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Slow Cooker Bratwurst Casserole is a tasty snot stew recipe with potatoes, carrots, celery and onions cooked in a tasty tomato sauce. This is a great way to use raw and raw non-grilled brats.

I love a great deal at the grocery store. Many times, I spy on packets of raw brats marked on Aldi. If you’re like me, you’ve probably often wondered how to use raw brats other than grilled.

Now, I love a great grilled brat served on the hot dog bun, but grilling isn’t ideal in the winter here in Indiana. I’ve actually used the slow cooker to cook brats served on buns, but I’ve really been looking for a new way to eat brats.

That’s where this clay pot brat stew comes in handy.

Raw brats are cooked over a delicious stew, very reminiscent of a meat stew, using the slow cooker. Once cooked, the brats are cut into slices and then mixed with the stew.

Bratwurst slow cooker casserole

Our father is currently recovering from a hip replacement, so I’ve been leaving some food for our parents. I packed half of this clay pot bratwurst casserole, and it went well at home.

Mom and Dad really liked the taste of this easy brat casserole. This made me laugh, because the basis of the brat stew is that of mom’s 5-hour beef stew recipe she’s been making for years and years and years.

Essentially, I swapped the meat cubes for raw brats. I also used cornstarch and cold water to thicken the bratwurst stew right at the end instead of using quick-cooking tapioca like mom normally uses.

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Recipe with Bratwurst

and potatoes

This recipe with sausages and potatoes is plentiful and plentiful, making it perfect for a cold autumn or winter night. There’s something about a good stew to warm you to the bone.

The second best thing about this slow cooker is the aroma that will fill your kitchen all afternoon. I love the smells of stew floating around the house.

It reminds me of growing up on a Sunday afternoon when Mom was making stew. By the time I was ready to eat, I was starving because I had been smelling it all day.

Slow Cooker Bratwurst Casserole is a tasty recipe for brat stew with potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and brats stewed in a tasty tomato sauce. This is a great way to use raw and raw non-grilled brats.

Crock Pot Bratwurst Stew List of ingredients

Potatoes, diced Carrots, diced celery,



diced Bratwurst, raw V8


(or tomato juice)

Cornstarch water


cold salt and pepper, to taste

How to

make a brat casserole in the

clay pot To see the complete recipe quantities and instruction steps, scroll to the bottom of this page on the recipe card.

  1. Cubes of potatoes, carrots, celery and onions; Add to the clay pot insert and stir to mix
  2. . Place the

  3. raw brats on top of the vegetable mixture
  4. .

  5. Pour V8 over it
  6. .

  7. Cover and cook over high heat for 4 to 5 hours (or low for 6 to 8 hours) or until bratwurst is well cooked.
  8. Remove the brats

  9. and slice. Return the brats
  10. to the pot, Stir to mix
  11. .

  12. Combine cornstarch and cold water, stir in the bat stew
  13. .

  14. Cook over high heat for an additional 30 minutes or until slightly thickened.

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Notes on Crock Pot Bratwurst

  • Stew This brat casserole starts with raw brats
  • .

  • Leave the potato peels on the potatoes, if desired. Just make sure you wash thoroughly.
  • Regular tomato juice or Bloody Mary Mix could be used instead of V8.
  • Replace the original flavored bratwurst, if desired.
  • To make this more like a bratwurst soup, add more V8 to the recipe to dilute it.
  • This tastes great like leftovers; consider doing it ahead of time and serving later.
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  • Amazon store for our favorite pantry essentials and kitchen items.
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