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Introducing my new love for comfort food: BEEF STEW. That can be done in an Instant Pot. Like in instant meat stew. The food that will change your life.

To answer your questions: YES, I have become a new person since this stew was introduced into my life. I am a part-time vegetarian who does not love meat and now loves meat stew. I attribute my newfound love for beef stew to two things: 1) how easy it is to make, and 2) how very, incredibly, delicious sauce-loving beef stew is. I guess I was just being judged about it for a minute there.

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota (hello, Cambridge!), along with my husband Bjork. When we both sat down to eat this and took our first bites of this beef stew delivered by our friends Tyler and Heidi, we literally said, around the same time, “This tastes like Cambridge.” For both of them, beef stew tastes like dinner with grandma and grandpa on Sundays. It tastes like love. It tastes like home.

That’s why it’s perfect for our Feeding a Broken Heart series. Food, love, home. 100% branded.

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Ingredients in this meat stew (meat and vegetables!)

This ingredient list is surprisingly short for your level of delicious comfort.

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Here’s what we’re working with:

  • Beef (obviously! freshly cut from a chuck roast
  • )

  • Celery onion
  • Tapioca

  • carrots
  • (to

  • thicken, I know!)
  • Tomato juice
  • Salt
  • Sugar (for a touch of sweetness to cut the acidity)

If you like your meat stew with potatoes, you can also add them to cook with everything else. Or this is also delicious loaded on mashed potatoes.

How to Make Meat Stew in the

Instant Pot

My friend Tyler

brought us this beef stew, and as you can see, Tyler is a master of North Minnesota comfort food. My


is almost exactly the same as your recipe, which obviously came in the format where all the best recipes come in—> a photo of a chicken recipe—scratched on a piece of yellowish paper that has been passed down for years and years and years. The only thing I changed about it was doing it in the Instant Pot. I mean, this DOESN’T have to be an Instant Pot recipe, but please hear me when I say the Instant Pot is amazing and the stew turned out so tender and delicious in 35 minutes compared to the traditional four hours that are written in the baked version of the recipe.

The process is simple:

Put all the ingredients in the

  1. Instant Pot. Put
  2. the

  3. instant cooking pot and walk away
  4. .

  5. Release the steam, stir and eat (or finish in the oven to roast it if you want to return it to its rustic roots).

Admittedly, you get less impressive house smells. There is no real replacement for the magical healing powers of a stew bubbling in its oven for four hours.

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But maybe you just came home from work and didn’t plan very well and don’t want to wait until 10pm to eat? Hello, we are the same person. In that case, go with the Instant Pot.

PS. If you are not familiar with the Instant Pot, what universe do you live in?

Ending up

in the oven for convenience

True story:


wasn’t home when Tyler left the stew, so I asked Bjork to put it in the oven. He sent me about a hundred text messages asking how I should put it. What are the instructions? How do I do it? “It’s not a big deal,” I said. “Just literally take it out of the fridge and put it in the oven.”

When I got home and opened the oven, I quickly realized that it hadn’t been specific enough for my achiever: I had gone a step further and removed the aluminum foil from the plate. Three hours in the oven, uncovered? The meat was golden. Like, really golden. Like, on the crunchy edge, with little to no sauce in the pan. I intervened, an expert in meat stew that I am (Or NO), and amateur rescue efforts began.

And then we ate it, and I found that while the crunchy factor of our first attempt was maybe a little extreme, I actually like those slightly browned pieces of meat on top. And I actually like that slightly thicker sauce.

I’m not an expert in meat stew, but what’s my great advice for your Instant Pot beef stew? Transfer the cooked stew to a homemade casserole and put it in the oven for a few minutes before serving. DISCOVERED, folks. Go after that golden action like a boss, not too much, just enough to give you a little more fun in the texture department.

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Also, besides a

little caramelization, we all know that the Instant Pot has no chance against the hygge vibrations of a heavy Dutch red oven. I mean, it’s BEEF STEW. It deserves to seem that it came straight out of Little Home on the Prairie.

What to serve with this super tender meat stew

This stew is all you need on its own (meat, potatoes, veggies, ready!), but there are some extras you could have to really sing


  • Most importantly, please serve this with plenty of hot, crispy, buttery bread to clean that sauce
  • .

  • Then, aside, a simple green salad to feel like total domestic royalty
  • .

  • To finish, a glass of delicious and rich red wine that combines perfectly with everything.

There is good food here and lots and lots and lots of comfort. ❤️


Pot Beef Stew: Frequently Asked Questions


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One more thing


This recipe is part of our best Instant Pot recipes page. Check this out!

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