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Bread pudding is a traditional and hearty British dessert. The layers of bread and fruit are soaked in a creamy cream with a hint of mixed spices and then baked long enough to place underneath and brown on top. It is sweet, indulgent and extremely satisfying! This Crockpot bread pudding recipe is an easy “throw it in the pot” recipe with delicious results.

Close-up of Crockpot Bread Pudding drizzled with cream.

Bread and butter pudding is something that brings a surge of nostalgia every time I eat it. The smell of cooking fills the kitchen with such an amazing homely aroma of fruit and spices. Instant memories of lazy Sunday afternoons!

What makes a good Crockpot bread pudding?

A good bread pudding should be soft and soft underneath where the bread has absorbed all the cream.

It should also have a crispy layer on top where the edges of the bread have been toasted and the sugar has crystallized slightly. Just a touch of spice creates that amazing aroma.

Doing these things well makes for truly delicious pudding! The good thing is that all of this can be achieved in the slow cooker with very little effort.

Close-up aerial view of slow-cooker bread pudding with currants scatteredWhy make bread pudding in the slow cooker


Three surprising things about making bread pudding in the slow cooker:

  1. It’s easy to make, without stirring over the stove or baking. Literally some mixture to make the custard and then throw everything in the pot and wait.
  2. It’s made up of ingredients you’ll definitely have in the cupboard, and it’s a perfect way to use slightly old bread.
  3. It’s not just a dessert, why not serve it with fresh fruit and syrup for an indulgent breakfast?
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Side view of a piece of slow cooker bread pudding.

Ingredients in

bread pudding

Aerial view of all the ingredients needed to make a slow cooker bread pudding

All you will need is:

  • Bread (I opt for thickly cut white bread)
  • Cream
  • of egg milk

  • (substitute with a little more milk if you want a lighter option!)
  • Mixed sugar spices
  • (

  • I used Bart Mixed Spice which is a mixture of coriander, cinnamon, dill seed, ginger, caraway, orange peel, cloves and nutmeg
  • )

  • Sultanas (or if you have raisins, streams or even mixed dried fruits in the cupboard, these will work too)

How to make a slow-cooker bread pudding

is ridiculously easy.

Start by cutting the white bread with butter into squares and layering them in a greased slow cooker. Disperse the sultanas so that they are evenly distributed across the layers.

Aerial view of creating a cooker bread pudding, layering the bread with sultanas

Next, mix the egg, milk, cream, sugar, and butter in a bowl, making sure the eggs are well beaten. Add the mixed spice.

Aerial view of a custard mixture in a bowl

Pour the cream mixture over the bread into the pot. Make sure each piece is soaked, this will really help it fuse and create that soft center.

However, custard should not completely submerge the bread during cooking, as in the picture. Sprinkle some more sugar, turn on the slow cooker and wait.

Aerial view of creating bread pudding, pouring pastry cream over bread.

The result will be a beautiful golden pudding! The edges will be slightly golden and move away from the sides of the pot.

To further crunch the top before serving, place each piece you cut under a medium grill for a minute or two.

A finished bread pudding cooked in a cooking pot.

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