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Recipe for cooking beets in the oven

Roasted beets are the perfect way to enjoy all the earthy sweetness of this tuber without losing texture and flavor when boiled. We love serving them as a side dish for pork loin, a simple meatloaf, or using them in beet paste!

This roasted beet recipe is quick and easy, requires no peeling, and the results are full of flavor!

Beets roasted on a white plate

Roasting beets in the oven

If you’ve ever tried cooking beets, then you know they come home from the store as little hard rocks (and turn everything in sight pink). Instead of struggling with peeling and cutting to get them into the pot, go calmly and make baked beets. Unpeeled, unsliced and all the flavor!

How to prepare


Oven-roasted beets are not only delicious, but also very easy to work with. You may wonder why you ever tried to fight with them raw!

  • Rub the beets to remove any dirt/debris
  • .

  • Trim the top and bottom.
  • If your beets are large, cut them in half.

Many cooks like to wear gloves when working with beets! The color is very pretty (another reason to love beets!) but it’s really intense, and it has a tendency to stain skin and nails (and white cutting boards). Wear an apron too!

Raw beetroot on a plate

How to roast beets

Roasted beets

are incredibly easy. Once they’re washed and prepared, here’s all you have to do:

  • Line a baking pan or piece of aluminum foil with parchment paper. Add the beetroot.
  • Sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper. Seal the picture.
  • Roast for about an hour.
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Super easy peasy right? The best part about this easy accompaniment is that the skins will simply be cleansed! Aren’t you glad you didn’t bother peeling them?

Peel beets with a paper towel

You’ll know that your oven-roasted beets are made when you prick a fork or skewer thinking about them and it is easily passed. Here’s the best part: once they’re cool enough to touch after taking them out of the oven, you can rub the skins very easily with a paper towel. Voila, perfect and unpeeled beetroot!

Now you can easily cut, dice or grate your baked beets. Perfect for a roasted beet salad (with goat cheese and nuts). Baked beets have so much flavor that they can also stand on their own as a side dish for meals like salisbury steak. Simply season with a simple pinch of salt and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Add roasted beets and carrots to your plate to make it stand out with color and nutrition. This is a vibrant accompaniment, full of flavor and pizazz. You can roast the carrots in the oven with the beets, but wrap them separately (they won’t take that long to cook).

Can roasted beets be frozen?

Heck, yes! You can store oven-roasted beets in the refrigerator for up to a week, but they also freeze well. Simply cut into slices or cubes, and pack in freezer bags. They will remain for several months that way.

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