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Recipe for cooking a whole chicken

Video Recipe for cooking a whole chicken

Roast chicken with herb butter and garlic full of amazing flavors, crispy skin and so juicy.

Nothing beats an easy-to-make and even easier to prepare roast chicken! Especially when grilled with garlic butter, rosemary, parsley, lemon and a touch of white wine for an unbeatable taste. This roast chicken with garlic butter and herbs definitely beats the pants of any roast chicken!

Garlic Herb Butter Roast Chicken beats roast chicken! Served on a white plate with drops and fresh herbs |


When we roast chicken, we don’t do it with just a pinch of salt. No, no, no… we make it TASTE. There is so much in this chicken that it surpasses any restaurant chicken.


Easy to find the ingredients you have in your fridge or pantry.


    + Butter =

  • Garlic
  • butter

  • Olive oil
  • A touch of

  • lemon A hint of
  • dry white wine (optional, but adds a lot of flavor to the meat while keeping it so juicy)
  • Rosemary

parsley Roast chicken with garlic butter, rosemary, parsley, lemon and a touch of white wine for an unbeatable flavor. |


This recipe not only gives you a flavored roast chicken … It offers a crispy skin, juicy meat and a good dinner to accompany the best creamy mashed potatoes.

The following steps make this whole baked chicken stand out from the rest!

Preheat the oven. Rinse and dry the chicken with a paper towel. Combine olive oil, melted butter, wine (if used) and lemon juice, rubbing all the chicken, under the skin and inside the cavity. Season the chicken outside and inside with salt, pepper and parsley. Don’t be afraid to use generous amounts! Rub the chopped garlic over the chicken and under the skin. I do this separately as a last step to maximize the flavor of garlic. Stuff the garlic head into the chicken cavity along with the rosemary sprigs and half of squeezed lemon. You can also use sprigs of thyme or any other herb. Roast the chicken, spreading halfway through the cooking time, until well cooked. Roast until golden and crispy!

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I like to go in the carcass, on the chicken and under the skin with all my ingredients to ensure maximum flavor. You want every inch covered in flavor.

Roast chicken with herb butter and garlic full of amazing flavors, crispy skin and so juicy! |


More than an hour, depending on the size of your bird. This 4-pound (2 kg) bird took an hour and 20 minutes to cook, then a 10-minute break time to keep all those juices before slicing them.

I usually pass chicken breasts because the juicy crispy chicken legs are my favorite. BUT! In this roast chicken recipe? I eat it EVERYTHING. The breasts come out so wet. There is NO beef jerky in this dish!

Do you see that crispy skin

happening down there? ↓ That’s the part we fight over at the table. PLEASE tell me that we are normal and that your family also fights over crispy skin?

SOOOO soft and juicy inside!

Nothing better than a roast hook easy to make and even easier to prepare! |


  1. Mashed potatoes. Without a doubt, I am a full-fledged mashed potato and roast chicken person. Slow cook mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes with brown butter OR easy creamy mashed potatoes.
  2. Segments: Sweet potato or roast potato
  3. Green beans Avocado Corn Tomato
  4. salad

  5. Roasted carrots
  6. Crushed potatoes OR crushed sweet potatoes Roast
  7. Asparagus
  8. Balsamic pasta
  9. salad

  10. Chickpea Avocado Feta cheese
  11. salad

  12. Honey Dijon Apple salad

Almost anything! Add a good glass of wine. My favorite right now is a Chardonnay/Moscato mix.

Roast chicken on video

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