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Have these super easy and crispy garlic butter and lemon scallops on your table in less than 10 minutes! Top with a delicious garlic lemon butter sauce!

Cheaper than going to a restaurant and as good as the scallops made by the chef! These crunchy, singed and juicy lemon and garlic butter scallops are the best gift when it comes to scallop recipes! Serve as a starter or main, nothing melts in the mouth like tender, crunchy and buttery scallops.

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on your table in less than 10 minutes, topped with a deliciously silky garlic and lemon butter sauce! Cheaper than going out to a restaurant and as good as the scallops made by the chef! They are the ultimate gift! |” /> Scallops

With so many shrimp recipes on this site, it’s about time I gave the scallops the microphone. And what a recipe to boot! You have all been writing to tell us how much you loved this garlic butter shrimp crayfish recipe and this lemon butter shrimp recipe. Both are so similar to how we cook scallops, I had to share this one with you in time for Good Friday!

Lemon butter and garlic scallops

Just one of the many ways we love our scallops! Most people feel extremely intimidated to cook scallops, especially because of its high price. Something you don’t want to spend so much money on just to make it go completely crazy. But that’s also the beauty of scallops. They are a luxury and a feeling of good food floods you when you have a bowl full of scallops and a glass of your favorite wine in hand.

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Garlic and lemon butter scallops are the best pleasure! |

How to prepare


Try to find scallops without the bright orange or coral crescent-shaped part still attached (or roe). The orange part can be a bit bitter, however, some people like this part of the scallop. It’s a personal preference. If you can only find them with the eggs attached, you can take it out and discard it. If you’ve bought whole scallops, you’ll need to remove that and the muscle that attaches the scallop to the shell. For this reason, we buy frozen wild scallops without the roe.

How to

thaw scallops

  • Defrost scallops in a bowl of cold water for about 10-20 minutes until they thaw completely, or overnight in the refrigerator
  • .

  • Be sure to dry them well with a paper towel to absorb all the liquid before burning them.

Homemade lemon butter and garlic scallops are cheaper than going out to a restaurant and are as good as chef-made scallops |

How to cook scallops

Understanding how fast scallops cook means you’ll never be bullied again! They only take four to five minutes to cook, that’s it! You will have no chance of spoiling them from now on. Guaranteed.

  • Heat a greased skillet or skillet until it is sizzling. Key step right here. You want them to sizzle and turn crisp to a golden color on the outside.
  • The first scallop should sizzle as soon as it hits the oil. If not, wait and let the pan continue to heat up before adding more.
  • Use a large pan to avoid overcrowding, or cook in batches to make sure they’re at least 1 inch apart.
  • Seal them without moving them for about 2-3 minutes on each side. Done!
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How to cook scallops |

Both sides of a scallop should be scorched until a perfect golden brown “crust” with opaque sides all the way to the end. They should be firm to the touch, but still slightly soft with a small bounce towards them.

See how we make our scallops right here!

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