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Slow cooker italian vegetarian recipes

The beauty of the Crockpot is that, most of the time, you can throw everything away and walk away.

These Italian slow cooker recipes are no exception, and all you’ll need is to flip the switch and let it work its magic.

<img src="" alt="Parmesan chicken with

marinara sauce and pasta” />Even pasta

cooks straight in the pot for most of them, and we all know that slow cooking is the best way to make your meat super tender


So whether you’re looking for a rich pasta sauce or a full-blown lasagna, this list has you covered


1. Alfredo slow cooker


Who doesn’t love creamy Alfredo sauce with pasta al dente and roast chicken? It’s the closest thing to perfection the food gets if you ask me!

You will notice that the chicken needs a quick seal before adding it to the pot. That’s optional but highly recommended for maximum flavor.

Then cook with heavy cream, chicken broth, butter and garlic until tender, and then add the pasta right at the end, so that it does not overcook.

2. Slow

cooker lasagna

Have you ever cooked lasagna in the oven only for the edges to burn and the middle is still cold?

Slow cookers use evenly distributed heat, so everything is cooked at the same time


You will use unboiled lasagna noodles for this, which go raw and crispy. Just divide them to fit in the corners.

3. Slow cooker spaghetti


When I make sauce on the stove, I usually leave it cooking for at least an hour. Maybe two if I forget about it.

I think it’s best when it simmers so that all the ingredients can marry


So, it makes sense that the slow cooker is the perfect appliance!

Not only will you cook your sauce to perfection, but you also won’t have to worry about red splash marks on your splash protector


4. Slow Cooking Beef Ragu Ragu


similar to Bolognese sauce, with the biggest difference being that the former is thicker and uses red wine to make it more decadent.

Ragout is supposed to be very meaty, and this recipe more than delivers! Instead of ground beef, you’ll use beef breast or round roast.

After a few hours in the pot, it will absolutely melt in the mouth.

5. Shells stuffed with clay pot

I still remember trying to fill pasta shells and struggling to get the spoon inside


Then, when I saw someone wearing a piping bag, I had a serious moment in the palm of my face. Of course!

The good thing about this dish is that you can easily do it ahead. Refill the shells and then store them in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat.

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Since the slow cooker will heat everything evenly, you won’t have to worry about those in the middle being cold.

6. Minestrone Soup

The soup is Crockpot’s best friend


There’s nothing better than throwing a bunch of ingredients into the pot of broth and returning to a comforting bowl of goodness


Minestrone is especially delicious, thanks to the small bites of pasta, white beans, and loads of herbs


7. Crock Pot Pizza Casserole

I prefer to think of this as pizza-pasta, but you can call it whatever you want


As you might have guessed, it’s the perfect mix of hearty pasta and delicious pizza flavors


Basically, you’ll use marinara and pasta and then load it with lots of cheese and lots of pepperoni.

I preferred it without the ground beef, but that’s my personal preference.


think it would work if you’re recreating a meat-style pizza, but then I’d also add sausages


8. Crock Pot Italian Sloppy


If you’re looking for a classic sloppy Joe that’s perhaps a little lighter, you’ll have to try this turkey version


I love ground turkey (and chicken) because they are wonderfully lean and super tasty.

Not to mention, you can barely tell what meat it is when you mix it with bell peppers, crushed tomatoes, rosemary, and cracked fresh pepper.

9. Soft and creamy slow cooker polenta

I have a dangerous weakness for polenta. When it’s made with cream and cheese, I just can’t get enough.

As with rice, you’ll first want to cook the polenta in broth and then add the cream at the end.


always use a lot of freshly grated Parmesan for this (and I mean many). But you can also use cheddar, gouda or even Monterey Jack if you want it spicy.

10. Tortellini pasta with slow cook cheese

is great. It’s cheap, easy to cook, and a pretty safe dinner option no matter who you’re cooking for.

But if you like your homemade food with added convenience, you have to try making your next pasta meal with three-cheese tortellini


You can even get spinach and cheese tortellini that I like to use for extra nutrients and sneaky


11. Italian Spaghetti Pumpkin

If you’ve never tried spaghetti pumpkin before, you’re really missing


Not only can it easily intervene as a low-carb pasta alternative, but it’s also super delicious


When it’s cooked, you can shred the meat as you would a cut of pork. As it moves away from the crust, it looks like thin noodles.

I usually bake it with lots of butter and garlic, but you get a full meal in one go with this recipe


12. Italian slow cook mushrooms

I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious

these mushrooms came out.

