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15 Ways to Use Your Slow Cooker This Christmas that Will Make Cooking for a Crowd Much Easier!

For me, Christmas is hands down the best time of year when it comes to food!

I love nothing more than having family and friends celebrating with lots of festive food and drink.

But when you’re catering to a crowd, you might find that you don’t have enough space to cook for all the dishes you want to prepare.

This is when my faithful old slow cooker comes into play. Having one (or even several!) slow cookers on the go can free up valuable kitchen space and make cooking for a large group much easier.

Here are 15 delicious recipes you can make on your slow cooker this Christmas.


Eve Slow Cooker Recipes

If you have family or friends staying since Christmas Eve, then make your life a little easier by cooking a big meal in the slow cooker


You can do all the preparation in the morning and then head out and enjoy the festivities before heading home with a delicious meal cooked and ready to serve.

My favorite Slow Cooker recipes for Christmas Eve are:


cooker chicken


Without chopping, without frying, hung all the ingredients in the slow cooker and let him do his thing. This is literally the easiest casserole recipe you’ll ever make!

Slow Cooker Beef CasseroleFancy

meat instead? Try this easy recipe for meat casserole cooked in the slow cooker. Delicious and very warm, perfect for a simple but tasty Christmas Eve meal.

Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli

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A super simple and delicious meat and broccoli recipe. This is so easy to do, just throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker or slow cooker and let it cook all day.

Slow cooker ragu A super

easy slow cooker ragout


. It makes a great family meal that everyone will enjoy!

Holiday Slow Cooker Drinks

If you’re throwing a Christmas party, why not use your slow cooker to keep some delicious drinks warm? It will save you heating and then the rise individually.

Slow Cooking

mulled wine

Use this recipe to make your own homemade mulled wine syrup. Then, simply put it in the slow cooker with some red wine over low heat until it warms up. Switch to the “keep warm” setting. You can keep filling it out too!

Slow Cooker Mint Hot Chocolate

Similar to mulled wine, you can use this recipe for a delicious hot mint chocolate in a large batch in the slow cooker. Add all the ingredients and simmer until everything is mixed and the milk is hot but not boiling. Switch to the “keep warm” setting.

Christmas Day Slow


Start Recipes

Christmas Day There are plenty of recipes you can make in the slow cooker, including starters, main courses, and side dishes.

They will free up space in your main kitchen, but also free up your time as they require minimal supervision!

Slow cooker Potato

Soup Cream This recipe can be easily adapted to make in the slow cooker. Once you have fried the onions, transfer them to the slow cooker with the potatoes and broth and simmer for about 3 hours before blitzing. Add the cream and butter at the end.

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Butternut SlowCooker

Pumpkin Soup

Once you have fried the vegetables and spices, add them to the slow cooker with the pumpkin, coconut milk and broth and simmer for about 3 hours before blitzing.

Christmas Day Slow cooker

Side dishes Recipes

Slow cooker Brussels sprouts We all know it wouldn’t be Christmas without traditional

Brussels sprouts


but did you know you can cook them in the slow cooker? They can even be cooked frozen! Slow Cooker

Mac & Cheese

If you prefer a less traditional side dish this Christmas, Why not try my Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese recipe? So easy to make and perfect for feeding a large crowd.

Christmas Day Slow cooker

Main recipes Slow cooker



This is my most popular Christmas recipe every year. Making your ham in the slow cooker frees up your oven for turkey and roasted potatoes. It also makes a deliciously tender and juicy ham that you can then put in the oven for the last 20 minutes with a frosting on top.


you prefer beef on Christmas Day,

this delicious recipe slowly cooks beef breast in a tasty red wine broth.

Boxing Day Slow Cooker Recipes

Once Christmas Day is over and dusted, you’ll probably never want to see a kitchen again! If you’re still entertaining guests, make your life a little easier and make one of these “dump and run” recipes.


cooker lamb curry

A curry is sure to be a treat with a crowd on Boxing Day and this slow cooker recipe makes lamb more tender


Slow cooker chicken fajitas These fajitas

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make a light and refreshing change from all that heavy Christmas food. You can even use leftover turkey instead of chicken.

Slow Cooker Dumpling Gnocchi Soup

Impress your guests with a delicious hot soup that is so easy to make but also very filling. Perfect to return home after a long walk for Boxing Day.


tomato and basil paste sauce

If you’re totally fed up with turkey and sprouts for Boxing Day, try this tomato basil paste sauce instead. It’s so easy to make, just throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker and you’ll have a delicious rich sauce ready to mix with freshly cooked pasta.

If you have more recipe ideas you can make on your slow cooker this Christmas, share them in the comment below!

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Healthier Christmas Recipes

: Our healthiest Christmas recipes are full of festive flavor and with a healthier twist on some classic recipes, you can enjoy them without feeling like you’ve fallen into a post-meal coma!

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