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Ragout recipe slow cooker

We won’t stop you too long here because we really just want you to spend a few quiet and happy minutes looking at these magnificent pasta shots and know that this slow-cooked meat ragout is as delicious and comforting as it sounds.

It’s absolutely full of juicy tomato and great garlic flavor, crumbled tender meat that swims in an almost sauce situation, all spinning and spinning around a large, wide chewy pappardella. Hi, are you crying? Everything is so beautiful.

We probably don’t need to tell you that this is also perfect for bread sauces because obviously you were already thinking that.

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pappardelle pasta In addition to some pantry staples, there’s no super long ingredient list to

get this cozy and rich comfort bowl on your table.

  • garlic flank
  • fillet (

  • Chuck Roast may also work)
  • can of crushed tomatoes
  • beef broth carrot bay leaves,

  • Fresh thyme
  • pappardelle pasta
  • salt
  • and

  • pepper parmesan, ricotta and parsley to cover
  • Let’s make tender beef Ragu This recipe is originally from the amazing Skinnytaste cookbook, called Fast and Slow (affiliate link), which is

  • loaded with amazing recipes

for real people and we are real big fans of Gina around here. Because this recipe is a slow cooker dream, it comes together pretty easily!

  1. Get your golden and lightly browned garlic cloves with a quick stir-fry in some olive oil
  2. .

  3. Season the meat and transfer it to a slow cooker. Pour in tomatoes, broth, carrots, step one garlic, bay leaves, and thyme.
  4. Put that slow cooker on low heat and get away for the day! Once this is done, discard the herbs and crush the meat in the pot.
  5. Cook your pasta and then let the sauce and pasta hang out for a few minutes. Stir quickly.
  6. Top with a few excessive piles of Parmesan cheese, ricotta, and parsley or fresh basil.

We gave it a spin and yes, this can be done entirely on the Instant Pot in a pinch (see recipe notes for instructions), but why not fill your home with the smells of a cozy dinner all day long?

What to serve this With

Plenty of options to complete your table for this beauty, Although it will be hard for anyone to focus on anything else once they have these cheerful bowls of pasta in front of them. Maybe you want to make a simple green salad or a roasted broccoli salad. If you don’t feel pasta (it seems strange, but everyone has their reasons), this ragout would also be absolutely stellar stacked in a bit of polenta.

We also mentioned crusty bread sauces before and really mean it. PLEASE TASTE THIS BREAD WITHOUT KNEADING WITH IT BECAUSE YOU WILL DIE OF JOY.

We love a good carbohydrate time. Especially one that involves a sauce as delicious and cozy as this one.

Slow Cooker Beef Ragu: Frequently Asked Questions


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One more thing


This recipe is part of our collection of easy pasta recipes. Check this out!

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