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Make this restaurant-quality pan-powered halibut with lemon caper sauce at home for any special occasion.

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with lemon caper sauce” />

Throughout the week, we’re going to share several recipes we recently prepared for dinner with our good friends Sandi and David. This pan-fribut with lemon caper sauce was the delicious star of the show!

Whenever we invite friends to dinner, we always try to prepare something special. For us, it is a pleasure to cook for the pleasure of cooking and to feed a wonderful meal to our family and friends. But after dinner, most of the time, we are asked, “Is this recipe on your website?” Sometimes the answer is yes, but in the case of our dinner with Sandi and David, many of the recipes were new to us.


Seared Halibut bread with Lemon Caper Sauce

So Jack and I decided to prepare our dinner menu again, starting with this amazing pan-fribut with lemon caper sauce, so we could share the recipes here at A Family Feast.

What do I look for when buying Halibut?

Halibut is a firm white fish with a mild flavor, but it’s a bit spendthrifty, so this pan halibut recipe with lemon capers sauce is really one to save for a special meal.

If possible, always buy your halibut at a fish market that sells fresh seafood off the boat. Whole Foods is also another reputable option. (Unfortunately, in our experience, the average supermarket won’t sell super-fresh halibut.)

Typically, one pound of fresh halibut will produce two very generous servings. Call the market ahead and ask the fish vendor to tell you when they get their fresh catch in the morning, that’s the time to buy! Ask for the thick end of the halibut fillet, and to make it easier for you, also ask them to skin it for you.

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Pan-fried halibut with lemon capers sauce

Some other tips for buying fresh seafood


  • When buying any type of fish, keeping it cool while transporting it is crucial, especially during the warm-weather months. We suggest bringing an ice-filled cooler in the back of your car, then place halibut (or any other type of seafood) inside that to make sure it stays as cold as possible during the trip home.
  • Once home, keep your seafood super cold by placing it in an ice bowl in the refrigerator until it’s ready to use.
  • Always buy the freshest fish possible available. Fresh seafood should not have any odor except the brackish smell of the ocean. Don’t be shy about asking to smell the fish you plan to buy. If it smells like “fishy,” walk away.

How is

halibut cooked?

We burn our halibut in butter and extra virgin olive oil over medium heat. The butter will start to brown a little, and that adds great flavor to this dish! It will also add lemon slices to the pan, adding a bright citrus flavor as well.

Once the halibut is well cooked, remove the fillets from the pan. Then sauté the chopped garlic for a few moments, add a splash of white wine to deglaze the pan, then add lemon juice, capers and parsley, smooth with butter, and your simple pan sauce is ready.


Pan-fried halibut with lemon capers sauce

All in all, this elegant, tasty, tender, moist and flaky pan-fried halibut with lemon caper sauce takes less than thirty minutes to cook. And your guests will think they’re eating at a good seafood restaurant!

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Be sure to check back later this week to see recipes for the rest of our dinner menu!

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