Oh, Americans know about eating rabbit, but not many have, so there may be some misconceptions.

True, it tastes like chicken!

The rabbit is quite easy to cook and tastes quite like chicken, being a soft light meat. You can also use the liver, although some may be against the liver.

This was the first time I cooked rabbit liver. It is small and not much, but it is cooked separately and added at the end. It tastes not as rich as foie gras, but also not as low as chicken liver. Sauté that in salted butter and pepper only. I must say that I really see why some will make a meal in Malta by themselves. It’s fabulous.

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slow cooking pastry

Maltese rabbit stew

Preparing the rabbit for cooking

You will have to cut the rabbit. Which is almost as difficult as cutting a chicken. I doubt yours will come with your head. But if it does and it bothers you, ask the butcher to remove it.

After that, the legs and arms are separated, the belly fins are cut off, the central chair is cut into quarters. And the ribs/back reserved for some broth. This is after removing any offal on the belly. There is no blood or guts here, but you just want to separate the liver before removing the rest. No nastier than things inside a chicken or turkey, so don’t worry. None of the others are used.

I have pictures below to help show you. And I avoided showing it whole with respect to those who are sensitive to form.


are the removed hind legs. You cut them the same way you would cut a thigh/thigh from a chicken.

Rabbit hindquarter


This is the middle section of the saddle, cut into four pieces. At this point they may look like four small country-style pork ribs.

<img src="" alt="Rabbit saddle pieces"

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Rib and


Next is the ribs/back section, which you can reserve to make some rabbit broth for your stew. Or you can skip this and throw it away, using water. But it won’t taste so good. And there’s some usable meat there.

Rabbit back/rib section



Next are the pieces of offal with a little neck. You can put them in the trash.

Rabbit offal

Front arms

These are the two sections of the front arm. Just leave them whole.

Rabbit front legs



Then come the belly flaps. They may look somewhat like skin, but they are fleshy and cook like thin, boneless meat. Save them and add them to the stew.

Rabbit belly flaps


These are pieces of liver. Trim any cartilage and cut it into some sections (lobes). Refrigerate during cooking. They do not enter the slow cooker. When the stew is done you can cook them in a little butter with salt and pepper, cut and garnish your stew with it.

Optional stock manufacturing

Place the back section/rib in a large saucepan. Top with six cups of water, rosemary, bay leaves, carrot, onion and celery and simmer gently for an hour. It is then strained and the solids are discarded. You could simmer longer if you want, but I wanted to get this going.

Make the stew

The rabbit pieces (except the

liver) are browned and seasoned, then placed in the pot with the remaining broth and ingredients and simmered for 6-7 hours until the rabbit’s internal temperature is 165 ° F (like chicken). Mix a suspension and cook the stew over high heat until thickened.

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Then, as previously reported, fry the liver in butter for just one minute (it cooks fast). Then chop that and add to the finished stew.

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Slow cook Maltese rabbit stew

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