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So excited to announce… my BOOK is already in the world! Check out The Greek Slow Cooker on major international book retailer sites (some photos are also included at the bottom of this page) and, if you’re impressed enough, maybe ask for a copy! (I hope you’re impressed enough!)

The idea for this book came a long time ago, when I was first experimenting with the slow cooker and trying to make simple everyday dishes from scratch. For a while things weren’t going so well. But then I found some decent recipes and got the hang of it. I remember that one of my first successes was stuffed zucchini (zucchini) in egg and lemon sauce. He was ecstatic. I’m not sure anyone on the planet has been so happy to cook any stuffed vegetables. That put me on the path of trying numerous Greek classics and discovering that, actually, Greek cuisine is very well suited to this method.

The Greek slow cooker is a collection of food recipes that one would find on a Greek family table, in Greece, today. Most of them are quite traditional (Greeks, after all, love our classics) but some have interesting twists. What excites me the most is that many of these dishes are not what you would expect from a slow cooker! Yes, we have meaty soups and stews (Avgolemono chicken and Yiouvetsi beef, please get up), but we also have a cake without crust or two (someone from Spanakopita?), some egg recipes (Froutalia comes in, a delicious omelette with sausages and potatoes, yes, you can cook eggs in a slow cooker), several seafood options (hint: not just fish), lots of vegetables and legumes (vegetarians I’m watching you!) aaaay…. sweets! We can’t have a cookbook without candy now, can we? (I wait for you to try Portokalopita, also known as orange cake.) Do things you never imagined, using the best kitchen gadget ever invented!

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I can also say that I am truly

honored that these truly amazing ladies took a look inside the book, and I am humbled by their words:

“I love Eleni’s approach to Greek dishes; The recipes are accessible and feasible even if you’re not a professional in the kitchen.” -Linda Lomelino, author of Lomelino’s Pies and creator of Call Me Cupcake (

“Eleni has taken amazing Greek dishes and made them more accessible to easily cook on weekdays. I’m so excited to be able to make some of my favorites (hello, spinach, and feta cake) in the slow cooker!” -Jessica Merchant, author of The Pretty Dish and creator of How Sweet Eats (

“Anyone who likes slow cooker and enjoys Greek food will find many delicious ideas in this book!” -Kalyn Denny, creator of Slow Cooker or Pressure Cooker (

“This stunning cookbook will delight more than just your sense of taste. Eleni’s attention to detail is exquisite, her explanations and notes for almost every recipe make this a very useful book to have in your collection.” -Holly Erickson and Natalie Mortimer, creators of The Modern Proper (

) “

Eleni has brought all the heart and soul of Greek cuisine to our table through the comfort of slow cooker.” -Bella Karragiannidis, creator of Ful-Filled (

“Elini’s magnificent and innovative book makes ingenious use of the slow cooker. Braised octopus, steamed spinach cake and wet grit cake should be everyone’s new slow-cooking staples.” -Sarah DiGregorio, author of Adventures in Slow Cooking (see more


Here are some links where you can get your copy today!

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