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Slow cooked pheasant recipes

This slow cooker whole pheasant recipe is a family favorite! Easily made in any slow cooker or slow cooker, this hands-free meal features a tender, juicy pheasant cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce. Perfect for busy days or to serve during the holidays, this slow-cooking pheasant recipe is incredibly quick and easy to put together!

pheasant cooked in slow cooker

You may have seen whole pheasants at the grocery store and wondered how to cook them. This wild game bird can actually be cooked in the same way as regular chicken, but because pheasant is naturally denser and harder than chicken, cooking it in a slow cooker is one of the best ways to prepare it.

This cooking method ensures that the meat becomes tender while keeping it incredibly juicy and tasty. Also try my London Broil slow cooker recipe and Crockpot turkey wings. Very well!

Slow cooker meals are some of the best dinners to make during the colder months. It’s very easy to add everything to a slow cooker in the morning and then in the evening you have a wonderful meal ready to be served to your family.

whole pheasant slow cooker before cookingraw whole pheasant
in bag

The delicious smell of slow-cooked pheasant with mushroom soup cream is amazing. The earthiness of mushrooms is a perfect companion to the tender and slightly playful taste of the wild pheasant.

Perfect to serve during the holidays, this slow cooker pheasant recipe is a stress-free meal that everyone will love and enjoy.

Ingredients of the recipe

Whole pheasant Fresh or thawed. A whole pheasant usually weighs 2 to 3 pounds.

onion. It helps to soften the meat and adds a caramelized sweetness to this dish.

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Mushroom cream. A can of condensed cream of mushroom soup keeps the pheasant moist while cooking and creates a wonderful mushroom sauce mixed with the meat juices.

Worcester sauce. Add a touch of salty flavor to this cooker pheasant recipe.

salt. A little seasoning to taste.

garlic powder. Add a subtle garlic flavor to this dish.

whole bird in the clay potadd pheasant to slow cooker How
to cook whole pheasant in slow cooker

Start with thawing the bird first.

For best results and if you have time, transfer the pheasant from the freezer to the fridge a day before. It will thaw and become juicy when cooked. Just like what you do with turkey for Thanksgiving. The pheasant is much smaller.

Alternatively, simply thaw the bird on the counter or in the sink. It will take a few hours. If you are in a hurry, immerse the package in cold water and it will thaw much faster.

The recipe is very simple and will require only a few ingredients. Place the thawed pheasant in the clay pot. Add mushroom soup cream right on top. Add Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. Add garlic powder. Stir a little and close the lid.

pheasant topped with mushroom cream
add sauce ingredients

Put your slow cooker on HIGH for 5 hours or LOW for 8. Check the bird from time to time and stir the sauce so it does not burn.

I also chose not to keep the pheasant whole at the end of the cooking time. This way it is easier to serve. I cut it into pieces for convenience.

Pheasant substitutions

. Use a

whole chicken, quail or a couple of Cornish hens instead!

Worcestershire sauce. Use soy sauce, a mixture of soy sauce and tomato sauce, a splash of sherry vinegar, or just leave it out.

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Mushroom cream. Use chicken soup cream + chopped mushrooms, or make your own white mushroom sauce.

garlic. If you prefer the taste of fresh garlic, use 2 – 3 chopped garlic cloves instead of dried garlic powder.

whole bird covered in mushroom soup cream in slow cooker
stir around

Variations Don’t have a slow cooker? No problem! Add all the ingredients in a oven-safe pot and then simmer until the meat is tender.

Add vegetables like chopped potatoes, carrots, or extra mushrooms to

the slow cooker for an even filler meal.

If you find the sauce too thick, add a splash or broth of water, vegetables, or chicken to the pot to dilute it a little.

Slow cooker pheasant recipe with chopped onion


cooker pheasant with mushroom cream

Side dishes

You can use almost any side dish with this recipe since pheasant as well as chicken goes so well with everything! Try just one bowl of white rice, the rice will absorb all the juices and be more delicious! Roasted potatoes, asparagus or zucchini will be an amazing addition to this dish.

Make a classic green or healthy garden salad. Mix arugula, romaine lettuce or your favorite vegetables with slices of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions. Mix the olive oil and a touch of balsamic vinegar and drizzle it all over the salad!


I usually store leftovers from the clay pot pheasant recipe in the airtight container for up to 4 days. If you don’t have a container, simply place pheasant (with broth) in the large, zip-lock bag or deep dish and cover with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or a flat plate.

Around the holidays I may not have empty containers and I only use a medium-sized pot with a lid and keep it this way in the fridge.

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as much as we do. Rate the recipe if you made it and leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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