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Shrimp de jonghe recipe with cooked shrimp

Do you know Shrimp de Jonghe? Don’t you? You may ask me, what is Jonghe’s Shrimp? Simple, elegant, retro, classic…

Shrimp + garlic + sherry + butter + aromatic au gratin style. This is one of Chicago’s gastronomic glories, but it’s virtually unknown everywhere. The shrimp are covered with bread crumbs with garlic and sherry.

It was an invention of the Jonghe brothers somewhere in the late 19th century. Little did they know that this would carry their names into the 21st century. When you’re eating Jonghe’s Shrimp, you’re eating Chicago history.

Everyone loves Norway lobster, right? Personally, you have me when you say chubby shrimp with lots of butter and lots of garlic. But if that butter is made into a herbaceous compound with a good dose of sherry, and then topped with a wonderful crusty bread crumb… That makes me really drooling. But let me tell you a little bit about this strange shrimp dish, a bit of history.

This seafood dish has a Belgian name, so how did it become a Chicago specialty? Well, this vintage classic was invented by a Belgian family called de Jonghe, who emigrated in the 1890s and opened the Jonghe Hotel and Restaurant. It was one of Chicago’s top restaurants until it closed in the 1930s.

This shrimp casserole is believed to have been the brainchild of the owner, Henri de Jonghe, or his popular chef, Emil Zehr. I guess it doesn’t really matter now, as it has become one of the Windy City’s outstanding food legacies.

The United States has so many regional gems that they don’t get the broad recognition they deserve. This one looks and sounds fancy and stylish, but it’s actually a very simple gratin casserole. It’s a perfect business conversation meal, which you can easily prepare for your next meeting or evening.

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This can be a snack or a full meal. Miss the regular Norway lobsters and try our Jonghe Shrimp… You’re going to love me for this one.

What do you need for Shrimp de Jonghe?

  • Shrimp: Get large, plump jumbo shrimp. Yes, they may be more expensive, but they are worth it for this delicious dish.
  • Butter – Abundant. Don’t skimp on that, please.
  • Breadcrumbs – For the most wonderful crust.
  • Garlic – Many.
  • Sherry – This really makes it stand out from regular scampi.
  • Fresh herbs – Parsley and oregano (you can add any other herbs on hand like thyme or rosemary if you wish).
  • Green onion or spring onion
  • Chili flakes
  • Lemon peel
  • Nutmeg – Just a pinch
  • .

  • Salt and pepper How to

make Jonghe Shrimp

Like most shrimp dishes, this one is quick and easy. Start by making a delicious compound butter. Simply mix the butter with chopped fresh parsley and oregano, garlic, lemon peel, chili flakes, sherry, breadcrumbs, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Give it a good twist so that everything mixes well and combines.

Now the shrimp are first cooked quickly in a pan, before going in a baking pot as au gratin. Start by melting the butter in a pan and add shrimp along with chopped spring onion, parsley, garlic and sherry. Season with a little salt and pepper. Give them a quick stir-fry until they are longer gray and you start curling. Then quickly remove them from the heat.

Next, arrange the shrimp for baking. You can use a large casserole or small plates like us to make individual portions. This looks great and everyone loves it when the shrimp come to the table sizzling in butter on their own small plate. We made 5 shrimp per dish, along with any of the butter mixture left from the pan.

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Finish by smearing them with giant tablespoons of the butter composed of herbs we created earlier.

Put them in the preheated oven (375°F) for 20-25 minutes, or until the top is golden brown (will depend on the size of your shrimp). While cooking, check out my post of the 30+ best shrimp recipes.

Bring them sizzling directly to the table. You’re ready to entertain yourself. Sprinkle some lemon and dig with that fork…

What to serve Jonghe Shrimp All

  • you want is a crispy, hot loaf of bread to clean all the wonderful sauce. That’s my first choice for these shrimp. My miraculous unkneaded bread is perfect for this one.
  • Maybe some kind of paste, like angel hair, like with regular scampi.
  • Some days try it with a great salad. My Israeli couscous salad or Spanish pipirrana would go very well.
  • Or just like that… with nothing. Great appetizers, ahmm. Maybe combine it with your favorite wine… 🙂


likely, you will end up without any. But in case you make a giant batch of Jonghe, these shrimp can be refrigerated in an airtight container for a couple of days. I do not recommend freezing, as the quality will degrade.

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Next time you see some jumbo shrimp, follow Brother Jonghe’s path. A casserole of plump shrimp topped with wonderful breadcrumbs blown with butter, sherry and garlic. It’s mmm. It’s easy. And you’re going to surprise your loved ones when these shrimp sizzle, crunch and burst in your mouth!

Jonghe shrimp, in my gypsy dish… enjoy!

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