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Slow cooker oxtail recipe with gravy

Video Slow cooker oxtail recipe with gravy

These slow cooker oxtails are easy to make and are served tender, juicy and fall off the bone thanks to slow cooking. Combine them with mashed potatoes, carrots and homemade sauce.

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slow cooker oxtails with mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and carrots on a plate” />

Bulltails are the best comfort food! I love adding broth and carrots and letting it cook long and slow like a stew!


Oxtails can be found throughout Southern and Jamaican cuisine, as meat consumption dates back to a time when no part of the animal was left for waste. The cut comes from the cow’s tail after being skinned. From there, it’s cut into round sections

that have tons of gelatin, collagen, and nutrients. I love saving leftover broth from oxtail recipes for bone broth! You will see the liquid gold left in the pot after preparing these. Liquid gold simply refers to gelatin and nutrients.

raw oxtails in a glass bowl

How Does it Taste?

Bulltails have a rich meat flavor. They are served tender and taste similar to short ribs or a tender, juicy roast, but much better.

Where to buy them

/ How to pick them up and buy them

I can grab oxtails from a local grocery store near my house, they usually specialize in selling cuts of meat like this. You may have to call to find them. I’ve also noticed them in some Asian markets and even Walmart. The price per pound is often expensive. I usually see them for $10-12 per pound.

Always look for meatier pieces while shopping. It can often be found to be sold in sections. There is only one tail on the cow, resulting in a thin side versus a thick side. In general, oxtail does not have a ton of meat.

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fresh carrots, onions, broth and spices in separate bowls

How to season

and add flavor

There are many ways to season these. Feel free to use any of your favorite meat massages. I have two favorite methods.

One is with Creole seasoning, smoked paprika, salt and pepper.

The other is the Jamaican style using my homemade jerk seasoning and rubbing.

oxtails seasoned raw in a glass bowlHow to make slow cooker oxtails

Detailed measurements and full instructions can be found on the recipe card at the bottom of this post

. Pour the broth into the slow



  1. add onions and carrots
  2. .

  3. Season all sides of the oxtail with spices.
  4. Place the seasoned oxtails in the slow cooker.
  5. Slow cooking.
  6. Remove from the slow cooker and serve with carrots and onions.

carrots and onions in a slow cooker

broth, carrots and onions in a slow cooker

cooking time/how long to cook

You’ll want to cook these long, slow ones. I prefer to simmer them for 8-10 hours because I like very tender meat.

You can cook them in High for 4-6 hours, but they are not so tender. (As expensive as they are, I’d rather wait for the best results!)

raw oxtails in a slow cooker Crockpot

oxtails cooked in a slow cooker Crockpot
slow-cooker oxtails with mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots on a plateHow to

suffocate them in sauce

Save the broth from the pot once they have finished cooking! It is ideal for sauce and for meat broth to use a broth in other recipes such as lasagna soup, pizza soup and sweet potato meat chili.

Once you have your broth (I also like to gather some of the cooked onions), you can use the same instructions and prepare my drip turkey sauce recipe (substituting oxtail broth for turkey drip).

slow-cooker oxtails with mashed potatoes, sauce, green beans and carrots on a plateHow to


leftovers Leftovers

can be stored hermetically sealed and covered for 3-4 days

. Tips for freezing You can

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leftovers well covered and sealed for up to a few months. Defrost overnight in the fridge.

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If you are interested in a stove version of this recipe, check out our tender juicy oxtail recipe.

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