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Scrap Value of Car – How Much Can I Get for Scrapping A Car?

what is a junk car?

A scrap car is any old, damaged or end-of-life vehicle ready to be processed by a licensed metal recycler. Most junk cars have high mileage and accumulated structural or mechanical damage over a 15-20 year period.

These vehicles are only worth the materials from which they are made. Some older cars, due to their components and low mileage, may have a higher value, regardless of how old they are. take a look at our instant value calculator and identify the value of your scrap metal near you.

However, if the best years of your vehicle are behind you, read on and find out how to make the most money selling your car conveniently.

how much is a junk car worth?

The value of a junk car can cover a wide range depending on the price of the junk at the time. Most modern cars have portions of steel, aluminum, and iron in their composition, each of which is currently priced at $145/tonne, $0.48/lb, and $200/tonne, respectively.

junk dealers and junkyards determine its value by its weight in tons multiplied by the current value of scrap metals.

scrap price/tonne x vehicle weight (tonnes) = scrap value

While the value of junk cars is generally determined by weight, breaking up your car is one method of generating more income from junk. there are several components inside your vehicle that can fetch several hundred dollars when sold!

how much do you get for scrapping a car?

Regarding the price of junk, you’ll likely get around $200 for your junk car (assuming your car weighs 1.3 tons). A vehicle in good condition can fetch more cash when its individual components are removed and sold to potential buyers. Some factors that affect waste values ​​are:

  • Year/Make/Model: A vehicle with higher demand (usually newer or particularly popular makes and models) will get a higher payout than vehicles with lower demand. a newer car is likely to have reusable components that can cost quite a bit individually.
  • Location: The junkyard you buy your vehicle from is typically not the place where the metal . that metal will be transported somewhere else for processing and if that processing plant is too far away the junkyard will factor the cost of transportation into the amount they pay you for your scrap car resulting in less money for you in general.
  • vehicle age: vintage cars suffer a strong depreciation in value. newer vehicles will have functional components that can be sold and will fetch a higher price from sellers.
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automobile scrap values ​​per ton in 2022

so how much do you get for scrapping a car? The scrap value of a car is intrinsic to the price of the metal. your scrapped car stops competing with other cars for cash.

The amount of money you can get now is decided based on current metal prices from other sources around the world. And since metals are commodities, prices go up and down every day, sometimes by huge amounts.

Don’t forget, your car isn’t just a piece of steel. it is also a piece of other metals. In terms of scrap, it’s a similar story for aluminum, copper, and iron.

The average passenger vehicle (car, truck, van, SUV) weighs about 4,000 pounds. According to the World Steel Association, of that 4,000 pounds, 55 percent or 2,200 pounds (which is almost exactly one metric ton) comes from steel. According to the Aluminum Association, that same car contains approximately 330 pounds of aluminum.

so how much is the scrap worth right now? In 2020, scrap car prices per pound unexpectedly spiked and remained relatively high through 2022.

The combination of tariff wars between China and the United States, as well as the pandemic, caused auto scrap prices per ton to fluctuate wildly throughout 2020, as manufacturers closed due to covid restrictions. , supply decreased. the combination of shortages and tariffs minimizing the flow of steel and other products meant that demand began to exceed availability, leading us to the prices we see today.

Today, auto scrap prices hover around $200 per ton, a markedly higher price than in the last decade. That means for junk car owners looking to sell their car for junk, now is a great time to sell.

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how to scrap a car without a title

You can scrap a car anywhere if you can prove you own the vehicle. Most states will allow you to present the vehicle registration, along with your driver’s license, if you do not have a title. however, not having the title will impact the value of the vehicle you are trying to scrap.

Things that are not valid proofs of ownership are:

  • a bill of sale because they can be easily falsified.
  • proof of insurance because you are within the ability to insure a vehicle you don’t own.
  • cash and bribery because the junkyard is required to report every car that comes into its possession.

how to sell your car for scrap

so, how much to scrap a car? If you have a damaged, wrecked or broken down car that is relatively new, you are in luck. At damagedcars, we buy junk cars online, at no cost to you.

Breaking up your vehicle, rather than selling it wholesale, is a way to get much more money for your junked vehicle. If you disassemble and then sell the individual parts, you can triple the income you make, but it also requires more time and effort on your part.

what auto parts are worth money?

Not every component on your vehicle is worth hundreds of dollars when sold individually. however, those who are are the ones you should be interested in parting with. some pieces will contain precious metals, such as platinum and gold, which will catch the eye of potential buyers.

some of the most valuable parts of a car to scrap are:

  • catalytic converter
  • transmission
  • engine
  • gps system
  • fenders
  • doors, mirrors and windows
  • bumpers
  • airbags
  • car battery
  • electrical parts
  • wheels, tires and rims
  • car seats
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what is the value of my engine?

There is a wide range of how much a used car engine can fetch you, averaging between $3,000 and $5,000. If you have the equipment to remove your engine, you can make a decent profit if it’s in working order.

what is the value of my catalytic converter?

On average, a catalytic converter sells for between $800 and $1,200, and the make and model of the vehicle are a major factor in its value. Also, the bigger the car, the bigger the engine and the more expensive the catalytic converter.

what is the value of my transmission?

The typical price of a used transmission is between $800 and $1,400, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. this is, of course, only the selling price of the unit and not the cost of the additional labor required to take it apart.

It can take several months to sell all the parts on your vehicle. you will have a hollowed out shell that still needs to be removed once everything is sold. it will take more time and experience to disassemble your vehicle without damaging any of the individual components.

Time is money too, so selling your clunker online can still net you quite a few pennies with no hassle. At damagedcars, we buy vehicles in all conditions and we always work hard to get our customers the best deal possible.

The process of scrapping your car is quite simple:

  • get a quote from different buyers
  • compare prices
  • schedule the pickup
  • prepare the paperwork
  • deliver the paperwork
  • get your money back!

If you know you have parts that work on your vehicle, you can always try to negotiate a better price with the buyer. That said, a junkyard really won’t care if you’re selling a car without a converter because they determine value by weight. however, a platform such as damaged cars will account for the presence of a working catalytic converter and increase the overall value of the vehicle.

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