25 Best Leftover Corned Beef Recipes – Table for Seven

Recipes using cooked corned beef

When you have too much corned beef left over from last night’s dinner, try one of these leftover dishes! When I make corned beef for my family, regardless of how much they appreciate it, they always let me have plenty of leftovers.

Each of these recipes is delicious. If you’re the type of person who appreciates canned beef, cabbage, sauerkraut, and Reuben sandwiches, then you’ll go crazy about these dishes.

1. Canned beef pichesi

This canned beef hash is a savory and tasty breakfast dish that is created with tender breast, diced potatoes and onions! It’s easy to make and comes together in no time!

2. Easy corned beef hash

Do you have any canned meat left over from dinner? Create a homemade breakfast pan with potatoes, onions, peppers, and eggs that have been baked in the pan. Leftovers have never tasted better than when prepared with this recipe.


. Reuben Casserole

This delicious and simple Reuben Casserole contains all the elements that make a traditional Reuben sandwich one of the most popular sandwiches in the world. There are several layers of rye bread, canned fresh meat, thousand-island dressing and sauerkraut, and then a topping of grated Swiss cheese that is creamy and melted.

4. Canned Beef Tacos with Creamy Cabbage Salad

This shredded corned beef dish served on hot flour tortillas and topped with a creamy cabbage and jalapeno salad and homemade toil-to-earth dressing is a great way to celebrate Irish culture in traditional fashion




Fried rice is frequently used as a convenient vehicle for throwing leftovers. We dare say it, but this corned fried rice is even better than the classic combination of corned beef and cabbage that was served.

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6. Canned

beef and cabbage pan This pan of

corned beef and cabbage takes the classic flavors of a St. Patrick’s Day favorite and reduces the amount of time it takes to cook and prepare the dish to about thirty minutes. This hearty dinner is perfect for any night of the week!

7. Canned beef Panini with caramelized Guinness onions In Panini’s recipe of corned beef with caramelized Guinness onions,

leftover corned beef is used to make a wonderful hot sandwich on marble rye bread with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions made with Guinness beer, and corned beef



. St. Patrick’s Day

Party Food This list of appropriate foods for a St. Patrick’s Day party is all you’ll need to start the party this weekend! Grab some green beer and start eating!

9. Keto

Reuben Casserole

This Reuben casserole has all the flavor of your favorite sandwich, but without the carbs and puffy grains that the sandwich has. Make a corned beef breast specifically for this casserole, or use leftovers to make this dish for a fantastic way to put leftovers to good use.

10. Canned beef

soup easy Canned beef soup

made with leftover from St. Patrick’s Day! Tonight’s dinner should be this fish soup, which you can make in your Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi or on the stove.

11.Corned Beef Tater

Tot Casserole

Recipe This recipe from Corned Beef Tater Tot Casserole calls for the use of corned beef, cabbage and carrots that have been left over from another dish, as well as tater tots. This spicy dish including tater tots is a fan favorite in our house.

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. Canned beef fritters

Fritters made with corned beef are a great way to use any leftover corned meat. These canned pork fritters are delicious, whether they are heated or eaten cold.

13. Corned Beef Cottage Pie

– Seasons and Dinners

The Shepherd’s Pie and Corned Beef Hash that inspired this Corned Beef Cottage Pie are the parents of this delicious offspring. Prepare it with cooked corned meat, leftover corned meat, or canned beef from a can.

14. Canned Beef and Cabbage

Quesadillas These corned beef and cabbage quesadillas are the ideal way to use any leftover corned St. Patrick’s Day party you may have


15. Quick and Easy

Canned Beef Omelette

The combination of eggs and canned beef hashish results in an omelet that is flawless, satisfying, and absolutely delicious for breakfast. The recipe below is a great way to put any leftover St. Patrick’s Day corned to good use.

16. Corned Beef


Nachos Irish nachos made with corned beef are a delicious and entertaining way to use any leftover corned meat. Instead of tortilla chips, you can use crispy, paper-thin potatoes!

17. Canned beef and cabbage soup from leftovers

Leftovers from a traditional Irish lunch are used to make a canned beef stew that is rich in flavor and velvety in texture


18. These

corned beef melts are the ideal way to use any leftover St. Patrick’s Day food in your refrigerator. However, due to the fact that they are so tasty, you will feel compelled to prepare canned beef to have these sandwiches.

19. Canned

beef and cabbage empanadas

What can you do with canned beef that’s still in the fridge after St. Patrick’s Day? It should really put it to good use and do some of these rotations. They were meant to be hearty appetizers, but ended up becoming the main course.

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20. Macaroni

and cheese and corned beef

It’s not hard to prepare a tasty dish like macaroni and cheese and corned beef, which is a warm and comforting casserole


21. Canned

beef and leftover cabbage soup recipe

This corned beef and cabbage soup recipe is a fantastic way to use any leftover corned beef you may have in your refrigerator. There’s no denying the popularity of corned beef hashish, but I have something new for you to try that the whole family will appreciate.

22. Corned

Beef Hash and Eggs

Leftover corned beef can easily be transformed into a hearty breakfast pan by using a recipe called Crispy, Buttery Corned Beef Hash with Eggs. Ideal for putting those St. Patrick’s Day leftovers into practice!

23. The Best Keto

Reuben Cabbage Salad Recipe This Keto Reuben cabbage salad recipe is an amazing dish that can be ready in less than ten minutes thanks to its simple preparation


24. Canned beef egg rolls

and cabbage

You’ll fall in love with this recipe if you’re looking for a new take on the classic combination of corned beef and cabbage. This corned beef and cabbage egg appetizer is fantastic when served as an appetizer, but it also works well when prepared for dinner.


. Canned cabbage rolls These canned

cabbage rolls condense all the components of a traditional canned beef dinner into adorable bite-sized packages.

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