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Recipes with cooked sweet potatoes

While brightly colored items like ube and star fruit might draw attention to the food trend, it seems interest in the humble sweet potato is also on the rise. Thanks to its versatile texture and flavor, and its high fiber and antioxidant properties, which make it a favorite of Paleo and Keto diet devotees, year-round demand for sweet potatoes is on the rise.

In fact, Americans eat nearly twice as many sweet potatoes today as they did 10 years ago. Farmers have increased production to meet this demand, harvesting nearly 40 percent more sweet potatoes in 2017 than in 2012. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “It’s become the ingredient you can’t escape from.” Restaurant menus feature the tuber twice as much as four years ago; You can find everything from hummus and sweet potato paste to sweet potato waffles on grocery store shelves; And a lot of cookbooks are dedicated only to sweet potato recipes.

If you are one of those people who eat more sweet potatoes than ever before, then you might come across more of them than you know what to do with them. We know that cooking too much of one thing leads to leftovers, which often leads to waste. To reduce that waste, waste of time, food and money, here are the best sweet potato recipes to use.


your CSA box included 5 pounds of sweet potatoes, or you’ve bought a lot for sale at the market, if you end up with an oversupply of sweet tubers, there’s good news: They store very well. Keep them in a cool, dry area, away from light and they will keep for several weeks. Do not put them in the refrigerator, cold and humidity will accelerate their decline. When you’re ready to cook them, all you need to do is give them a good scrub. The peels are perfectly edible and full of nutrients. You can then boil, roast, or cook them in one of many ways

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: Sweet Potato Fries

  • : The sweet side you can include with your burger, sweet potato fries are somehow much better than the vanilla version. They are also easier to make at home. This recipe from the New York Times, which has over 2,000 reviews! — baked rather than fried, which means there is no greasy mess.
  • Puré: Mashed potatoes are good. Sweet potato puree is better. Make them sweet with cinnamon and maple syrup, add salty flavor with garlic and rosemary. Sweet potato puree is also a great dressing for shepherd’s cake.
  • Hashish: This is an easy breakfast recipe (or breakfast for dinner) that uses a lot of sweet potatoes. Cut the potatoes, roast along with other vegetables, such as mushrooms and onions, as well as your choice of protein (or not), and break some eggs on top at the end.
  • Fritters: Whether you call them latkes, potato pancakes, or fritters, sweet potatoes are a great vegetable to use in shallow fried pancakes. Make them purely sweet potato, or use them with a combination of other root vegetables.
  • Gratin: A mixture of cream, cheese, herbs and sweet potato, sweet potato au gratin an aromatic and comforting winter recipe. It does a great side of Thanksgiving; Save leftover sweet potato scraps to mix with mashed potatoes.

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