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Slow cooker hawaiian pineapple chicken recipe

This sweet and sticky slow-cooking Hawaiian chicken is a delicious dish that goes great on a bed of rice.

If you love

sweet dishes, then you are going to love this recipe. It has a fantastic sauce that combines pineapple juice, soy, ketchup, brown sugar and honey. This combination gives you a rich and charming sauce that will make you back for seconds.

You will be able to feed approximately six people using this recipe without any adjustment. You can easily double or triple the recipe if you need to feed more people. Alternatively, some side dishes are a great way to feed a crowd.


are so many sides that you can serve with this chicken. Below are just a couple of my favorite side dishes for this type of food.

I usually make some rice to accompany this chicken, as it is easy to cook in a rice cooker. For something a little healthier than rice, you can try making some cauliflower rice.

The fried vegetables are great on the side and pair nicely with this Hawaiian chicken. I recommend frying a variety of vegetables like broccoli, green beans, baby spinach, and some Brussels sprouts.

For a super healthy accompaniment, you can make some zucchini noodles. For the best noodles, you will need equipment called a spiralizer. The spiralizer is super easy to use, and you can turn a lot of vegetables into delicious noodles.

Modifying the Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

There are some tweaks you can make to this recipe to make it more to your liking. Below are a couple of suggestions on what you can do.

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You don’t need to add the peppers in the slow cooker if you don’t like them. You’ll lose a bit of flavor, but it’ll still be great thanks to the tasty chunks of onion, chicken, and pineapple.

The chicken thigh is my suggested cut of chicken, but other cuts of chicken will turn out great too. For example, chicken thighs, breasts or chicken wings will also work very well with the flavors of the sauce.

Ketchup can be easily replaced with a tomato sauce or tomato paste. For best results, I recommend sticking with ketchup, but the other alternatives will work great.

One thing to keep in mind with slow-cooked chicken recipes is that the meat can dry out a bit and overcook. To prevent this from happening, try not to cook for longer than recommended. Six hours or more can result in overcooked chicken.

Be sure to let us know if you have any other suggestions regarding this recipe, as we’d love to hear it.

How long to

keep leftovers

This dish is leftover friendly, so you can store leftovers in the fridge or freezer. If you’re just storing it in the refrigerator, it will last for a couple of days. Alternatively, it will last about six months in the freezer.

When you go to reheat leftover chicken, I recommend using the microwave or a hot oven. I don’t recommend using a slow cooker to reheat cooked meals.

If you want to see how to make this Hawaiian chicken in the slow cooker, be sure to watch the video below. It will take you through all the steps to make this delicious slow cooker recipe.

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slow cooker

chicken recipes If you love sweet chicken

dishes like this, then I recommend you check out sweet and sour chicken. It also goes perfectly with a little rice and is easy to make.

Another recipe that I think you will like is orange chicken. It is sweet and has many lovely orange flavors from jam. I personally love the recipe and highly recommend trying it.


hope you and your family enjoy this slow-cooked Hawaiian chicken as much as I do. I’m always open to comments, tips, and variations, so if you have any, be sure to leave a comment right below.

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