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Sausage peppers and onions recipe slow cooker

Easy recipe for sausages and peppers slow cooked, homemade with simple ingredient, many Italian herbs, marinara sauce. Great on pasta, sandwiches, wraps and hoagie rolls.

Today’s recipe is delicious and filling just like this Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast. It’s one of those comfort dishes that’s easy to mix, but it tastes like it has required a lot more effort.

How to make slow-cooking sausages and peppers?

  1. Add the ingredients in the slow cooker: this includes sausages, vegetables, seasonings, marinara sauce. Mix
  2. .

  3. Top and cook – Until vegetables are tender and sausages are thoroughly cooked.
  4. Slice sausages

  5. – Remove sausages from the slow cooker and cut them. Then, stir them again in the mixture.
  6. Enjoand – Garnish with parsley and cava!

What sides to serve with the recipe for Italian sausages and peppers?

This hearty dish can be enjoyed alone, but can also be enjoyed with a salad. A simple green salad without an overwhelming dressing is best. The coleslaw also combines very well.

You can also serve it along with bread such as breadsticks, rolls, crispy artisanal bread, pita bread, garlic bread or hot dog buns. Use it as a filling in sandwiches, tortilla rolls and wraps.

Enjoy it with vegetables such as

mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes or cauliflower puree.

You can even use it on stuffed peppers or stuffed potatoes

. My

family really likes it with pasta. Any type will work fine. A healthier alternative to that would be zoodles (zucchini) and spaghetti squash.

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Try it with soup. It tastes delicious with creamy soups.

Some other sides of filling are quinoa and rice.

Variations for peppers and onions

sausages and pasta peppers – Mix in boiled paste at the end


Sausage peppers and potatoes – Potatoes pair well with almost every dish. If you want to add some potatoes, simply cut about a pound of waxy potatoes and add them with the rest of the ingredients.

Add chicken – Simply cut 1 pound of boneless chicken breast cubes and add along with the other ingredients.

Make it spicy – Add some jalapeños or other hotter peppers or red chili flakes for a nice spicy touch. You can also drizzle the finished dish with hot sauce.


more vegetables: Add other vegetables you like, such as eggplants, pumpkins, zucchini, potatoes, mushrooms, etc.

Mix the seasoning: Instead of Italian seasoning, you can use Mexican seasonings or even Cajun for a different flavor profile.

Storage Refrigerate

– In an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Freeze – In a sealed container for up to 1 month


Reheat – In the microwave or stove until


Tips and techniques Store Bought

vs. Homemade Italian Seasoning: You can use either. It doesn’t affect the overall taste, whichever one you use.

Mix the peppers: I like to use a combination of colored peppers, but you can use any pepper of your choice

. Use fresh peppers

: Avoid using frozen peppers or vegetables, as they release a lot of water when they go through the cooking process. In addition, they lack the necessary flavor for this dish.

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How to thicken sauce/sauce? The best way to thicken this dish is to let it cook longer. Sometimes letting it cool will thicken it too. If you want it very thick, simply cook the excess liquid on the stove.

How to dilute sauce/sauce? Simply add some extra broth or water until the desired consistency has been reached.

Cut the peppers and thick onions:

If you cut onions and peppers too thin, they will simply dissolve in the sauce and will not be a very prominent part of the dish as they should be


Adjust the amount of Italian seasoning: use more or less, depending on your preferences.

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