29 Slow Cooker Super Bowl Recipes To Start Now & Savor At Game

Slow cooker football recipes

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The thing about hosting a Super Bowl party is that any interest in football is entirely optional. Everyone knows that these holidays are mostly about food. (At least, that’s what I tell myself.) As with any party, accommodation is much easier if you choose a few recipes that can be made in advance. Luckily, there’s no shortage of easy, delicious slow-cooking Super Bowl recipes.

Hearty football snacks are excellent slow cooker candidates overall. Shredded pork stew or beef sliders are best made in the slow cooker. Cheese sauces are easy to put together in the slow cooker, and it’s a great way to keep them warm until overtime. And, there are plenty of less obvious Super Bowl slow-cooking recipes that can add variety to your game-day propagation: homemade mix of Chex, spicy dumplings, and tasty chili, just to name a few.

Super Bowl Slow Cooker Recipes Slow Cooker 29 Super Bowl Slow Cooker Recipes to Start Now and Savor at Game Time

Oh, and if you don’t already have a slow cooker, it’s not too late to buy one on Amazon with Prime Shipping, so you’ll get it before the game! Whether you’re throwing a party, heading to a meal, or just need something to snack on while watching the game on your couch, these 29 Super Bowl slow cooker recipes range from snacks to meal-worthy meals. Even if you don’t care less about sports, these snacks will help you get through the game.

1. Layered Chili of Cowboy Caviar

This “layered” chili literally requires no stirring. Simply place everything on top of each other in the slow cooker and let it sit for four hours. The end result is a melted mixture of cheese, ground beef and sweet onions.

2. Slow cooker Barbecue Pulled Pork

You need a shredded pork dish on your table this Sunday, I don’t make the rules. The homemade sauce in this recipe is packed with ingredients like maple syrup, orange juice (and garlic!), for a sour, sweet taste that’s to die for.

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3. Slow Cook Chili

This is the basic chili recipe to finish all the basic chili recipes, and it is gluten-free! The dried herbs in this recipe give the resulting chili a flavor that warms you from the inside. I like to cover my bowl with sour cream and avocado to give it a refreshing touch, but the best thing about chili is that it is fully customizable.

4. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Say hello to a healthier alternative to your usual buffalo chicken dish. Lettuce replaces the need for bread or rice and makes them portable to eat on your walk to and from the kitchen to take seconds.

5. Drunken Bean Soup

with Bacon

Why is this recipe called “drunken bean soup”? Because beans are made with a 12 oz. bottle of beer, of course! There’s no more Super Bowl than beans and beer, so I’ll be adding this to my lineup this year.

6. South Philadelphia-style Italian Shredded Pork

This game with the classic shredded pork sandwich is a great way to stay out of the kitchen during the big game. The bone-in pig shoulder is cooked for eight hours (or overnight, if you’re in the mood to plan ahead). Just keep everything warm during the game and have your friends build their own sandwiches during trading breaks.

7. White Chicken Chili

Chili is the cold weather essentials you should have on hand, especially Super Bowl Sunday. This version of Fit Forty Forever is made with chicken breast is a little lighter than its usual selection. Plus, it’s a great alternative to turkey or beef chili.

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8. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken sauce

is a Super Bowl staple. Level up with this recipe of set it and forget it that cooks for more than four hours. The end result? Tender chicken and sticky cheese that will satisfy any hungry fan.

9. Chicken Breast Lettuce Wraps

with Teriyaki

If you’ve had enough spicy buffalo-flavored foods in your life, this teriyaki chicken recipe will be a welcome alternative to keep in your recipe book. The chicken is super juicy and moist (obviously, it’s made in a slow cooker!) but the sweet and spicy icing is perfect if your friends don’t love super hot wings.

10. Slow Cook French Dip

These tasty French sauce sandwiches are the perfect gift for any guest to drink and eat while watching the big game


11. Kielbasa Bites slow cooker

I’m already drooling. These easy slow pot kielbasa bites are the perfect snack or snack to have on hand for all your meat-eating guests.

12. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

Even game days need some vegetables, but at least this pumpkin cheese macaroni allows you to hide them under a sticky goodness

. 13.

Buffalo Chicken Chili

A bowl of this slow-cooking buffalo chicken chili is the perfect way to get things started


14. Sweet potatoes stuffed with

chicken buffalo

This healthy slow-cooking chicken buffalo sweet potato recipe is great for weeknight’s dinner, but it also has enough strength to make a splash at your Super Bowl party


15. Chex Blend

The advantage of making your own Chex blend is being able to control the levels of salt, spices and sweetness


16. Sausages

and peppers

Nothing says “GAME TIME!” like slow cooking sausage and peppers served on a delicious roll


17. Buffalo Chicken Dip

No football party is complete without buffalo chicken sauce. And really, all parties are worse off without it.

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18. Chili Cheese Dogs

Make sure you have plenty of napkins to deal with the dangers of these deliciously messy chili cheese dogs


19. Italian Meatballs

Serve these slow-cooking Italian dumplings on sliding rolls, with thick slices of French bread or, you know, alone


20. Copycat

Chili’s Cheese

This compelling Chili’s cheese imitator could be more exciting than the game

. 21. Hawaiian Shredded

Pork Sliders

These slow-cooking sweet-salty shredded pork sliders work as an appetizer or main course


22. Buffalo chicken wings

You can never eat too much buffalo sauce at a football party. Also, chicken wings are the best food to watch parties.

23. Taco Dip

Instead of taking up tons of space with a full taco bar, toss everything into a slow cooker and serve this taco sauce

. 24. Meat sliders with pickled peppers

Abundant rolls are key to the success of these tender slow-cooked meat sliders with pickled peppers


25. Honey-Sriracha Little Smokies

Some people love to serve small sausages on sticks at parties, others don’t. Either way, these little smoked slow-cooking Sriracha honey are well worth a try.

26. Buffalo chicken sliders

I said there was no such thing as too much buffalo sauce, I really meant it. These slow-cooking chicken sliders also get a satisfying crunch from sliced cabbage.

27. Sticky bacon-bacon whiskey dumplings

? Check. Bourbon? Check. Meat? Check. It’s amazing that this little plate of slow-cooking dumplings can cover so many bases at once.

28. Philly Cheesesteak


Dip any starchy container you want in this slow-cooked Philadelphia cheesesteak sauce




Bacon is a good ingredient, but take things to the next level for great wine and fill your potato skins loaded with carnitas, instead.

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