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Why do we cook food? Obviously, to have the combined benefits of the ingredients we use and stay healthy. The same goes for Skyrim. You can use raw ingredients to cook food, giving you more benefits than individual components and that’s where our Skyrim Cooking Guide comes in.

Cooking can be very useful as players will be able to cook many dishes in Skyrim that give better improvements or increase health and stamina compared to raw ingredients and this Skyrim cooking guide will help you with how to cook and all the recipes in the game.

The task of cooking can be carried out in private camps, pots and cooking pits. You need to follow the recipes to cook good food. Don’t worry if you’re bad at cooking, as we’ll be helping you along the way, with our food recipes.

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Skyrim Cooking Guide – The Best

Cooking Recipes Cooking dishes and storing them can be very helpful in time of need in Elder Scrolls V Skyrim as these dishes can give better benefits compared to raw ingredients and this Skyrim cooking guide will help you with the best cooking recipes and how to cook in Skyrim.

Venison chopIngredients

Required: A pile of salt, a venison will restore your health for 5.

Vension SoupIngredients: Cabbage

, potato, tomato, leek Restores 1 health and 1 stamina per second for 12 minutes

Required venison stewingredients: A leek, a potato, a pile of salt, a deer

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Restores resistance by 15. Horker

StewRequired Ingredients: Garlic, Horker Meat, Lavender, Tomato Restores stamina and health by 15 and there in an increase (+1) in health every second for 12 minutes


Tomato soup Required Ingredients: A leek, a pile of salt, a tomato restores stamina and health at 15.

Vegetable Soup Ingredients required: a cabbage, a leek, a potato, a tomato There is an increase in both health and endurance (+1) for 12 minutes.

Potato andcabbage soup Required Ingredients: A cabbage, a potato, a leek, a pile of salt Restore health and stamina with 10


stew ingredientsrequired: A carrot, a raw meat, a garlic, a pile of salt The resistance is increased (25) for 12 minutes every second. It also restores it at 2 per second for the same duration.

Cooked meat ingredientsrequired: Raw pile, raw meat restores health for 20.

Grilled chicken breast Required Ingredients: A chicken breast, a pile of salt Restores health for 5. Horker

Bread Required Ingredients: A HorkerMeat, a Salt Pile Restores

health for 10.

Required Horse Hunch Ingredients: A horse meat, a pile of salt will restore health for 10.

Roastedgoat leg Required ingredients: One goat leg, one pile of salt Increases health by 10.

Required mammoth steak ingredients: a mammoth snout, a pile of salt Restore health with 10 required roasted pheasant ingredients: a pheasant breast, a pheasant pile Restore health by 5. Rabbit Haunch Required Ingredients: One rabbit’s paw, one pile of salt Restores health for 5.

Salmon steak ingredientsrequired: A salmon meat, a pile of salt


health by 5.

Horker Ash and Yam

Stew (DR) Ingredients: Garlic, Ash Yam, Horker Meat Restores

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Health by 16 and Stamina for 12 points

Elsweyr Fondue Required ingredients: A beer, a wheel of Eidar cheese, a moon Sugar regenerates (20 for 12 minutes) and strengthens (100 for 12 minutes) Magicka.

Apple cabbage stewIngredients: Cabbage, red apple, salt pile Health +10, Resistance +15

Potato soup Ingredients: Potato, salt pile Restores stamina and health by 10 points each.

CabbageSoup Ingredients: Cabbage, Salt Pile

+10 Health, +8 Resistance Clam Soup (HF)Ingredients:

Clam meat, milk jug, potato, butter restores health and endurance by 10 points

. Carbohydrate Vapor Legs

(HF)Ingredients: Clay Carbohydrate Legs, Butter +12 Health

That’s it for our Skyrim cooking guide with tips on the best cooking recipes in Skyrim and how to cook in Skyrim.

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