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A giant slow-cooker chocolate chip cookie, served hot with ice cream and chocolate sauce, are you drooling yet? What’s amazing is that you cook the cookie in your slow cooker so you can go and go about your household chores while you wait for it to bake, and it won’t burn!

Slow Cooker Giant Chocolate Chip and Sultana Cookie

Then, when it’s ready to serve, just take it out of your slow cooker, add your ingredients, and you and your friends (will share this, right?) can dive straight in.

Read on for my recipe for a giant slow-cooking chocolate chip cookie!

Slow Cooker Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Delicious hot cookie dough, filled with chocolate chips and simply asking for a spoon so you can dig


It’s perfect for a weekend dessert, I think, or a decadent weekday treat too. Let’s face it, any day would be better off with this on your plate!

You can also let the cookie cool and cut it into slices if you prefer, although I like to serve it hot with ice cream and chocolate sauce or whipped cream and salted caramel sauce.

Giant slow cooker with ice cream and chocolate sauce

About an inch or more thick, this cookie is perfect for an indulgent dessert. If you spend time on Pinterest like me, you’ll have seen the pan/pan versions of these giant cookies.

However, I love the slow cook method as it doesn’t risk burning as much. You get nice crispy edges and the middle is very smooth.

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  • Butter – I tend to use unsalted butter, if you’ve salted it, feel free to use it instead, just leave out the salt.
  • Light moscovado sugar / light brown sugar – If you can get clear muscovado sugar where it is found, use it, the taste is better than normal light brown sugar.
  • Caster / superfine sugar – this recipe uses a mixture of sugars, to obtain the taste of light brown sugar and the texture that white sugar brings
  • .

  • Eggs Vanilla extract – to add flavor to cookie dough. Use vanilla extract or vanilla paste instead of essence which is synthetic.
  • Simple/all-purpose flour: Used in cookies, as it doesn’t need it to rise like it would for a cake.
  • Baking powder: A little baking powder is used to avoid a very dense texture.
  • Salt – skip if you use salted butter; salt balances sweetness.
  • Chocolate chips:

  • Use your favorite chocolate chips: dark, milky, or even white. Alternatively, use chopped chocolate.
  • Optional – raisins or sultanas
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How to make a cookie in your slow cooker It is possible to make a giant cookie in a slow cooker,

as you can see in these photos


Here’s how to make a giant slow cooker cookie:

Make your cookie dough (get the instructions on the recipe card below, or you can use ready-made cookie dough for a shortcut). Grease and cover your slow


  1. with baking paper or similar. Press
  2. the

  3. dough
  4. in the pot onto the baking paper
  5. .

  6. Cook for 3 hours over low heat
  7. .

  8. Leave the lid ajar for the last half hour.
  9. Remove the pot from

  10. the slow cooker and let it cool slightly
  11. .

  12. Place the giant cookie on a cooling rack.
  13. Try not to burn your fingers and enjoy the hot cookie with ice cream and chocolate sauce!

Slow Cooker Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

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photos Original photos

from the

February 2014 version of this post for posterity. Which one do you prefer?!


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Choc Chip and Sultana Giant Cookie by BakingQueen74″ />

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Slow Cooker Giant Choc Chip Cookie


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