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Slow cooker chicken taco recipe with salsa

~ With only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes of preparation, these EASY and delicious chicken tacos are an absolute lifesaver on busy nights! Enjoy them very simply, only rolled into tortillas… Or create a festive taco bar with your family’s favorite ingredients! (Originally published January 8, 2014. The text and photos have been updated, but the recipe remains the same.) ~

This recipe: • Includes advance preparation steps

Overhead photo of a clay-pot chicken taco, opened to show chicken topped with a variety of Mexican ingredients.

We all have that recipe.

The one that doesn’t even require a glance at the prescription card. The one that is your reservation and always saves the day when you have no idea what’s for dinner. You know what I mean.

In our house, these Crock-Pot chicken tacos (also known as Crock Pot chicken tacos OR slow cooker chicken tacos OR just “Oh Yum”!) really are “that” recipe.

The one that never stops being incredible.

The one that always excites us to eat.

Want to get really excited, too? Then check out our video tutorial on how ridiculously easy this recipe is! (While your belly rumbles and begs you to do this as soon as possible, and maybe drool a little on your screen.)

Video Tutorial

It’s always that good!

True story: When my little ones rush into the house after school, if their first smell of home is the amazing aromas of these chicken tacos… well, they make that silly fist pump movement where they make a fist and say “YES!!!” while pumping an arm up and down.

aha… that really happens… Because it’s so good.

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A stack of 3 clay pot chicken tacos on a long serving plate, made very simply with just the slow-cooking chicken taco meat wrapped in corn tortillas.

I was sure everyone on earth had the recipe for my choice. It was very popular on Pinterest 8 or 9 years ago, and I tell almost everyone I talk to. So, I assumed that everyone must do this constantly.

I guess not!

When I first mentioned this recipe to Shelley, she looked at me like she was crazy. I had never heard of it!

(When this happens, I joke that she lives under a rock. She knows a lot about so many things, and has tried almost every food known to man, so if I come up with something new for her, I do my own little dance. Well, it’s more of me just clicking on my heels. Very well. I usually high-five. Myself.)

Ok, anyway…

If Shelley didn’t know anything about this, we realized that surely there must be others out there whose lives have a similar hole. But no more… Today we are going to fix that!

So this recipe. This is the one I do everything. the. Hour.

The best part of all

The absolute best part?

It goes in the clay pot. Yes, folks. We are talking about a 5-minute preparation, and then you let your slow cooker work its magic.

You will only need another 5 minutes to finish the chicken tacos before sitting down to eat. Serious.

These clay pot chicken tacos served on whole wheat tortillas, instead of corn. Lined in a serving dish and sprinkled with lettuce, cheese and tomato. I went back


checked my Pinterest boards, my pins, my notes, and I can’t figure out who to credit for this amazing recipe. In my research, I saw a reference that Weight Watchers had a recipe like this years ago, so we decided it must have been the genesis of the whole idea. But a Google search and a search on the Weight Watchers site didn’t yield a recipe similar to what we could link to for this. Oh well… Let’s give them credit, anyway!

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Tried and re-tested… And it never fails

In typical THK style, we both needed to try this recipe before sharing it with all of you. You know we tried… and test… and try again.

At first, Shelley was a little skeptical that something so incredibly simple could taste so good. But, she called me before her family finished eating.

Loved. I love it.

I’m so excited that your family gave the go-ahead (possibly with fist bombs too), because now I can share this recipe with you!

Ok. Get your pens and paper, because you’ll want to take really good notes here.


How to Make Clay Pot Chicken Tacos (Easier Instructions!)

1. Put the chicken in your slow cooker.

2. Top with taco seasoning.

3. Cover with a jar of sauce.

4. Stay away… and come back when it’s dinner time.

Close-up of two forks crumbling the chicken with the cooked taco in the clay pot. 5. Shred


chicken and serve. (And be prepared for the first bombs.)

Did you understand all that? Should I go through it again?

Yes. It’s that simple!

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How to serve your tacos

The options here are virtually endless… and it’s totally up to you!

• You can simply roll the chicken taco meat into a tortilla and call it a day. You don’t really need anything else.

• But, you can definitely get everything fancy and add the extra ingredients you want, maybe reduced-fat cheese and sour cream, grated lettuce, chopped tomatoes… There is no wrong answer here. And, it’s wonderful that everyone at the table can make their own tacos, exactly how they like them. Happy children, happy parents, happy everyone!

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On top of 3 clay pot chicken tacos made on a white piece of parchment, each showing a different combination of ingredients.

• This is a great option for family parties and taco bars, too. Make a slow cooker filled with delicious chicken taco meat and let your guests have fun creating their own masterpieces (while relaxing, stress-free and enjoying the party)!

• Or get rid of the tortillas and serve your shredded chicken stacked in a taco salad. Maybe some whole grain tortilla chips tucked aside. Fabulous!

• And speaking of tortilla chips, you could even use your chicken to top baked nachos for a great appetizer on game day, kind of like we do with our buffalo chicken nachos.

Also, as if this couldn’t get better, taco chicken meat also heats up very well. Therefore, it is perfect for preparing meals and preparing advance meals for busy weeks.

I certainly believe that this will become your reference recipe.

Shelley did it several times since that first night (fist-bomb). And I know it will soon be your favorite too!

Close-up of a clay pot chicken taco, opened with lots of ingredients sprinkled over the chicken, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream. Looking for more clay pot chicken


that make your life EASY?

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