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Although, I have to admit, seeing only three ingredients on the list made me skeptical


Especially since one of those ingredients turns out to be the Italian dressing mix


My mind immediately went to something spicy and loaded with vinegar


Fortunately, this alone contains a beautiful mixture of herbs and spices that cause these mushrooms to die.

13. Easy Crockpot lasagna


Remember those three-cheese ravioli I talked about earlier? Well, they’re not just for simple pasta.

If you use them instead of lasagna slices, you get the pasta and cheese layer in one.

And the best part is that they are frozen. So there’s no need to thaw or cook them before layering them in the slow cooker.

14. Slow cooker Tomato basil soup


years of eating spicy and overly acidic tomato soups, I’m a bit picky and almost always choose to make it myself. After

all, tomato soup can be amazing when you make it right. But when you do it wrong, it’s like sipping diluted ketchup.

If you want to take this to another level, try roasting fresh tomatoes with onion and garlic. It adds a fantastic depth of flavor.

15. Crockpot Italian Zucchini Casserole

One thing I love about pasta is how versatile it is


You can easily add all kinds of vegetables to the mix and even swap the meat for a vegan alternative without changing the entire recipe


In this case, you can use “ground beef” tofu, and to keep it low in carbohydrates, try using cauliflower rice instead of white.

When you add zucchini, if you cut it small enough, it will melt more or less in the sauce. Or, keep it big for a nice extra crunch.

16. Crock Pot Zuppa Tuscany

I first had this at Olive Garden years and years ago, and I often think about how good it was


It’s nice and filling, thanks to the potatoes, and I love the use of sausages, which has much more flavor than old ground beef.

When you start cooking, take out the cream and leave it on the counter.

That way, when you get to add it to the pot, it will be hotter and should not curdle


17. Slow cookers (Italian style)

Dumplings are a big favorite in my house, no matter how they come. Of course, I’m partial to glazed barbecue, but we also love sweet chili.

Still, I have to say that these are much more versatile.

You can use them with pasta or in a submarine for lunch and even cut them and put them on pizza.

And again, you can easily make them with lean turkey instead of beef or pork, since you’ll probably drown them in sauce anyway, right?

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18. Cacciatore Slow Cooker Chicken

This hunter’s stew is rich, deeply tasty, and full of homely comforts


It always used to be made with rabbit, hence the name cacciatore, which means “hunter” in Italian


It is now most commonly served with slow-cooked chicken.

Onions and peppers are a must, and I like the earthy taste you get from adding mushrooms, but feel free to make this your own.

19. Slow cooker risotto

with pumpkin Although this slow cooker risotto

isn’t as creamy

as the guy you slave on the stove, it more than makes up for it with how easy it is to make


However, you should start on the stove, as toasting rice is the best way to make sure it comes out perfectly every time.

And if you’re worried about it being less creamy, don’t be. That’s what goat cheese is for!

20. Farro

slow cooker with cherry tomatoes and basil Farro

looks like thick rice, but I think it has a texture closer to pasta when cooked


It is chewy, slightly nutty and full of integral goodness such as protein and fiber.

Gram for gram, farro has much more going for it than rice, pasta and even quinoa, although it is a whole grain and therefore not gluten-free.

Still, as a side dish, it’s delicious. For this recipe, you will add it to a slow cooker with onion, tomatoes and water.

Then, when it’s cooked, you’ll mix it with Parmesan cheese


21. Chicken Skinny Slow Cooker Puttanesca

Among tomatoes, garlic, olives, capers, anchovies and red pepper flakes, this dish has a big impact


It’s sour and salty, but not too much, and I love how anchovies melt in the sauce


To balance the brackish taste, you will add sugar, and I also added a good amount of cracked pepper. Just remember that you don’t need extra salt!


Lazy slow pot

eggplant casserole

The only complaint I often have when I eat eggplant parm is that the eggplant is overcooked and mushy


When that happens, the whole dish becomes soft and moist


That’s why I like this version so much. When you add those fantastic thick portabellos to the mix, there’s a layer of fleshiness in every bite.

23. Simple Crock Pot Italian Beef Stew

It’s safe to say we’ve seen the last warm weather this year. So, it’s officially the season for soups and stews.

And is there anything more comforting and indulgent than a hearty stew

of meat?

Red wine is used for its taste, depth, and color, but if you’re not a wine lover, there’s no need to go out and buy a bottle just for this


Use a good quality beef broth instead. Something nice and dark should do the trick.

Italian slow cooking recipes

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