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Rice cooker jambalaya recipe

RICE COOKER CHICKEN AND SAUSAGE JAMBALAYA — Classic Cajun jambalaya with chicken and sausages, conveniently made in your rice cooker.

Jambalaya, chicken and sausage rice

My rice cooker is probably the most used small appliance in my kitchen. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without him.

And now that I’ve tried Hamilton Beach’s 4-20 cup pot of rice and hot cereals, I even use my rice cooker to make delicious dishes like this rice cooker chicken jambalaya.

As the name suggests, this rice cooker is for much more than just cooking rice! You can also use it for oatmeal, grits, and cream of wheat, as well as grains like farro and quinoa.

In addition, it steams vegetables and fish, and can be used for flavored rice mixes, beans, soups, and pot meals.


Hamilton Beach’s rice and hot cereal kitchen has some great features that I really love


First of all, there are different easy-to-select buttons for whatever you’re cooking. My old rice cooker only had a “cook” button, so I was always nervous about using it for anything but rice.

I also love the timer that shows how much cooking time is left. That’s especially helpful when my kids ask when dinner will be ready!

Not to mention, the steam basket works like a strainer to rinse your rice, and if you want to wake up with hot oatmeal in the morning, just use the delayed start feature and you’ll have a hot, hearty breakfast waiting for you.

But I especially love using my rice cooker for easy one-pot meals!

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Jambalaya Rice Cooker, Chicken & Sausages

There is a Cajun restaurant in town that loves my whole family, and I always order their jambalaya


It’s moist and tasty, without being broth, and I wanted to recreate it in my rice cooker.

I have to say it turned out perfect! And it couldn’t have been easier.

I just browned some peppers, onions and garlic with andouille sausage, then added it all to the rice cooker with some white rice, chicken broth, cooked shredded chicken and Cajun seasonings.

Forty-five minutes later, dinner was served!

Jambalaya rice cooker, chicken and sausages

My whole family loved this dish, and kept commenting on how good it was between bites. And I happily ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Just be sure to scrape every last bit of your pan into the rice cooker for the best flavor! And feel free to make it a little spicier by adding some cayenne pepper.

Be sure to save this rice chicken and sausage Jambalaya recipe on your favorite Pinterest board for later.

Rice Jambalaya, chicken and sausages

Here’s what you’ll need to make Rice Jambalaya Butter Chicken & Sausage

Products: onion, red pepper,

  • garlic, green onions, fresh parsley
  • Andouille sausage
  • Rice broth
  • with
  • chicken

  • Chicken spices
  • : Cajun seasoning, pepper

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