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Recipe slow cooker pork chops ranch dressing

Slow pot ranchero pork chops come out tender and delicious every time. Super tasty and easy to put together this protein-packed dinner. If you loved our recipe for baked pork chops with dry rubbing, this is easier and still out of control.

Slow cooker pork chops

Years ago we came up with a recipe for pork chops and Crockpot apples that was also great, although it was on the sweeter side of things. With less preparation needed one night, a packet of dry ranchero dressing mix was used to flavor the meat and make sauce as well.

Talk about an easy 2-ingredient dinner. If you’re looking for an amazing pork recipe, we’ve got a few. You should start with this one, as it doesn’t take much to put it all together.

Let’s talk a little bit about slow cooking, okay? First of all, I have a few different varieties and I love them all. Each has an occasion to be used as…

  1. This is my programmable 6-quart favorite with a locking lid, so it’s also great to take
  2. to a meal.

  3. If you just want to serve a few appetizers, you should get this one that sits next to each other
  4. .

  5. I prefer not to use coatings, but simply to sprinkle olive oil inside before adding my food for easy cleanings.

Let me give you a look at my pretty thang I recently bought. It goes with my kitchen, so I can leave it on the countertop all the time. 😉


Ranchera pork chops

When I have a little more time on my hands, I will make or dry rub the pork chop. That involves quite a few mixed seasonings, but it only takes 12 minutes in the oven. That’s another option you should try if you find these for sale and buy a large tray of them.

I mean there are SO many options. You could eat them every night for a week and never have two meals that tasted the same. Bones are the cheapest, boneless ones are usually smaller and cost more. Choose either, but these had the bone attached. That’s a little harder to cut when done, but some prefer it this way. It’s up to you.

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Pork chops in the Crockpot recipe

We are using thawed meat here. If you only have frozen, use our slow-cooked, time-timing frozen pork chops here. Here’s what you’ll need to go out or pick up so you can get started with this one. 😉

<img src="" alt="Slow

cooker pork chops with ranch” />Ranch pork chop recipe There are only 2 ingredients to make slow cooker

ranchero pork chops

. Another 3 were added for even more oooomph. If you buy meat in bulk like us, this is a great opportunity to make some of our creations. For this all you need is;

  1. A few bones in pork chops (preferably, boneless pork chops won’t take that long, they may need to decrease to 6 hours and 30 minutes or so)
    1. these should be fresh or thawed
  2. from

  3. 1 ounce of dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix
  4. . Salt and pepper, a little when cooking and then you may want some when served AND a little
  5. paprika

If you have more than one Crock you can make a batch of mashed potatoes to serve together. To thicken the drops then you can pour them into a saucepan at the end. Take some and add a few tablespoons of cornstarch. Once it’s bubbling, pour it in. Stir and it will become a kind of sauce.

Season as you go, try, add a little more until it’s okay. Alternatively, you can beat 1/2 to 1 can of chicken soup cream in the liquid to thicken and add flavor. Then it would look more like our slow cooker pork chops and sauce.

slow cooker pork chops

Slow cooker bone in pork chops

I don’t like to use those plastic liners, but I will spray the inside with olive oil spray for easy cleaning. Similar to if I had to use a baking sheet or baking sheet, I would do the same, or line with nonstick aluminum foil.

  • Sprinkle the dried mix of ranchero seasonings on their thawed or fresh pork chops all over the place. Place the chops in the slow cooker overlapping as little as possible.
  • Now sprinkle with the remaining seasonings on top.
  • Close the lid of the Crock pot tightly and then set your time.
  • Simmer for 7-8 hours or until the thickest portion cooks to a minimum of 145 degrees F. Remember that as you rest they will also rise by 5 to 10 degrees.
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Now let’s talk about meat to choose from. You don’t want them to be more than 1 inch thick or so. 2-inch thick pork chops would take much longer than this in cooking time to reach a safe internal meat temperature.

Keep this in mind when you’re making this family favorite, you don’t want it to be 6 p.m. and realize they’re not done yet. There are plenty of easy 20-minute side dishes that work well with this, of course. Green beans, a salad or Instant Pot potatoes and carrots go well.

<img src="" alt=

“Crockpot pork chops” />

Crockpot pork chops with ranch

You can also serve this with some of our homemade apple butter on top. Kids love dinner recipes that have a little added sweetness. It looks amazing, right? I mean we use this for everything. Yes, it can be seen as an “old-fashioned” way of cooking, but as long as you can remember to charge everything in the morning, it’s the bomb.

Heck, even when I forget to thaw the meat the night before, you can also cook frozen meat in it! One of them that has been a great success in our house has been the frozen Crockpot chicken breasts. Listen. You toss them with a little broth and essentially steam them all day.

  • Then, after a few hours, it melts and becomes tender
  • with the fork.

  • I crush it with two forks and drain the liquid
  • .

  • Pour a bottle of barbecue sauce on top and mix together.

This and our Smithfield pork loin in the oven are such cheap dinners. Serve it on those little sweet rolls or sliding snack buns for kids to love. Add some coleslaw on top also for a little crunch and add vegetables to the overall dish. Oh man, my mouth is already watering thinking about this wonder.

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<img src="" alt=

“pork chops” />How to store leftover pork chops Ok, so if you know me, you know I hate wasting food, that’s how to save slow cooking ranchera

pork chops

well. I always like to add how to reheat the next day, how to store it better, and easy-to-make recipes with it too. So here goes;

Whether you’re saving this or our pork chops for bacon frying, you want them to cool completely. And don’t get rid of that sauce! That’s a must to keep it moist while sitting in the fridge for a day or two. Seal inside a bag or freezer container with a lid. Pour as much sauce over the top as you have left.

You need to heat it in the microwave or on the stove with a lid within 3 days. If you don’t think you’ll eat it within that time, then you could put it in the freezer. Mark the date you put it there and that way you will save for a good 3 months! Let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight when you’re ready to eat it again. Then hot.

shredded pork

If you’re reheating the slow cooker pork shoulder that’s been thrown away like this, I’d add some sauce, mix and then heat. This will make it pleasant and moist again when heated.

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