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Recipes for smoker cooking

Do you want to cook one of the most iconic meats in the world of barbecue? Get ready for the perfect cut of beef with our beautiful and traditional smoked breast recipe.

smoked beef breast recipeSmoked

meat can be a challenge for anyone new to the way you cook. It’s not so much a recipe where you can put a bunch of ingredients together, but rather a process.

Many factors come together to cook the perfect breast, from your choice of wood to smoking breast or the brine you use. Each of these options comes together to help make or break your breast.

Today I’m going to

walk you through everything you need to know, and the step-by-step guide you should follow to cook the best smoked breast out there.

Note: If you have an electric smoker, the

process is a little different, so be sure to check out my guide on how to smoke breast in an electric smoker


how to smoke brisket recipe

One of the best things about smoked meat is that you don’t really need that many ingredients to put it all together.

No sauces, no fancy side dishes. Just good salt, pepper and old-fashioned smoke.

Oh, and time.

Smoking breast can be really intimidating the first time you do it. A good breast isn’t easy or cheap to get, so the idea of getting it wrong and all that good meat going to waste can be a daunting prospect.

However, once you have this process, you don’t need to worry. Follow this guide and you will get near-perfect results every time.

Your breast will be juicy, smoky and downright delicious.

What do you need to smoke breast?

Fortunately, when it comes to smoking breast, you don’t need too many ingredients. However, there are a few key tools you’ll need to make sure you have it in place before trying this recipe.

A smoker

This may seem obvious, but it’s probably worth mentioning regardless. Smokers are largely divided into two categories: electric or compensation/coal.

Purists always opt for compensation because they can evoke that iconic charcoal smoke we all associate with barbecue. However, electric smokers are much easier to use and boot, and are perhaps more suitable for more casual barbecue fans and newcomers.

In truth, all that matters is that the smoker can maintain a temperature of 225°F.

Barbecue smoking

with meat thermometer

is all about maintaining constant temperatures until your meat reaches its target internal temperature. The best way to do this is to use a good meat thermometer. The best types tend to be digital and should be as accurate as possible (obviously).

I recommend something like the Thermopro TP-07 because it has one probe to monitor the meat and another to monitor the temperature of the grill and the surface of the smoker. It’s also incredibly accurate. You can get it here.

A good chef’s breast

can be very difficult to cut both before and after smoking. Whether you’re removing the membrane from the top or cutting it against the grain, you may experience a lot of resistance. So you need something that is up to the job. Check out my guide to breast knives here.

I have a Dalstrong knife. It’s made of German steel and has always been up to the job when I’ve used it. You can check it out here.

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cutting breast is a large piece of meat and you will need something large enough to prepare it, and then rest it after you have cooked it. Even if you have a cutting board for meat right now, I would recommend measuring it to make sure it’s large enough to hold a breast cut.

smoked breast resting after cooking

How to choose the best breast When choosing a breast, the most important thing to remember is

to get the whole breast

. You don’t want the point to separate from the plane (sometimes called the first cut). Many butchers or supermarkets only seem to sell the first cut, but actually the best part of the breast is the point. It contains a lot of marbling and fat content, which is exactly what we want for smoking because it helps infuse all the meat of the meat with flavor.

In contrast, the plane is much thinner and therefore thinner in terms of fat content.

When it comes to deciding how much meat you want, try to aim for about half a pound per person you’re cooking for.

How to trim breast

For a complete guide, read my post on how to

cut breast.

While some people claim they don’t trim the breast, it’s important to remove components like fat and excess fat to prevent the meat from turning into a gummy mess.

how to cut breast

You’ll need to trim it before smoking it, and then cut it afterward. For the initial trimming, you need to remove the large fat cap that is located on top of the breast.

There’s a bit of debate here in the barbecue world about what to do with the cap here. Personally, I like to trim it to about an inch thick, but some people prefer Aaron Franklin’s method, which involves leaving it almost intact.

Then you’ll need to trim excess fat, particularly any fat that lies between the point and plane. This fat can effectively act as a barrier between the two, preventing juices from flowing between the two when cooked. Eliminating this fat will help make your breast much more squeezing and delicious.

Jumping forward slightly, you will also need to cut off your breast after it is cooked. Let stand when the smoker comes out for at least 30 minutes to allow the juices to penetrate deeper into the meat.

For maximum tenderness, cut against the grain. The challenge here is to make slices against the grain for both the point and the plane. The grain directions for each of these parts are opposite, so you will have to cut them separately.

Beef breast on a smoker barbecueThe breast
may dominate your smoking space, but it’s worth the time and effort
How to


the breast I love seasoning my meat before smoking it, and I love seasoning it generously.

This is where smoked meat makes its own. I recommend only using coarse salt and black pepper. Generously apply the entire surface of your meat and try to rub them as thoroughly as possible.

Want something with a little more kick? Check out my guide to the best store-bought breast massages.

Some people add garlic powder. I personally don’t, just because I like my wood chips to do a lot of the work by spicing up the breast.

