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Sirloin cap roast recipe slow cooker

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"Slow-RoastedAn extraordinary friend, she wants to improve her meat-roasting skills and who doesn’t need to perfect them, anyway? You know, a “Sunday” roast, instead of a huge mass of prime ribs. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing like a perfectly cooked moderately rare premium rib, but it’s good to know how to grill a more reasonable type of roast (both price and size). You know… A good Sunday dinner type barbecue with the family. That’s what we’re doing here. There are different types of beef for dry or baked roasting. We’re going to make two different types, a sirloin tapa roast (they cost around 1-2.5 pounds) and a rump tip roast (they cost around 3 pounds). Any of these are a good size for 2-4 people and you will probably have some leftovers. So, we’re roasting some pieces of meat. We love good rare to medium-rare roasts. Now, if you’re the type of person who prefers well-made meat, well, then I’m not sure we can really be friends. At least not close friends. Oh, I will accept you around our table, but we will never share a barbecue for dinner. You’ll eat chicken or pasta and that’s okay. We also love chicken and pasta, but this post is about red meat!

Let’s go with the low and slow method here. I read it in; They were cooking top-notch ribs. It makes perfect sense, but we’re not cooking top-notch ribs. However, I think we can use his technique for different types of roast meat and make it easy enough that he can go over time, rather than needing to use a thermometer. We’ll see…

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First, meat. You want a reasonably tender piece of meat, but you don’t have to jump for loin, rib roast, or more expensive cuts. The sirloin is a good choice. The top sirloin will work, the tri-tip will also work well. I chose a good sirloin roast and then, a rump tip roast. Marbled in beefWhichever piece of meat you choose, it should have a good marblin… Those are those little veins of fat that run through the flesh. You want those. They melt during roasting and keep the meat moist while cooking. This is very important. Sirloin Cap RoastI “dried aged” the roast of the sirloin lid, in the fridge, for 4 days. I put the coarse salt on the meat, put it on a rack, to allow air to circulate around the meat and just let it be. It will have more flavor and be more tender if you have time to do so. I could write a post just about dry aging, but I want this to be about the slow roasting process. More information about “dry aging” beef can be found here.

Seasoned sirloin tip roastWhichever cut you choose, the piece of meat should be at room temperature before seasoning and roasting. I usually rub the meat right after it came out of the fridge and then let it sit. You will want to take the meat out of the fridge at least 2 hours before you want to roast the meat. Make sure the oven is preheated to 275°F. For the rarer ones, I usually roast the meat for 13 minutes per pound, so for the sirloin roast (which weighs 2.25 pounds), I went with 30 minutes. For the Rump Tip Roast, we wanted to try a more rare medium, so we went with 14 minutes per pound (the rump was 2.9 pounds) or 40 minutes. After the allotted time is up, turn off the oven for 1 hour, without opening the door for any reason; Don’t look! We are also cooking them to an internal temperature of 120°F – 125°F. Not looking will require self-control on your part… Mmmm… It smells good in the kitchen.

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"Slow-RoastedJust before serving, brown it under the grill for about 3 minutes. This is just to creak the top. Because the meat has rested before and was not in the oven long enough to actually cook, you can cut the meat immediately and serve it immediately. "Slow-RoastedAfter roasting, remove the meat from the pan and you can cut the roast immediately… See that no meat juice is running around the board. That’s because the meat had already rested. Remember? It was perfectly pink, moist and delicious.

"Slow-RoastedWe enjoyed roasted potatoes with onion and bacon, steamed green beans and red wine sauce mushrooms with shallots on the side. It was a nice Sunday roast dinner.

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