If this is your first time, I would stay away from anything beyond salt and pepper just to help you get an idea of how the breast can taste to the smoker. If you feel like something is missing, you can try other seasonings and start experimenting.

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Which wood chips are best for the breast?

Read my full guide to the best breast smoking

wood The

best way to infuse your breast with added flavor is with a good use of wood chips. They help create a better cooking environment in your smoker’s chamber, but they also have specific aromas and flavors to help further enhance your meat.

Most often, the choice of wood chips

is typical of personal taste, but in the case of a heavier red meat such as breast, the best wood chips are quite irrefutable


I always recommend going for “darker” tasting woods like oak, walnut or mesquite.

Some people like to use slightly sweeter woods such as maple or walnut, But as a starting point, I’d always recommend starting with something more neautral like oak, and then experimenting with sweeter or fruit-based chips.

How long to smoke


There really isn’t a strict and set rule for the length of smoking the breast, and the best rule to always follow is the internal temperature


The reason for this is that meat cut sizes invariably change, so what works for one cut won’t necessarily work for another.

As a general rule, breast takes about 90 minutes to cook per pound of meat when cooked at 225°F. However, it can’t really be considered “done” until its internal temperature reaches about 195°F.

That’s why it’s crucial that you get a good meat thermometer.

The key is to leave a lot of time, because in most cases it is not unusual to cook between eight and twelve hours.

Other Best Smoked Breast Tips Use the Texas Crutch

The Texas crutch

is a method used by many competition-level pit masters to ensure that your

smoked breast

is juicy and moist fresh out of the smoker. When done right, it can also help speed up cooking time, as well as push your meat through the dreaded ‘barbecue stand’. Check out our complete Texas crutch guide for more information.

Don’t forget to let him rest

This is more important than you think (source). After it is cooked, wrap the breast and let it sit on your cutting board. This will allow the juices in the meat to settle and redistribute without allowing the temperature of the meat to get too cold. I recommend letting stand for 30 to 60 minutes.

To help make sure my breast is seasoned evenly, I like to mix my salt and pepper before applying it to the meat

. I

have an empty salt shaker into which I pour both and then shake it well. Then I apply it to the meat. This also works if you’re using other seasonings, such as garlic powder.


fat content

makes all the difference when smoking, but, contrary to popular belief, the fat cap on the breast does not add moisture to the meat. For best results, place your breast on the grease side of the grids down.

Placing it with the fatty side facing up will remove any seasoning or rubbing you’ve used, and hinder your chances of developing a beautiful crust on the surface of the meat.

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Placing it with the fatty side down will hold the seasoning in place, provide a good consistency of moisture and juice throughout, and it will also act as a shield against any hot spots or direct exposure to heat.

Don’t forget your sides

With such a large cut of meat, it’s easy to forget what to serve it with. You can get creative here, and there are plenty of good sides for the breast that go far beyond a simple salad. Try grilled or smoked potato skins and cheese, or keep things simple with some grilled asparagus or ears of corn.

Don’t worry about leftovers The

breast is a big cut of meat, so you’re likely to be left with something left over at the end of your meal

. Store it in

your refrigerator in an airtight container and pour the remaining juices over it to help preserve its moisture. Then you can reheat it and make some of our creative recipes for leftover breast.

Frequently Asked QuestionsDo

you have any burning questions about barbecue breast? Our FAQs are here to help.

Why was my smoked breast hard?

  1. collagen. You would think that with a lot of fat in your breast, drying out should be the least of your worries. However, it can become difficult because of the connective tissue you have. This is also called collagen.
  2. How you cook it. When the breast cooks quickly, it can be hard. You need to cook it slowly. The collagen gradually melts to form a jelly-like substance that will give it a softened texture when you do this. You can get an even better result using some kind of liquid, such as a juicy marinade.
  3. The cut. You need to choose the right cut from the beginning. If the breast does not have enough fat marblining, it will dry out easily.

How long should I let my

breast rest?

Allowing your breast to get enough rest is key to cooking tender, juicy meat. To make sure you don’t lose too much when cutting meat, let it sit for up to 40 minutes. At this time, the meat will still have the right internal temperature for a good meal.

Should I add liquid to the foil when wrapping the breast?

Yes, if you don’t mind disintegrating the crust. Adding a liquid inside the aluminum foil when wrapping the breast helps increase moisture and complements the flavors that already exist in the meat. This works if you are going to use the pan method to wrap the meat. In this case, add any liquid that you feel will add the flavor you want to the piece of meat.

It’s important to note that juices will leach out of the meat when you wrap the breast during the process; as such, adding extra liquid could lead to excess moisture, which can also lead to a soggy breast.

What should I spray it with?

Using a good spray of breast can help keep the meat moist and tender, while preventing the crust from overcooking. You can use apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, apple juice, or even plain water. You can also choose to use a meat broth with a little vinegar added. Some also add beer to the mix for a different taste.

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